Graduate Record Examinations
Graduate Record Examinations

GRE Registration 2023: How to Register, General and Subject Test Registration Process, Fee Structure

GRE Registration is crucial for candidates planning to pursue graduate and doctoral degrees abroad. The step-by-step registration process, along with the GRE Retake, Fee Structure, and more is explained here.
GRE Registration 2023

GRE Registration 2023

GRE Registration 2023: To register for the GRE exam, candidates need to follow a few simple steps explained in this article. Before getting into that, let us thoroughly understand everything about the Graduate Record Examination (GRE.) The exam is a product of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is carefully structured to be a standardized test. The GRE exam 2023 is one of the most widely used tests and is majorly accepted by schools in the USA, Canada, and various other countries. 

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Candidates planning to pursue higher education abroad are advised to register for the GRE exam. Grad schools worldwide have different admission requirements, and high priority is given to GRE scores throughout the graduate school admissions process. A GRE score's significance can range from being only a requirement for admission to being crucial selection criteria.

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When applicants decide to appear for the test, they also need to choose between the options of registering for the GRE General Test or the GRE Subject Test. Moreover, whether to give the exam at a test centre or from home must also be decided. Read on to learn about the GRE Subject and General Test registration process, how to schedule the exam, the GRE exam fee structure, and more. 

GRE Registration 2023

Applicants who have decided to apply for admission to master's and doctoral degree programs in various universities abroad must register for the GRE exam. The exam can be attempted throughout the year and has no specific official exam dates. Hence, while registering for the test, students can choose an exam date according to their preference. Although, if opting to sit for the exam at a test centre, the availability of slots may affect the chosen test date. Read more: GRE Slot Booking

Students should register for the exam keeping in mind the application deadline of the targetted universities. Experts have advised registering 1-2 months prior to the exam date. To schedule the test date, candidates just need to register themselves on the official website. Below are the explained steps to register for the GRE exam. 

GRE Exam 2023: How to Register?

To book a GRE slot and complete the registration process, candidates are required to go to the official website of GRE, which is: The step-by-step instructions on registering for the GRE exam are mentioned below. 

Step 1: Create a GRE profile

On the official website, applicants must either signup for a new account or log in to an existing profile. Then, candidates would have to precisely fill out the asked details. Applicants are ought to include information on their specific backgrounds and qualifications. Additionally, they would be asked to provide ID proofs. 

Step 2: Select a GRE Test Option

Once the GRE profile has been made, candidates will have to choose from GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test. The difference between the two is explained below in the same article. Next, candidates will have to choose between giving the test at a GRE test centre or at home. 

To opt for a test centre exam, applicants will be asked to provide a specific location, and the availability of test centre slots will be provided accordingly. If opting to give the test from home, candidates will need to schedule an at-home test, which will be monitored by a human proctor online. At-home testing is available around the clock, 7 days a week.

Step 3: Confirmation

Once the candidates have selected the date, time, and location of the GRE slot, they will be asked to recheck the information they have provided and the options they have selected. A confirmation of the given details will be required of the applicants, and they will be given a chance to modify the information just in case. 

Step 4: Opt for GRE Search Service

Next, candidates will be asked if they are interested to opt for GRE Search Service. This service will help applicants to connect with previous test-takers, schools, sponsors, etc. Following this, 

Students will need to share some additional information and be guided and asked to access the free or paid resources for GRE preparation. This is optional, and candidates need to analyze if the service will be beneficial to them or not. 

Step 5: Fee Payment

The candidate would need to confirm his ETS GRE registration and proceed with paying the GRE exam cost as the last step.

GRE Registration 2023: Subject Test Registration

GRE Subject Test registration would follow a similar process as the one explained above. Candidates will be required to make a valid profile on the official website and then fill in the asked details. When choosing a test option, applicants will need to select the GRE subject test alternative. 

Following are the steps to register for GRE Subject Test.

  • Visit the Official Website
  • Make a GRE test-taker profile
  • Opt for the GRE Subject Test and the subject applicants are interested to appear for
  • Select the GRE Subject test date and test centre/ or opt for the at-home GRE service
  • Pay for the GRE Subject registration form fee 
  • Confirm and submit your GRE Subject application form

GRE Registration 2023: Alternate Methods to Register

GRE Registration by phone- Call the 'Prometric' Regional Registration Center (RRC) in Gurgaon, Haryana. It can be reached at 0124 451 7145. The selected GRE test date must be specified on the phone at least two working days prior. Students will be given a confirmation number, a reporting time, and the location of the GRE test centre over the phone.

GRE Registration by mail- Print the GRE registration form, fill it out and mail it to the address below with the GRE registration fee.

Gurgaon, Haryana, 122002, Prometric 2nd floor, DLF Infinity Tower-A Sector 25, Phase II, DLF City.

The GRE application form needs to be submitted at least three weeks prior to the GRE test date candidates have selected. Applicants will receive a confirmation number, reporting time, and test centre address through email, fax, or mail.

GRE Registration by fax- Print the GRE registration form, fill it out, and mail it together with the registration fee to the registered contact number. 

Retaking the GRE Exam

Students can take the GRE General Test up to five times in every rolling 12-month period, with a gap of 21 days between each retake. These five attempts can be utilized by candidates to get the desired GRE score. This is relevant even if the candidates cancel the scores of a test they previously took. Although, The GRE Subject tests are offered three times a year, and one can take them as often as they’re offered.

Even if a violation is not immediately clear, the test retake policy will be upheld (e.g., inconsistent registration information). The testing appointment will be cancelled and test fees forfeited if the violation is detected after registration but before the test administration.

Rescheduling the GRE Exam

At times, due to unforeseen circumstances, candidates may want to reschedule their GRE exam date. ETS provides the facility to reschedule the exam date in case such a situation arises. To reschedule the slot, candidates must go to the ETS website and sign into the existing account. Once candidates are there, they can reschedule their test by managing the centre and dates all over again. This should be done at least  4 days before the test date. A rescheduling fee may apply.

GRE Subject vs GRE General Test: Difference Between GRE General and Subject Test

As discussed above, GRE provides two test options which are GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. While registering for the exam, candidates will be asked to choose between these testing methods. It is vital to understand which test will be more suitable for each candidate. Choosing the right test according to the admission criteria of the targetted university will make the admission process easier. 

GRE Subject Test

This particular test option is more specified in nature. It may be ideal for candidates seeking admission to specialized programs instead of vast courses. The test typically focuses on a specific subject rather than gauging the overall aptitude. When taking the GRE subject test, you can select between Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Psychology.

GRE General Test

Compared to the Subject Test, the GRE General Test is broader in sense. It evaluates the overall quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills of candidates. This specific test option is general and doesn't put much emphasis on any particular subject. This is the fundamental reason why esteemed universities prioritize the GRE General Test when determining eligibility for comprehensive courses like MBA and MS. 

GRE Registration 2023: GRE Fee Structure 

To register for GRE, candidates will be required to pay a registration fee. The registration fee for the general and subject tests vary. Additionally, fees for rescheduling or late registration for the subject test may also be charged. Check the table below to know the exact amount.

Note: This information is as per the latest exchange rates and is subject to change.


Fee (Dollars)

Fee (Rupees)

GRE General Test


INR 18685

GRE Subject Test


INR 12292

GRE Location-Wise Fee Structure


Fee (Dollar)

Fee (Rupees)

Mainland China


INR 19,094.16



INR 18,821.74

All Other Areas In World


INR 18,161.33

GRE Rescheduling Fee Structure

Special Request

Fee (Dollar)

Fee (Rupees)

Rescheduling fee — China


INR 4344

Rescheduling fee — All other areas of the world


INR 4098 

Changing Test Center


INR 4098 

GRE Scoring Service Fee Structure


Fee (Dollar)

Fee (Rupees)

Additional Score Reports (ASR) — Per recipient


INR 2459

Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure


INR 4918

Score Reinstatement Fee


INR 4098 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can one register for the GRE exam?

GRE Registration is done on the Educational Testing Service (ETS) platform, which is the official website of the GRE. To complete the registration process, applicants are advised to go to this website and click on “Schedule Your Test.”

What is the GRE exam fee?

The GRE is actually more affordable than the GMAT test. The cost of registering for the GRE general test is $228, and the GRE Subject Test would cost to be $150. 

What is the difference between GRE General and Subject tests?

The main difference between the two tests is that GRE general test is not specialized and is a broader exam. This option can be used to get enrolled in programs like MS and MBA. Whereas, the GRE Subject test is a specialized test for subjects such: As psychology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

Are there any retakes in the GRE exam?

With a gap of 21 days between each attempt, students are permitted to retake the GRE General Test up to five times in a rolling 12-month period. Candidates may use these five chances to achieve their desired GRE score.

Who should attempt GRE?

This test is taken by all applicants who want to pursue a master's degree in any discipline at an international university abroad.

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