Graduate Management Admission Test
Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT Slot Booking 2024: Check Steps and Ideal Time to Book a GMAT Slot

The process of GMAT slot booking determines the location and date for the GMAT exam. Candidates may register and book their respective slots on the official website, Check this to know more.
GMAT Slot Booking 2024

GMAT Slot Booking 2024

GMAT Slot Booking 2024: GMAT exam slot booking process is essential for applicants planning to take the exam. GMAT is one of the most recognized tests which is accepted in 110+ countries and 2,400+ management schools. Securing a strong score in the GMAT exam helps business school candidates get admitted into their dream colleges. In fact, the GMAT score is submitted four times more than the GRE score. A lot of times, a superior GMAT score can help balance out the inadequate undergrad performance of various applicants. This can be achieved by conducting effective preparation aligned with GMAT Books

Even though many universities have given a waiver for GMAT, having a GMAT score in your application will still help you stand out from the rest. Hence, GMAT slot booking is advisable for candidates planning to study abroad. To start the process, candidates will first need to complete GMAT registration, after which, the next step will be booking a GMAT slot. Candidates may register and book their respective slots on the official website,

GMAT Slot Booking 2024

Candidates have the liberty to choose their respective GMAT slots according to their preference of date and location. Although, sometimes it may get difficult to book the desired slot due to the increasing number of applicants and limited availability of slots. Hence, candidates should book their GMAT slot 2-3 months prior to avoid unnecessary last-minute trouble. However, candidates can even schedule an exam appointment up to 24 hours prior to an available testing slot.

Continue reading to know the difference between GMAT registration & slot booking and how to book your GMAT slot step-by-step.

Difference Between GMAT Slot Booking & Registration

The main difference between GMAT slot booking and registration is that to register, the candidate will be required to create an account on the official website by providing personal details. Whereas to book a slot for the GMAT exam, the candidate will have to finalize the time, date, and test centre to appear for the exam.

Booking the slot for GMAT will only be possible once the candidate has registered for the GMAT exam. A slot will have to be booked every time the candidate wishes to sit for the exam. For instance, if the applicants plan to re-take the test, they will have to book the slot all over again, but will not be asked to register again. 

GMAT Slot Booking 2024: Steps To Book a GMAT Slot

A vast network of test centres is available for the GMAT exam in most locations. Slots are available almost every day, and if the candidates fail to find their desired slots, they can check again later as new slots are available on a rolling basis. 

To book a GMAT slot, candidates will need to:

  • Go to the official website of GMAT
  • Log in to your registered account
  • Go to ‘schedule your appointment’
  • Check if the desired slot is available
  • If it is, Select the date and test centre to take the exam

GMAT Slot Booking 2024: Ideal Time To Book a GMAT Slot?

GMAC advises candidates to book their slot 6 months in advance, as candidates are presented with GMAT exam appointments on a rolling 6-month basis. Although, booking the slot 2-3 months prior to the test is good enough. Candidates must ensure their level of preparation and the targetted universities’ application deadlines should match their selected GMAT slot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between GMAT slot booking and registration?

Registration entails completing the online registration form and paying the necessary fees on the designated website. In contrast, scheduling refers to students choosing a certain date, time, and testing location for their exam.

When should one be scheduling the GMAT slot?

Since GMAT exam appointments are offered on a rolling 6-month basis, students should reserve their GMAT slot six months in advance. However, reserving the time slot two to three months before the test is sufficient. Candidates must make sure that their degree of preparation and the application deadlines for the targeted universities line up with their chosen GMAT slot.

How to book a GMAT slot?

To book a GMAT slot, candidates will need to register on the website after which they will be required to book a slot for the GMAT exam, the candidate will have to finalize the time, date, and test centre on the same website according to their preference and availability of slots.

Will the slot have to be re-booked for every GMAT attempt?

Yes, unlike the registration process, the slot booking will need to be done all over again for every next GMAT attempt. 

Is there any GMAT slot booking fee?

No, there is no specified slot booking fee for GMAT. The only time candidates would be required to pay a sum of fees is during the registration process. After that, applicants may proceed to book the GMAT slot.

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