Graduate Record Examinations
Graduate Record Examinations

GRE 2023: Dates, Pattern, Syllabus, Fee, Books, Prep Tips, and Eligibility

The GRE exam is used for admissions to various highly competitive graduate, law, and business schools around the world. Check why should one attempt the GRE exam. Also, check other prominent exam details.
GRE Exam 2023

GRE Exam 2023

GRE Exam 2023: Graduate Record Examinations, commonly known as GRE, is a standardized test used for graduate school admissions abroad. The exam is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) which is known to be the test-makers of the GRE exam. Put simply, the GRE is the world’s most widely used admission test for professional and graduate schools. The test is recognized by various ultra-competitive universities like Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale School of Management, University of Cambridge, London Business School, and HEC Paris, amongst many others. 

Check how to book a slot: GRE Slot Booking

The GRE test allows students to apply to several fields rather than just the business domain. Moreover, it offers two testing options which are: GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. During the GRE registration process, applicants will be asked two choose between the two, hence it is essential to understand the difference. The general test is more common and does not put emphasis on a particular subject, whereas the subject test is ideal for candidates seeking admission to specialized programs in the field of Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. 

It is essential to understand the GRE syllabus and pattern before getting on to prepare for the exam. Additionally, candidates must know the GRE eligibility, slot booking & registration process, dates, prep tips, and other relevant details. In this article, we have discussed the same in-depth. Continue reading to learn about the GRE exam and its significance.

GRE Exam 2023

As discussed earlier, the exam is used for admissions to graduate schools abroad for various programs. Yet, many universities have given a GRE waiver, which makes having a GRE score in one’s application not necessary. It is still recommended to appear for the exam as many times a GRE score balances out poor/average academic performance and makes one’s application stronger. Moreover, if two applicants with a strong profile apply to a specific school, and only one of them would have a GRE score, he/she would be given preference. A GRE score above 320 can make getting into one’s dream university much easier. 



GRE full form

Graduate Record Examinations

Exam conducting body

Educational Testing Service

Official Website

Exam type

Graduate Admission Test

Exam mode

Online at GRE test centre and online at-home

Exam duration

3 hours 45 minutes



Exam score validity

5 years

Why take the GRE exam?

With so many testing options available in the market apart from GRE, applicants may question why to take the GRE exam. It is very important for students to analyze which test would be the most suitable for them. To know if GRE is the right choice, applicants must check the admission criteria of the targeted universities. One of the prime reasons for taking the GRE is that it is necessary for enrollment in selective graduate programs and universities. The test will act as a pathway for admission to various prestigious institutes hence a student should consider taking the test if they wish to pursue a master's degree or a PhD from abroad or even in India.

More affordable than GMAT

Introduces to opportunities

Recognized by prestigious colleges

Enhances the application

Free resources available

Testing options available

GRE Eligibility 2023

The GRE exam does not have any specific eligibility requirements prescribed by ETS. Anyone who has successfully finished an undergraduate program from an accredited university or governing body is qualified to take the GRE test. The exam is open to graduates and recent graduates from a wide range of fields, including science, arts, commerce, engineering, medicine, and law. In fact, many working professionals who choose to pursue higher education abroad or even in India also take the GRE test.

GRE Age Limit

The maximum age for applicants who plan to take the GRE is not specified. Candidates between the ages of 20 and 22 who have recently graduated or are soon to graduate take the exam. Additionally, candidates between the ages of 35 and 40 who are established working professionals also register for the test. As a result, there are no age restrictions for taking the GRE. 

In short, there is no upper or lower age limit for taking the exam, according to ETS. Students who have acquired a bachelor's degree can register for GRE.

GRE Qualification

Until the individual has successfully finished their undergraduate degree in any stream, ETS does not place much importance on prior qualifications (arts, science, business, humanities, and so on).

However, applicants' GPAs will be taken into account during the admissions process if they want to apply to Ivy League institutions like Princeton or Yale or any other highly selective university. These institutions could set a minimum GPA requirement or even check the recognization of the candidate's graduation institution.

GRE Registration 2023

To start the GRE test process, applicants would be required to register for the exam through the official website. Candidates must either create a new account on the online portal or log in to an existing profile. Next, candidates would need to carefully and accurately fill out the information requested. Applicants should include details about their different backgrounds and qualifications. They would also be required to present ID proofs and would need to select a testing option and mode.

The exam has no official exam dates and can be taken at any time of the year. As a result, students can select the exam date according to their personal preference while registering for the test. However, if choosing to take the test in a test centre, the test date may vary depending on the number of available slots. After students have successfully provided the asked details and have made an account on the website, they would have registered for the test.

The GRE exam can also be cancelled and rescheduled or re-taken. The re-take policy designed by ETS is that applicants can take the GRE General Test up to five times in the 12-month period, with a gap of 21 days between each retake. To reschedule an already booked slot, applicants must go to the website and select a new testing date and location. This should be done at least 4 days prior to the exam date and a rescheduling fee may apply.

GRE Slot Booking 2023

After candidates are done registering for the exam, they will have to book a GRE slot. Slot booking is different from registration as it requires applicants to finalize the date, location, and time of the exam. As mentioned earlier, the GRE exam has no fixed or official dates and the test can be taken throughout the year. Even with the flexibility to select the GRE slot according to one's preference, candidates are recommended to schedule their specific slots a month before they start the admissions process.  Students will be able to send their GRE scores to the targeted universities without making any last-minute errors if they do this.

A GRE slot can be booked by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of ETS
  • Make an account or log in to an existing account
  • Fill out the asked information
  • Select the “Find Test Centers, Dates" option. 
  • Finalize the exam date and location
  • Pay the GRE exam fee

Note: The Slot booking process for the GRE Subject Test will be the same, applicants just need to choose this exam as the selected testing option while registering themselves. 

GRE Fees 2023

Candidates must pay a registration fee in order to register for the GRE exam. Both the general and subject tests have different registration costs. Additionally, there can be a fee for rescheduling or retaking the exam and for additional scoring service facilities. To find out the precise amount, check out the table below. This is as per the latest exchange rates and is subject to change.


Fee (Dollars)

Fee (Rupees)

GRE General Test Fee


INR 18,692

GRE Subject Test Fee



GRE Rescheduling Fee

Special Request

Fee (Dollar)

Fee (Rupees)

Rescheduling fee — China


INR 4345

Rescheduling fee — All other areas of the world


INR 4099 

Changing Test Center


INR 4099

GRE Scoring Service Fee Structure


Fee (Dollar)

Fee (Rupees)

Additional Score Reports (ASR) — Per recipient


INR 2459

Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure


INR 4919

Score Reinstatement Fee


INR 4099 

GRE Dates 2023

The GRE test is taken all year long and has no set dates. Applicants must go to the website and on the homepage, select "Find Test Centres/Dates" to check the availability of dates and slots. Candidates can choose the GRE dates based on their preferences and the slots that are available at the test centres. Hence, there are no official GRE test dates, in contrast to other competitive exams like the CAT.

Candidates must register on the official website in order to check the GRE dates that are offered at various test centres. On the website, choose GRE as the exam option, and then fill out the requested details, including the contact information. Candidates can book their tests after creating a valid profile by looking up the available dates at the centres closest to them. Although, unlike the GRE general test, the dates for the subject test are fixed.

Check more details: GRE Dates 2023

How Often Are GRE Test Dates Available?

The GRE can be taken in a test centre or at home. If applicants wish to take the GRE at home, they can book a test appointment up to 24 hours after registering. Therefore, at-home exam test dates are accessible 24/7.

If candidates are opting to take the exam from a test centre, they are advised to check the availability of slots as some might already be fully occupied due to high demand. That is why it is wise to reserve a GRE slot and decide on the test date well in advance.

GRE Pattern 2023

The GRE exam is a computer adaptive exam that is 3 hours and 45 minutes long for the General test and 2 hours and 50 minutes for the subject test. Both tests are objective in nature except for the AWA section. Various students who are planning to pursue their higher education abroad register for the exam, but only a few get the desired GRE score. This may happen because they might not be aware of the format and structure of the exam. 

In order to get the desired GRE score, candidates must thoroughly understand the GRE pattern and align their preparation with it. Moreover, The GRE test pattern is different for the General Test and Subject Test. Both the testing options have different sets of formats and different types of questions. Read on to know the exact GRE General and Subject test pattern, score format, and more.

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GRE General Test Structure

The GRE general test has three major sections that candidates need to prepare for. These sections are: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment. The maximum score in this testing option is 340. The GRE score is determined based on the former two sections but the AWA is necessary for scholarship and visa aspects. Due to its test-taker-friendly design, one can skip questions within a section, go back and change answers, and have the choice of which questions within a section they desire to answer first.


Number of Questions

Allotted Time

Analytical Writing

(One section with two separately timed tasks)

2 Essay Questions

30 minutes per task

Verbal Reasoning

(Two sections)

20 questions per section

30 minutes per section

Quantitative Reasoning

(Two sections)

20 questions per section

35 minutes per section









Number of Questions

Time Allotted To Complete Each Section

Analytical Writing

One “Analyze an Issue” Task and one “Analyze an Argument Task” 

30 minutes for each task

Quantitative Reasoning

20 x 2 sections = 40

35 mins x 2 = 1 hr 10 mins

Verbal Reasoning 

20 x 2 sections = 40

20 x 2 sections = 40

GRE Subject Test Structure

The subject test is designed for applicants who wish to pursue a more specialized course. The subjects that are offered under this are: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Psychology. Just like the General test, this too is adaptive in nature. 




66 multiple-choice questions


100 multiple-choice questions


130 multiple-choice questions


205 multiple-choice questions

What Is A Computer Adaptive Test?

Interested candidates may question what a computer adaptive test is. The test questions in a computer adaptive exam are not predetermined. Based on all of the prior answers and the complexity of those questions, the computer re-estimates the ability to react each time applicants answer a question. With every correctly answered question, the difficulty level of the exam may increase. Similarly, with each wrong attempt, the paper would get comparatively easier. The score is determined accordingly.

GRE Syllabus 2023

Just like the exam structure, the GRE syllabus holds vital importance. Without aligning the preparation with the syllabus of the GRE, applicants may fail to get the desired results. It is given that the syllabus for the General and Subject tests are different. Read on to thoroughly understand the syllabus for both tests.

GRE General Test Syllabus

The General test syllabus includes various sub-topics in Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment. 



Verbal Reasoning

Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence

Quantitative Reasoning

Data Interpretation, Numeric Entry, Quantitative Comparison, Data Analysis, Basic Mathematical skills, elementary mathematical concepts,  quantitative methods

Analytical Writing

Argument task and Issue task assessment 

GRE Subject Test Syllabus

The subject test includes sub-topics in the fields of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Psychology. The test content mostly contains topics taught at undergraduate levels of each discipline. 




Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry


Electromagnetism, Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Specialized Topics, Atomic Physics, Laboratory Methods, Special Relativity


Calculus, Algebra, Arithmetic Topics


Biological, Cognitive, Developmental, Social, Clinical, Measurement/Methodology/Other

GRE Books 2023

Due to high competition among applicants planning to pursue higher education abroad, it is crucial to achieving a GRE score above 300, which may be done by studying with the right GRE books and study materials. Choosing the best GRE books can be a difficult process with the abundance of sources and publications available in the market. While choosing books to study from, candidates may question the reliability and quality of the books. Making a wise study material selection is one of the initial GRE preparation steps to make getting the target GRE score easier.

Some publications that are recommended by experts and have proven to be useful to previous test-takers for both GRE General and Subject tests include: 

  1. Official Guides by ETS
  2. Manhattan Prep Pblication
  3. Kaplan Publication
  4. Magoosh Prep Series
  5. Princeton Review Guides
  6. Barron’s Guides
  7. Test Prep Book Publications

Apart from these, students can also study from online resources made available by the same publications. 

GRE Prep Tips 2023

The GRE exam requires students to constructively prepare and study for it. With proper preparation, applicants maximize their GRE results. Students should be able to approach various question types logically, effectively manage their time, reduce exam anxiety, etc. and this is possible when they effectively prepare for the exam. Experts have advised that two to three months of preparation are necessary before taking the exam.

Applicants are advised to make a study schedule that works best for them. Although, some prep tips that can be followed to get the desired results are-

Align preparation with the prescribed pattern and syllabus

Consistent Progress Tracking

Build a Study Plan and Schedule 

Attempt practice tests and solve sample questions

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses, and Study Accordingly

Use Study Material Prescribed by Experts

Check detailed prep tips here: GRE Preparation

GRE Question Papers 2023

As GRE is a Computer Adaptive Exam, there are not many past papers that applicants can study from. Still, solving GRE sample papers which are dupes of the actual paper can help a lot. Some benefits that can be achieved by religiously solving such papers include:

  • Introduction to the real test environment
  • Improves time management skills
  • Helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Minimizes exam anxiety 
  • Clears doubts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the GRE exam for?

The GRE exam is a standardized test that is used for graduate school admissions by various universities worldwide. If you are planning to pursue a master's in graduate programs in countries like America, Canada, Europe, or even India, then you should plan to appear for the GRE test.


Who is eligible to sit for the GRE?

Applicants who have completed their undergraduate degree are eligible to register and appear for the GRE exam. The GRE eligibility is not prescribed by ETS, the only criteria that get checked is if the candidate has completed graduation or not.

What is the GRE exam fee?

To register for the GRE exam, candidates will need to pay a fee of $228 dollars. This amount for Indian students is INR 18,838.61 as of the latest exchange rate but it is bound to change and fluctuate. 

Is GRE more difficult than GMAT?

Even though test-takers have determined the GMAT to be more challenging, this wholly depends on the applicants and their personal strengths and weaknesses. Some who find the GMAT to be difficult may find GRE to be an easier alternative, whereas, some may find the GMAT to be unchallenging.

How can I register for the GRE exam?

One can register for the GRE exam on the official website. By going on the ETS website and selecting the register option, applicants can get on the process of registering for the exam.

What are the GRE test dates 2023-2024?

The GRE test dates can be checked by visiting the official website of the exam conducting body for the region and test-wise. 

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