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GRE Slot Booking 2023: Check How to Book Slots for The GRE Exam

GRE is one of the most widely used exams for graduate admissions abroad. To get on board, applicants need to follow a GRE slot booking process. The same has been explained in this article step-by-step. Check to know more.
GRE Slot Booking 2023

GRE Slot Booking 2023

GRE Slot Booking 2023: The ETS GRE is conducted throughout the year and has no specific dates. Applicants planning to sit for the exam must visit the official website to book a GRE slot. The slot can be booked according to the preference of candidates based on their targetted universities’ application deadline and level of preparation. Although if students have opted to give the exam at a GRE test centre, the test can be scheduled keeping in mind the availability of slots at the chosen location and test centre. 

Before booking an exam slot, applicants must register for the exam. Check the registration process here: GRE Registration 

Even with the flexibility of choosing the GRE slot according to one’s own convenience, candidates are advised to schedule their specific slots a month before they begin the admission process. This will allow students to send their GRE scores to the targeted universities without any last-minute errors. 

Applicants who are planning to pursue different courses at the master’s and doctoral level abroad, or even in India, should schedule a slot for the GRE exam. If applicants are analyzing whether to appear for the exam, unsure about which test to give between GRE GMAT, and wondering how to successfully book a GRE slot, then they should check this article out for better clarity. Continue reading to know the step-by-step process of how to book a GRE slot, the benefits of taking the GRE, the availability of slots at test centres, and more. 

GRE Slot Booking 2023

Educational Testing Service (ETS,) provides candidates with two testing options, which are: GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. The general test covers several subjects and is used for getting admission into general and vast programs like MS and MBA. On the other hand, the subject test is specific in nature and is used for specialized subjects like Psychology, Mathematics,  Physics, and Chemistry. Both tests have a similar slot booking process. 

GRE Slot Booking: Step-By-Step Process

It's simple to sign up for the exam; the first step is to create an online account on the GRE registration page. After that, one can confirm their personal information and select the exam date and place. The last step is to submit the GRE exam fee payment to confirm the scheduled slot. Candidates can also sign up by phone, mail, fax, or online for the GRE General Test. Online or postal registration is possible for the GRE Subjective test. Below are the steps needed for GRE slot booking. 

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Visit the official ETS website, which also serves as a site for the GRE exam and a provider of all GRE-related news. Once there, candidates will be required to sign up/log in. 

Step 2: Make an Account

Applicants will need to make an account or log in to the existing account once they've completed the first step. One must make an account if not already made. This can be done by selecting the platform's "Create an Account" link.

Step 3: Fill up the Application

Students will need to provide their personal information as in the third step. Candidates will be redirected to a form on the same website wherein they will need to fill up their personal information. Basic details will be asked such as the applicant's Name, Address, Email, Gender, and so forth.

Step 4:  Find Test Centers

The fourth step is to book a GRE appointment. Students will be directed to a webpage after completing the necessary login steps, where they must click the "Register/Find Test Centers, Dates" option. 

Step 5: GRE Exam Fee

Paying the GRE registration fee is the final step. One can pay the GRE fees using a variety of payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, etc. 

Note: The Slot booking process for the GRE Subject Test will be similar, candidates will just need to select this as the chosen testing option while registering themselves. Additionally, The fee for this test is less than the GRE General test. 

GRE Slot Booking 2023: When To Book A Slot?

According to the experts' advice, the GRE exam should be booked 1 to 2 months prior to the exam date. Before booking a slot, candidates must also keep in mind the application deadline of the targeted colleges. Getting a strong GRE score when the application deadline has already passed will be worthless. Hence, apply a month before the application deadline and the exam date. This will also give candidates a window for effective GRE preparation.

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GRE Slot Booking 2023: Why Take The GRE Exam?

Various tests are available in the market for candidates who are planning to pursue their higher education abroad. With so many options, students may get confused as to which test to schedule and prepare for. They may be having questions revolving around the perks, drawbacks, difficulty level, validity, etc of these tests. 

It is crucial for candidates to carefully analyze which test will be the right fit for them. For example, if a candidate feels he is lacking quantitative skills, opting for GRE may be a better choice as GRE quant is comparatively easier. To know what GRE has to offer and if it is a suitable choice for you, read on:

  • Pathway for Admission to Prestigious Colleges:  One of the biggest reasons for taking the GRE test is that it is required for admission into competitive graduate programs and colleges. If a candidate knows he/she will be applying to graduate school for a master's degree or a PhD within the next five years, they should consider taking the GRE. After that, candidates may focus their attention on the application and the preparation process.
  • Strong GRE Score Enhances the Overall Application: The GRE is used as a powerful indicator of one's academic strength. A strong GRE score can help balance out inadequate academic performance in undergrad. Additionally, it may also compensate for average LORs and other weaknesses in one's profile.  GRE result is a decent approach to show admissions panels that you have the skills to contribute and will be a good fit for the selected graduate program. A good GRE score won't guarantee admission, but it can help make up for any shortcomings in other parts of your application.
  • More Affordable than GMAT: Tests that are used for admissions abroad are generally pretty expensive. Specially for Indian students, the exchange rate makes such tests high in cost. Although it is not a substantial deciding factor, it is essential for candidates planning to take the exam more than once. Since earning a master's degree is quite expensive, it makes sense for students to compare all monetary prospects and options. 
  • Opens Door to Various Opportunities: Unlike the GMAT exam, which is specially designed for admissions in B-schools, GRE is not restricted in nature. It does not limit the candidate's options. Students are free to pursue an MBA or any other type of specialized master's degree in various graduate schools through the GRE exam.   The test results are also valid for five years, and regardless of how many times you've taken the exam, you have the option of sending the top results to graduate school. 
  • Free Resources Available: An additional advantage of taking the GRE is that candidates will have access to free study materials compiled by the test developers.  This will enable students to become familiar with the various exam sections and the exact GRE pattern. 

GRE Slot Booking 2023: GRE Test Centers

The GRE test can be given at one of the test centres or even at home. A vast network of GRE test centres is available for candidates to choose from. more than 1,000 test centres in more than 160 countries are accessible to candidates. Candidates should book a centre that is the most convenient for them.

To check the availability of slots at various centres, candidates should visit the ETS website to go through the list of the many centres available in India. In most regions of the world, including India, the test is operational on a continuous basis throughout the year. Although, the selected slot at a specific centre may not be available at times due to high demand. That is why it is advisable to book a slot for a test centre well in advance. 

GRE Slot Booking 2023: GRE At-Home Testing

Throughout the world, the GRE General Test at home is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The home test entails:

  • Will be taken on the test taker's personal computer
  • Similar to the test taken at a GRE test centre
  • Administered with top-notch security mechanisms that combine AI and human proctors
  • Identical in format and content 
  • The same study resources can be used by students to prepare for the exam. Only the delivery technique is different.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are the GRE registration and slot booking different?

Registering for the GRE exam will only require students to make a valid profile on the website. This can be done by signing up or logging in to an existing account. On the other hand, bookings a GRE slot will require candidates to schedule the test by selecting the day, date, and location of the exam. 

How do I book a slot for GRE?

A slot can be successfully booked through the official website of ETS. Candidates need to go to the website and schedule an exam according to their preference and convenience. 

Can one book a GRE slot a day before the test?

A slot can be booked at least two business days before the exam date. Although, it is advisable not to book a slot last minute as that can cause unpredictable errors. 

What should be considered before booking the exam date?

Some significant factors should be considered before candidates get on to finalizing a GRE exam date. Some of these factors include The application deadline of the targetted universities, the preparation level of candidates, and the availability of slots. 


What is the purpose of the GRE Subject Tests?

The GRE Subject Tests are scholastic tests that evaluate a candidate's level of expertise in a specific area of study. These are designed for students who have a significant background in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or psychology from their undergraduate studies.


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