Xavier School of Management - Jamshedpur
Xavier School of Management - Jamshedpur

XLRI Placement 2023: Top Recruiters, Highest, Average and Median CTCs

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

XLRI Placement 2023 has been concluded with utmost success, with PGDM (BM) and PGDM (HRM) courses attaining a remarkable 100% placement rate. During the final round of the placement drive, 463 candidates secured offers. A total of 117 recruiters participated in the process, out of which 30 were first-time participants. The candidates received a total of 484 domestic offers, complemented by 3 international offers, which encompassed both full-time positions and esteemed summer internships during the pre-placement phase.

Likewise, the placement process for PGDM (GM) at XLRI exhibited an outstanding outcome. Out of the 108 participating students, an impressive 103 were successfully placed through campus placements. The average and median CTC at XLRI witnessed a significant increase, reaching INR 29.40 LPA and INR 27.50 LPA, respectively. 

This remarkable accomplishment can be attributed to the invaluable contribution of prestigious recruiters, including Amazon, Jio, TVS, Trident, Deloitte, Accenture, ServiceNow, and Axis Bank. These esteemed organizations bestowed the students with prestigious roles such as Chief People Officer, Assistant Vice President, HR Leadership Development, DGM – National Academic Operations, CMI - Group Digital Channels and Partnership, and Senior Product Manager, among an array of other high positions.

XLRI Placement 2023: PGDM (BM) & PGDM (HRM)  

XLRI placement process for PGDM (BM) and PGDM (HRM) courses was carried out in two distinct stages. The initial phase, known as the Lateral Recruitment Process (LRP), took place in January 2023 and was specifically tailored for students who possessed prior work experience. These candidates gave interviews and were presented with opportunities for higher-level positions, surpassing entry-level roles. 

Following the LRP, the second stage, known as the campus recruitment process (CRP), was conducted in February 2023.  Notably, this stage did not adhere to any differentiation based on work backgrounds. It is noteworthy that during the CRP, a significant proportion of the batch, approximately 43.8%, received pre-placement offers. These offers were based on the outstanding performance and commendable contributions made by the candidates during their summer internships.

XLRI Placement 2023: PGDM (BM) & PGDM (HRM)  Highlights

XLRI Jamshedpur placements for PGDM (BM) and PGDM (HRM) courses encompassed several notable highlights, as follows:

  • The median salary at XLRI Jamshedpur stood at INR 30 LPA, signifying a competitive compensation package for the graduates.
  • Impressive percentiles were achieved, with the top 10th percentile averaging at INR 57.7 LPA and the 25th percentile at INR 46.8 LPA. 
  • The average salary at XLRI Jamshedpur witnessed a significant increment, rising from INR 30.7 LPA to INR 32.7 LPA in the year 2022.
  • XLRI’s highest domestic offer, which amounted to INR 78.2 LPA, originated from the ITES sector.
  • Notably, XLRI Jamshedpur’s highest international offer of INR 1.1 crore, emanated from the HR domain.
  • Candidates were presented with multiple offers from esteemed organizations in Germany and the UAE.
  • The top domains, based on the roles offered, encompassed consulting, sales & marketing, and BFSI.
  • XLRI Jamshedpur's prominent organizations such as Accenture Strategy, Amazon, Bain and Company, PayTM, HUL, ITC, PwC, and Boston Consulting Group emerged as the leading contributors in terms of extending the highest number of offers. 
  • The placement drive witnessed the participation of 30 new recruiters, including esteemed companies such as Barclays, Emaar Properties, Zomato, Shell, Mercedes-Benz, Nykaa, and HSBC, among others. 

XLRI Placement 2023: PGDM (BM) & PGDM (HRM) Sector-wise

The sectors that emerged as the leading contributors in terms of roles offered were consulting, ITES, E-commerce, Sales & Marketing, and General Management. The consulting sector extended offers to 29% of the students. Furthermore, the ITES, E-commerce, Sales, and Marketing sectors accounted for 27% and 25% of the roles offered to the students.

Among the prominent organizations, Accenture Strategy, Amazon, Bain and Company, PayTM, and PwC emerged as the predominant contributors, extending a noteworthy number of offers. The inclusion of these organizations in the placement process further amplifies the breadth of opportunities available to the students. The array of new recruiters included esteemed companies like DTDC, EY Parthenon, Pine Labs, Redseer Strategy Consultants, and Texas Instruments. 

Below is the sector-wise table of different companies that offered roles to the students:




Accenture Strategy, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, EY, Kearney, KPMG, Mckinsey and PwC

ITES, E-commerce, Gaming, and Online Services

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PayTM, Walmart, Flipkart, Star Disney, and Uber

FMCG, Pharma, and Real Estate

Sun Pharma, Hindustan Unilever, Dr. Reddy’s, ITC, Colgate, Asian Paints, Nestle, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Palmolive, Samsung, Cipla, Ephicacy


J.P Morgan Chase, Mastercard,

Indigo Edge, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Citibank, Avendus Capital, FinIQ, and  American Express

Automotive, Energy, and Telecommunications

Mercedes Benz, Bajaj Auto, Renew Power, Shell, Varroc, and Vedanta

General Management

Mahindra, Aditya Birla Group, Bajaj Finserv, Capgemini ELITE, Kotak


P&G, HUL, ITC, Colgate Palmolive, Marico, JP Morgan, Chase and Co., Google, and Samsung

XLRI Placement 2023: PGDM (GM)

The XLRI Placement 2023 for the PGDM (GM) course demonstrated exceptional achievement, with all students successfully securing placements. The participating candidates exhibited an impressive average work experience of 7 years. Moreover, the average age of the candidates stood at 29. The batch demonstrated a diverse range of prior experiences in various domains like Project Management, HR, Supply Chain, Consulting, and Marketing. 

XLRI's PGDM (GM) program placements experienced substantial growth in terms of compensation. The average CTC witnessed an impressive 11% increase, while the median CTC displayed a commendable 6% increase. The average CTC reached INR 29.40 LPA, while the median CTC stood at INR 27.50 LPA.

XLRI Jamshedpur’s PGDMGM highest salary recorded reached an impressive figure of INR 80.35 LPA. The top 10% of students achieved an average CTC of INR 55.27 LPA. In addition to this, the top 25% of the candidates achieved an exceptional average CTC of INR 41.90 LPA, while the top 50% earned an average of INR 35.89 LPA during the recruitment process.

XLRI Placement 2023: PGDM (GM) Job Roles 

XLRI Placements 2023 offered various job roles to PGDM (GM) students in reputed companies. Consultant role was offered by companies like Accenture, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra. Job for other roles are offered as well like senior manager, DGM, and enterprise strategy among others. Below is the table mentioning different job roles:

Job Roles Offered

Senior Manager

[Axis Bank, Merilytics, TVS]


[Accenture, Infosys, Tech Mahindra]

Product Manager/Owner

[Jio, Axis Bank, Publicis Sapient, Cogoport]




[TVS, Cognizant, Factspan, Virtusa]

Enterprise Strategy Consultant


Strategy Program Management



[FIITJEE, Kirloskar]

Sr. Manager/Manager - Sales

[Mahindra & Mahindra, JSL]

SCM Consultant

[Deloitte, Yash Technologies]

Project Management

[Indegene, Realization Technologies, Solutionec]

Solution Architect


Manager - Delivery

[Factspan, Incture]

Digital Marketing/Strategy

[Mahindra & Mahindra, ICICI]

Associate Manager

[Accenture, Virtusa, JSL]

Business Process Improvement


AVP (Sales/Operations)

[Axis Bank, Genpact]

Senior Consultant

[Infosys, Yash Technologies]

Senior Product Manager/Lead

[Arcesium, ServiceNow, Arteria, Virtusa]

C-suite (CPO, CMO, CMI)

[Trident, ICICI Bank]

XLRI Placements 2023: PGDM (GM) Placement Highlights

XLRI’s placement comparison of the last 3 years is mentioned in the table below:




2020-21 (Pandemic Year)

Salary Details


Amount (in Rs Lakhs)

Amount (in Rs Lakhs)

Amount (in Rs Lakhs)

Highest Salary




Average Salary




Average Salary of Top 10%




Average Salary of Top 25%




Average Salary of Top 50%




Median Salary





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What were the average and median CTC for PGDM (GM) students in XLRI Placement 2023?

The average CTC for PGDM (GM) students in XLRI Placement 2023 was INR 29.40 LPA, and the median CTC was INR 27.50 LPA.

What were the highest domestic and international offers made in XLRI Placement 2023?

The highest domestic offer was from the ITES sector of INR 78.2 LPA, and the highest international offer was from the HR domain of INR 1.1 crore.

Which companies made the highest number of offers in XLRI Placement 2023 for PGDM (BM) and PGDM (HRM) courses?

Accenture Strategy, Amazon, Bain and Company, PayTM, HUL, ITC, PwC, and Boston Consulting Group made the highest number of offers.

Which were the top recruiters for PGDM (GM) in XLRI Placement 2023?

The top recruiters for PGDM (GM) in XLRI Placement 2023 included Amazon, Jio, TVS, Trident, Deloitte, Accenture, ServiceNow, and Axis Bank.

What were the job roles offered to PGDM (GM) students in XLRI Placement 2023?

Job roles offered to PGDM (GM) students included Senior Manager, Consultant, Product Manager, Enterprise Strategy Consultant, DGM, Project Management, Solution Architect, and AVP (Sales/Operations).

What is the placement rate for XLRI's PGDM (BM) and PGDM (HRM) courses in 2023?

The placement rate for XLRI's PGDM (BM) and PGDM (HRM) courses in 2023 was 100%. All 463 candidates secured offers during the final round of the placement drive.

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