Joint Entrance Examination (Main)
Joint Entrance Examination (Main)

JEE Main 2024 Preparation: Study Plan, Preparation Tips, Study Material, Previous Year Question Papers

JEE Main is a competitive examination that requires rigorous preparation. Aspirants can practise the previous year JEE Main question papers to gain a sense of the format and level of questions that will be asked in the exam.
JEE Main Preparation

JEE Main Preparation

JEE Main is a competitive exam that necessitates thorough preparation, including full syllabus covering and an awareness of the exam pattern and sorts of questions asked. Candidates can practise JEE Main previous year question papers to get a sense of the pattern and level of questions that will be asked in the examination. It assists aspirants in developing the mindset required to tackle the JEE Main paper. Also Read: JEE Main Exam Pattern 2024

As the exam approaches, it is critical that applicants complete a thorough revision of the JEE Main syllabus 2024. Revision may be accomplished by going over Class 11 and 12 NCERTs again and solving JEE Main mock test papers.

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JEE Main Preparation

Candidates planning to take the JEE Main Session 2 must have last days’ preparation strategy in place. It is critical to develop a JEE preparation strategy and implement them rigorously to perform well in the exam. The preparation strategy must include weekly or biweekly assessments of your preparation level and making improvisations upon them.

When it comes to the preparation for JEE Main exam, choosing the right books and other study materials is something that aspirants must take care of. JEE Main books must include Class 11 & 12 NCERTs, coaching study materials (if the candidate is taking any coaching), online study material (free PDFs, youtube tutorials, etc.) and practice papers. 

JEE Main 2024 Preparation - How to Begin?

Aspirants must put in a lot of effort to prepare for JEE Main. If you are new to the exam preparation process, you must first create a timetable or schedule that works for you. Here are some important points that you can consider if you are planning to start your JEE Main preparation:

  • Get an idea of what the JEE Main 2024 exam is and what it requires of you.
  • Check out the JEE Main notification and download the syllabus and exam pattern of the exam.
  • Choose the right JEE Main books and study material
  • Start with Class 11 & Class 12 NCERTs to strengthen your foundation of different subjects.
  • Once done with NCERTs, move on to other specialised books as recommended by teachers and experts.
  • As you advance your preparation, it is important you gauge the level of preparation as well. For this, download JEE Main previous year question papers and practise it on a daily basis.
  • Assess your shortcomings and work upon them.
  • To perform well in the exam, continual study and evaluation of preparation is required.

JEE Main 2024 Preparation - Right Time to Start

Students often begin their JEE Main preparation in Class 11, but if you are in Class 12 and have not begun your preparation, don't panic - it is not too late if you are dedicated to your goal of cracking the exam. 

However, it is suggested that you begin your preparation early, for example, in Class 11, as your foundation will be better than that of a student who begins preparing in Class 12. To pass the JEE Main exam, it is critical to comprehend the significance of the exam pattern and syllabus.

How to prepare for the JEE Main 2024?

To ace JEE Main 2024, the appropriate attitude along with a preparation strategy is all that is necessary. Students are given a complete preparation schedule and study guide to help them prepare efficiently for the exam. Examine the JEE preparation strategy provided below.

  • Download and read the JEE Main syllabus.
  • Understand the JEE Main exam pattern
  • Practice JEE Main previous year question papers
  • Choose best books for JEE Main 2024 preparation
  • Set aside time for each topic and revision in your study schedule.
  • Consistent Revision

JEE Main Preparation Tips

For more information about how to prepare for the exam, check out JEE Main preparation tips below:

  • When studying for the JEE Main, it is critical to have a good grasp of the syllabus. 
  • Begin your preparation with the topic in which you are most confident, but also study your weak subject. Candidates must ensure that they have not totally overlooked their weak topics.
  • Students must organise their time for study based on the weightage assigned to each topic in the JEE Main question paper. They must devote more effort to mastering difficult topics and less time to those that only require a go through.
  • Make it a practice to take notes on key topics. As you will only have a few weeks before the exam to read through each chapter, this is crucial. Your notes will come in helpful at that point. You can refer to crucial formulae, quick techniques, and other relevant notes that you wrote down when studying for the subject/topic.
  • Students must take several mock tests. This will assist students in comprehending the JEE Main question paper format. Taking a lot of practice tests can also assist pupils improve their speed and accuracy.
  • It is necessary to resolve your doubts. There will be no learning if the students have pending doubts.
  • One of the most important foundations of success in a JEE Main exam is time management. Make careful adjustments to manage your time efficiently.
  • Study on a regular basis and adhere to the schedule.
  • Every day, go through the topics you've been studying.

JEE Main Study Material

When you sit for JEE preparation, you must have appropriate study material with you. If you wish to begin your preparation, you must obtain appropriate JEE Main study material. The study material includes a wide range of books and other online resources that students must study. 


For students studying for the exam, NCERT Books are the initial source of knowledge. Aspirants cannot afford to overlook NCERT books, which serve as the foundation for JEE preparation.

Other Books

Apart from NCERT books, there are some other specialised books available in the market which candidates must read from. However, candidates must read these books only if they are recommended by their teachers and mentors.

Class/Coaching Notes

If a candidate is taking coaching for the JEE Main 2024 exam, they must read their coaching notes. Class notes are also valuable for JEE Main preparation.

JEE Main Online Lecturers

YouTube has a plethora of online tutorials. Aspirants may use these freely available online JEE YouTube videos to clear their doubts or study various topics/subtopics.

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates must solve JEE Main previous year question papers to check what type of questions are asked in the examination. It helps them understand the exam requirements and devise their preparation accordingly.

JEE Main Test Series

Candidates must take the JEE Main test series to prepare well for the exam. It helps students assess their level of preparation and make their study plan accordingly.

Best Books for JEE Main Preparation

Without suitable reference material, a candidate cannot score well in any admission exam. Furthermore, JEE Main is a rigorous exam in which thousands of people compete. A well-recommended book is essential to learn and practising multiple questions on diverse topics. NCERT textbooks are often acknowledged as the most effective study material for the JEE Main exam. A few more textbooks by diverse writers, however, are suggested for students.

JEE Main Physics Books



Concepts of Physics - Part I and Part II

H.C. Verma

Physics for JEE (Main and Advanced)

DC Pandey

Problems in General Physics

I.E. Irodov

JEE Main Chemistry Books



A Textbook of Physical Chemistry for Competitions

O.P.Tandon/A.S. Singh

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

J.D. Lee

Organic Chemistry for JEE (Main and Advanced)

Solomons/ Fryhle/Snyder

GRD Numerical Chemistry

P. Bahadur

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations


JEE Main Math Books



Mathematics for Class 11 and Class 12

R.D. Sharma

Objective Mathematics for JEE (Volume I and Volume II)

R.D. Sharma

IIT Mathematics

M.L. Khanna/J.N. Sharma/S.K. Pundir

Skills in Mathematics for JEE Main and JEE Advanced

Amit M. Agarwal

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Subject-wise JEE Preparation Strategy

The JEE Main paper is broken into three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Candidates studying for the exam must have a subject-specific study plan in order to perform well in each area.


Understanding concepts of each topic and solving questions related to them are essential for doing well in Physics. Instead than memorizing formulas, focus on the fundamentals of the subject. The subject might become more difficult at times, especially as the questions become more complex. For the same reason, it is critical to understand the level of difficulty and weightage of particular topics.


The JEE Main Chemistry syllabus is divided across three sections: Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. To clarify their basic concepts and comprehension, candidates must study NCERT books for all three portions. The subject should not be overlooked because it requires a lot of memorising. Because physical chemistry is completely analytical, it must be well understood.


Because of the vast number of topics covered, mathematics for JEE is regarded to have an extensive syllabus. In addition, the mathematics syllabus for JEE Main and advanced is different.  As a result, aspirants find it incredibly difficult to manage the topic as a whole. A candidate can overcome this problem by playing intelligently and focusing more on high-scoring topics.

JEE Main Revision Strategy

In order to revise their entire syllabus in a few days before the exam, candidates must have a proper revision plan. Below are a few points that candidates must take into consideration:

Focus on your strengths: Topics in which you are strong and confident must be revised properly. Try to solve as many questions as possible on such topics and increase the probability of scoring well on these topics.

Revise Class/Coaching/Self-Made Notes: Covering the curriculum is not the secret to JEE Main success; what counts is how much you retain for the exam. As a result, reread your notes every day to ensure a solid understanding of principles and application. Recheck your formulae because the majority of the questions will be formula-based. It is impractical to learn and recall all of the crucial formulae at once, so please revise a portion of it everyday in the days leading up to the exam.

Mock Test Papers: Solving JEE Main mock test papers is the best way to revise your syllabus and assess your preparation level as well. Candidates can solve previous year question papers and can also buy mock test papers for JEE preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to prepare for JEE Main without coaching?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for the JEE Main exam without coaching classes. However, aspirants must be consistent with their self-preparation.

Should I start preparing for the JEE Main exam from Class 11?

Yes, starting your JEE preparation in Class 11 is suggested. Starting preparing for the exam early offers the aspirant an advantage, levelling up their preparation.

Should I focus more on Class 12 exams or JEE Main 2024?

According to experts, greater focus should be placed on class 12 board examinations. An applicant will not be admitted to a good college if he or she performs poorly in class 12 exams.

Is it sufficient to study from NCERT textbooks to pass JEE Main 2023?

NCERT Textbooks are often recognised as the most beneficial JEE Main Exam preparation resource. However, for students to study adequately for JEE Main, a few more publications by different publishers are advised.

Where can I receive free JEE Main practice papers?

The NTA has made the JEE Main mock tests available to all students. Aspirants can take the practice tests by going to the official website.

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