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BITSAT Slot Booking 2024: Session 1 & Session 2 Slot Booking Details

BITSAT slot booking 2024: The slot booking dates for BITSAT exams have been released on the official website. BITSAT slot booking for phase 1 will start on May 6, 2024 and will end on May 10, 2024.
BITSAT Slot Booking 2024

BITSAT Slot Booking 2024

BITSAT Slot Booking 2024: The slot booking facility for BITSAT session 1 exams 2024 will start from May 6, 2024. Students who registered for the BITSAT exam can book the slot till May 10, 2024. Through the slot booking process, applicants could book their preferred exam slots. This is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, it is essential for students to book an exam slot as soon as the process is made available online on the official website. In this process, applicants were asked to select from the available exam slots according to their preferences. There will be two major slots, including- Slot 1 which will start at 9 AM to 12 PM, and Slot 2 which will start at 2 PM to 5 PM.  

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As the process functions on a real-time basis, students who failed to select their preferred slots were automatically assigned test slots by the exam conducting body. Once the slots are confirmed, they cannot be altered or changed. The slots for both the BITSAT sessions will have similar timings. Read on to know the detailed step-by-step slot booking process and also know the factors to consider before confirming the exam slot.

BITSAT Slot Booking 2024

As discussed earlier, the process would function on a first-come-first-serve basis- hence the available slots would be booked quickly and late-comers may find their desired slot has already been booked. That is why it is important to ensure that students book the slot as soon as the BITSAT slot booking process starts.

BITSAT 2024 Slot Booking: Timings 

After students select the test location and date, they will be asked to choose between two options for the test timing. The timing of the slots will be:



Slot 1

9 AM to 12 PM

Slot 2

2 PM to 5 PM

BITSAT Slot Booking 2024 Dates

Phases Dates
Phase 1 May 6 to May 10, 2024
Phase 2 June 15 to June 17, 2024

BITSAT Slot Booking 2024: Step-By-Step

The steps one would be required to follow in order to successfully book a test slot include-

Step 1-Login to the BITSAT Portal

Only the students who successfully registered for the exam will be able to book an exam slot. Applicants will be asked to log in to the official portal by providing their application ID and password. 

Step 2-Choose the desired Test Center

Candidates must select an exam centre from the available options and they may select a different test centre if their desired testing location has no available dates. An exam centre cannot be modified once it has been reserved by the candidate.

Step 3-Choose the desired Test Date

After logging in, students will be presented with the available slot dates according to the test centre they would have selected. The candidate's selected exam centre's available dates will be displayed in green. If the dates for that specific centre are not available, students will be asked to select a different slot.

Step 4-Select the Slot Timing

There will be two sessions for the exam, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. By clicking "confirm slot booking," candidates can select any one of them. This will be the last step in the BITSAT exam booking process.

Go through the Confirmation Page.

Step 5- Confirmation Page

Before the test slot is booked, students will be asked to re-check the selected options so they would not be altered later. Students can confirm their slots once they have re-checked the provided information. Candidates are required to notify the relevant authorities right away if they find any errors.

Documents Needed to Book BITSAT Slot

Candidates would need the following in order to book the test slot, failing to have these items would result in the test slot not being booked. 

  • Application number received after registration
  • Password
  • Date of Birth of students (Should match the information on the application form)

If applicants have forgotten or misplaced their application number, they would need to-

  • Visit the BITSAT official website
  • Select the “Forget Application Number”
  • Provide the registered contact details such as the student’s email
  • A fresh application number would be given to the applicant

BITSAT Slot Booking 2024: Instructions

The slot can be booked according to a student’s preference but booking the right slot that brings results is essential. Some general instructions that may help students perform better if they incorporate them in the slot booking exercise include-

  1. Candidates are recommended to choose a test date and location close to their current city or place of residence
  2. The slot will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't wait to book it. Applicants might not acquire the preferred slot, date, etc. if they delay the slot booking process from their end.
  3. Candidates are only permitted to take the exam once a year in two sessions, even though it is offered on several slots and at various times. Hence, it is crucial to perform one's best on the day of the exam. 
  4. Candidates are advised to select the time of the slot according to what would be the most suitable for them. No slot is better than the other, it all depends on each individual and what would work best for them. For instance, if a student is more productive in the morning, he/she should book the morning test slot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the BITSAT slot booking process start for 2023?

For BITSAT session 2, the slot booking was conducted between the 14th – 15th of June 2023. Whereas for session 1 of the exam, the slot booking was held between the 10th to 14th of May. 

Can one change or moderate the BITSAT 2023 slot once it has been booked?

No, students will not be able to make changes to the exam slots that have already been booked. Before the slots are confirmed, they will be asked to cross-check them, after which the test slots cannot be altered or moderated.

What are the available time slots for the BITSAT exam?

The available exam slots will be listed for applicants to choose from, based on their preferences. There will be two main time slots: Slot 1, which runs from 9 AM to 12 PM, and Slot 2, which runs from 2 PM to 5 PM.

Is the BITSAT 2023 slot booking done online?

Yes, the process would be entirely done online on the official website of BITSAT. Students would be required to log in with their details to start the process.

What would be needed to book the BITSAT slot?

The slot would not be booked without:

  • Application number
  • Password
  • Personal details of students provided at the time of registration


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