Indian Institute of Management -  Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management -  Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023: Highest CTC: INR 61.48 LPA, Average CTC: INR 27.54 LPA

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

IIMA Placement 2023 Latest update

IIM-Ahmedabad concludes its summer placement process on November 1. The 2023-24 placement cohort was held for postgraduate programme (PGP) students in three cohorts. An equivalent of 124 firms from multiple domains participated virtually, placing all 404 students, out of which 142 have been placed in the consulting, 73 in finance, and 48 in the marketing sector. 

Boston Consulting Group was the top recruiter in the Management Consulting Cohort, extending 22 offers, followed by Bain & Company, McKinsey and Kearney, among other top recruiters. 

In the Investment Banking and Markets cohort, Goldman Sachs remained the top recruiter with 9 Consumer Goods and Durables offers. Whereas, HUL provided nine offers followed by Proctor & Gamble with 6 offers.  

Two students this year chose to opt out of the placement process and work on their ventures under the IIMAvericks. This includes mentorship from IIMA’s CIIE.CO and financial support for two years. They can return and sit at the institute’s placement process during the fellowship. 

IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023: The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad has recently concluded with resounding success, witnessing active participation from various programs and top recruitment agencies. IIM Ahmedabad PGP placements saw a remarkable number of 382 students receiving offers from 190 firms. The placement process was conducted in two stages - the lateral process and the final placements, with 59% of the batch eligible for lateral placements.

During the IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023, the Consulting sector emerged as the most sought-after, offering 204 job opportunities, followed by the BFSI, FMCG, and Engineering/Technology sectors. Among the functions, Consulting stood out with 213 offers, with Product/Category Management, Finance, Marketing/Sales, and General Management also presenting substantial opportunities. Prominent recruiters like Amazon, Microsoft, and Extramarks played a crucial role in offering diverse roles to the students. The highest CTC offered at IIM Ahmedabad, was INR 61,48,640, while the international median and mean CTC reached USD 51,05,096 and USD 1,08,405, respectively.

The IIM Ahmedabad PGP-MBA summer internships witnessed enthusiastic participation from 389 students, with 132 firms offering 219 roles. Companies like Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Boston Consulting Group were actively involved in the process. The PGP-FABM placements saw 46 students receiving offers from 56 companies, and Marketing/Sales emerged as the most sought-after function. The PGPx program witnessed the participation of 121 students actively seeking placements through the campus process.  The salary data for all programs showcased competitive packages, with the PGPx program offering a maximum CTC of INR 75,20,000. 

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements 2023: Key Highlights

IIM Ahmedabad provided exemplary placement opportunities to students enrolled in the PGP program: 

  • The placement drive witnessed a remarkable participation of 382 students. 
  • The placement process was meticulously conducted in two stages: the lateral process and the final placements. 
  • Lateral placements were deemed eligible for approximately 59% of the batch. 
  • The drive garnered significant interest from 60 prestigious firms representing diverse sectors, including Technology, Hospitality, and Consulting, among others. 
  • Notable organizations such as Amazon, Browserstack, Matrix Partners, Extramarks, and Microsoft actively participated in the process and extended a commendable total of 220 distinct roles. 
  • The Boston Consulting Group emerged as the leading employer during this placement drive by offering 28 positions. Bain and Company secured the second position, providing 23 offers to deserving candidates.

IIM Ahmedabad Placements Average Package

Following are the year-wise placement Average Packages offered to the students of IIM Ahmedabad: 


IIM Ahmedabad Placements Average Package


INR 27.54 LPA


INR 26.12 LPA


INR 25.83 LPA

IIM Ahmedabad Placements Yearly Package Trend 

Below is the table depicting the year-wise domestic salary of IIM Ahmedabad:

CTC Particulars




Highest CTC

INR 61.48 LPA



Average CTC

INR 32.79 LPA

INR 27.54 LPA

INR 26.12 LPA

Median CTC

INR 31.59 LPA

INR 27.60 LPA


IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements: Student classification

IIM Ahmedabad PGP students got placed through the institute itself. In total 387 students graduated from the PGP program, out of which 385 students were eligible for the placements. From these, only three students didn't seek placements through the institute.

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements: Sector-Wise Classification

The placement drive saw a diversity of sectors offering opportunities to the students. Out of which consulting sector was most sought after with 204 offers. It was followed by BFSI (75), FMCG (23), and Engineering/Technology (15). There were a total of 375 domestic and 7 international offers made.  

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements Sector Wise

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements: Function-Wise classification

IIM Ahmedabad provided opportunities to PGP students in different functions. The highest offers were made from the consulting department (213). It was followed by Product/Category Management (58), Finance (41), Marketing/Sales (24), and General Management (23). The following table is the function-wise table for the offers provided:

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements Function Wise

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements: Location-Wise classification

IIM Ahmedabad PGP program students got both National and International offers. There were in total 7 international offers and 328 offers from domestic locations. The highest number of international offers were made from Dubai (3). For domestic locations, the highest number of offers were from Mumbai (95). Below is the data on the number of offers accepted from both national and international locations: 

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements Location Wise

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Placements: Salary Data

IIM Ahmedabad PGP students received the Maximum CTC of INR 61,48,640. The mean and Median CTC were INR 31,49,910 and INR 32,79,923 respectively. The Maximum International CTC was 51,40,599. The international Median and Mean CTC went up to USD 51,05,096 and USD 1,08,405 each.

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-MBA Summer Internships 2023

IIM Ahmedabad facilitated enriching summer internship opportunities for PGP-MBA students. The internship drive garnered interest from 132 distinguished firms, collectively offering 219 diverse roles to the participating students. Impressively, the institute witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 389 students in the rigorous internship process, all of whom met the eligibility criteria and were subsequently placed through the college. The internship process attracted companies from various sectors, each contributing to the comprehensive learning experience of the students. Below is the list of companies that recruited students across different domains:


  •  In the domain of management, recruiters like Alvarez & Marsal, Arthur D. Little, Synergy Consulting, Auctus Advisors, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group, among others, offered rewarding opportunities.
  •  Prominent companies from the Investment Banking and Markets space, such as Bank of America, Citibank, Credit Suisse (India), Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, and several others, showcased their commitment to nurturing young talents through this internship drive. 
  • Furthermore, the internship process also included esteemed firms from the Private Equity and Venture Capital domain, including Squared Capital, MYRA SHS Renewables, and The Xander Group. 
  • The institute's summer internship drive included 53 new recruiters like Landmark Group, Mondelez, PharmEasy, and Jupiter Capital in the internship drive.

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements 2023

IIM Ahmedabad extended placement opportunities to a total of 46 students of PGP-FABM students. Notably, out of the 48 students who enrolled for placements, an impressive 47 secured placements through the institute. During the placement process, students were presented with three lateral offers, encompassing 2 domestic offers and 1 international offer. Additionally, 12 pre-placement offers were also provided. The final placements witnessed active participation from 56 distinguished companies, presenting a multitude of opportunities to aspiring candidates.

The array of participating companies included reputed recruiters such as KPMG, PwC, Grant Thornton, P&G, Reckitt, Nestle, and others. Additionally, the placement process introduced new recruiters to the esteemed institution, including Deloitte, Accenture, TVS Credit, Absolute Foods, and Axis Bank, further broadening the horizons of opportunities for the students.

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements 2023: Sector-Wise Classification

IIM Ahmedabad provided placements to students across different sectors. They were provided with opportunities from domestic as well as international companies. Out of 46 domestic offers made 9 were from the consulting field. It was led by the online services (11) and the Agri-Input sectors (7). Below is the diversification of offers according to the sector of employment:

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements Sector Wise

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements 2023: Function-Wise Classification

According to Functions, the most sought-after function was Marketing/Sales. It provided 10 domestic offers for the students. It was followed by consulting (9) and operations (6). Apart from these, there was only one international offer in the function of supply chain management. The following data shows the function-wise employee:

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements Function Wise

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements 2023: Location-Wise Classification

IIM Ahmedabad provided 46 domestic and 1 international offer to PGP-FABM students. Amongst the domestic locations, most offers were made from Mumbai (12) and Bangalore (9). It was closely led by Gurgaon (8) and Chennai (4). Below is the location-wise Classification of offers data:

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements Location Wise

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Placements 2023: Salary Data

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM students received the maximum CTC of INR 33,83,000. The Median and Mean CTC were INR 20,00,004 and INR 21,49,889. The International Salary offered was $49,000. 

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM Summer Internships 2023

The PGP-FABM summer placement process witnessed active participation from 47 students. These internships spanned across diverse sectors, encompassing Agro-Chemicals, Commodities, Food Supply Chain, Food Industry, Agri Consulting, and many other domains.

A total of 45 esteemed companies graced the internship drive, further attesting to the caliber and reputation of the program. Regular recruiters reaffirmed their confidence in the program, including FMC India Pvt. Ltd., Coromandel, IFFCO Kisan, Godrej Agrovet, P&G, and Reckitt Benckiser.

In addition to the established recruiters, the placement process saw a keen interest from several new recruiters, such as Pepsico and CP Foods, further bolstering the opportunities for aspiring candidates. Moreover, recruiters from the development sector, including Akshaya Patra, Raah Foundation, and Youth4Jobs, actively participated, lending a valuable social perspective to the internships.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPx Placements 2023

The 16th batch of PGPx participants at IIM Ahmedabad comprised a diverse group of candidates showcasing impressive work experience spanning a range of 4 to 20 years. Recruiters demonstrated a keen interest in hiring students for strategic and growth-oriented positions, such as CEO, Ecosystem and Marketing Head, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Director, and other influential roles that contribute significantly to organizational development and success. The recruitment process culminated in the extension of a total of 172 offers to the candidates. Renowned firms, including BCG SEA (South-East Asia), BCG India, Bain, PwC, McKinsey, EY-Parthenon, Monitor Deloitte, Eques Capital, Adani Digital, and various other industry leaders, actively participated in this process. Accenture emerged as the leading recruiter and Adani Digital closely followed suit, further emphasizing the exceptional caliber of the candidates.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPx Placements 2023: Students Classification

IIM Ahmedabad PGPx programs 136 students were eligible for placements. Among them, 121 students actively sought placements through the institute's campus placement process. Out of the students who sought placements, 119 accepted job offers, while 2 students remained unplaced. In addition to this, 15 students did not participate in the institute's placement process.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPx Placements 2023: Salary Head

IIM Ahmedabad PGPx students' Maximum CTC raged up to INR 75,20,000. The Median and Mean CTC offered were INR 36,25,884 and INR 38,64,049 respectively. The Maximum CTC for international offers went up to USD 1,51,29. The Mean and Median CTC rose up to USD 1,50,297 and USD  1,36,082 each.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who were the top recruiters at IIM Ahmedabad placements 2023?

Prominent recruiters at IIM Ahmedabad placements 2023 included companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Extramarks played a crucial role in offering diverse roles to the students.

What was the highest CTC offered during IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023?

The highest CTC offered at IIM Ahmedabad placements in 2023 was INR 61,48,640.

What was the average CTC offered during IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023?

The average CTC offered during IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023 was INR 31,49,910.

What was the highest international CTC offered during IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023?

The highest international CTC offered during IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023 was USD 1,51,290.

Who were the top recruiters during the PGP-FABM placements at IIM Ahmedabad?

The top recruiters during the PGP-FABM placements at IIM Ahmedabad included KPMG, PwC, Grant Thornton, P&G, Nestle, and others.

Which IIM offers best placements?

IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Lucknow, are known for their excellent placements.

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