Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test
Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test

BITSAT Preparation 2024: Prep Tips and Study Material for the BITSAT Exam

BITSAT Preparation 2024: Interested candidates can check the preparation plan for BITSAT 2024 as it is a highly competitive exam with limited seats and vacancies. Leading a productive preparation journey will help get the desired BITSAT result.
BITSAT Preparation 2024

BITSAT Preparation 2024

BITSAT Preparation 2024: Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test, commonly referred to as BITSAT, is an entrance exam conducted by BITS Pilani. Students who register for the exam are interested in getting enrolled in one of the BITS campuses for Engineering and Pharmaceutical courses. The Institute offers various Integrated degrees under B.E, B.Pharm, and M.Sc. The BITSAT 2024 registration process for session 1 and 2 exams are underway. Candidates can register themselves till April 11, 2024 by entering the necessary details in the BITSAT application form 2024 through the official website -  Also Read: BITSAT Registration

The BITSAT exam 2024 will be conducted in two sessions- session one being held from May 21 to 26, 2024, and session two from June 22 to 26, 2024. Due to the increasing competition and the limited vacancies, it is extremely important for candidates to perform well on the day of the exam. This can be done when students lead a productive and constructive BITSAT preparation. The preparation should be aligned with the BITSAT syllabus and pattern. Continue reading to learn about some helpful exam tips and know some prominent BITSAT Books that can aid with the preparation.

BITSAT Preparation 2024

It is crucial for applicants planning to give the exam to build a preparation strategy. That means students must follow a study routine religiously in order to perform well in the exam. As it is a highly competitive exam, students must be dedicated and put in a great amount of effort to prepare for BITSAT 2024. Building a study routine and timetable that works best for each candidate is essential. This should be done keeping one's strengths and weaknesses in check. For instance, students who have strong mathematical skills must devote more time to other subjects whereas students lacking quantitative skills must first start with it.

BITSAT Preparation: Right Time to Start

Most candidates, especially those planning to get enrolled in Engineering courses, start their preparation in grade 11th itself. As the exam mostly covers topics from NCERT classes 11th and 12th, many applicants already have their basics clear. Although, experts have advised to thoroughly prepare for the exam for at least 3 months before the exam day. If a candidate does not have the basics clear of each subject, the preparation should start at least 6 to 8 months prior to the scheduled exam day. The last month, before the exam takes place, should wholly be dedicated to revision.

BITSAT Preparation 2024: How to Start?

Following is how one should conduct their exam preparation to maximize their results. 

  • Download and understand the BITSAT syllabus
  • Understand the BITSAT exam pattern
  • Practice BITSAT previous year questions and practice tests
  • Choose the best books for BITSAT 2024 preparation
  • Set aside time for each topic 
  • Consistent Revision

BITSAT Preparation 2024: Important Tips 

Build a Study Plan

The BITSAT 2023 exam requires that students create a study plan. They must create their study schedule such that they cover at least one topic or unit from each of the three topics (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology). Moreover, a separate time should be devoted to practising English and LR questions. Being consistent with the built study routine is the key to getting the desired exam result. Students must thoroughly study without any distractions.

Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

It is critical that applicants align their preparation with the given syllabus and pattern for the BITSAT exam. Applicants are advised to check the official brochure to analyze the topics and sub-topics that would be covered in the exam so that they are not underprepared on exam day. Moreover, knowing the format and structure of the test will enable candidates to perform better on exam day.

Take Practice and Mock Tests

Consistently solving mock and practice questions will allow applicants to understand the test format well. Mock exams are replicas of the real test, hence they help candidates understand the exam well. Moreover, the accuracy and speed increase with each mock paper students solve. A sample test demonstrating the features of BITSAT-2024 will be provided to the registered. Students at the official website on which they can practice as many times.

Prepare according to BITSAT Marking Scheme

Each section of the exam is marked differently. Prepare the conceptual questions for each section, paying particular attention to the topics and areas receiving the most weightage. Enhance the abilities of the sections that are comparatively weaker. The total number of negative marks in BITSAT 2024 is more than the total number of negative marks in JEE. Therefore, candidates must keep this in mind and limit their attempts to questions in which they feel unconfident.

Improve Time Management Skills

The exam is time-bounded hence students must work on improving their time management skills while preparing for the exam. One way to do this is that applicants to time themselves while they solve practice tests. This will enable them to perform faster on the actual exam day. All of the sections must be responded to quickly; delaying and choosing a stretched answer is only a waste of time.

Practice Bonus Questions

The only test that offers additional questions to candidates is BITSAT. There are 12 questions in this category.  Once the candidate has finished the paper ahead of time, these questions will be made available to them. The only requirement is that students must submit the remainder of their paper before answering the bonus questions, and they are not permitted to use the previous answers again. However, as they receive a greater positive grade, it is wise to choose these bonus questions and also prepare with them.

BITSAT Preparation 2024: Last Month Preparation Tips

As mentioned earlier in the article, the last month should only be utilized for consistent revision. Although, if a candidate has not given time for preparation before and is starting preparation last minute, then they should follow these tips to perform their best-

  • Study at least 9 to 10 hours a day
  • Solve as many mock tests as possible
  • Work on improving speed to answer complicated questions
  • Focus on each section of the exam
  • Build a last-minute prep schedule and stick to it
  • Be consistent and study for the exam thoroughly
  • Apply for both BITSAT sessions 1 and 2

BITSAT 2024 Study Material and Books

When applicants sit for BITSAT preparation, they must have appropriate study material with them. If they wish to begin the preparation, they must utilize academic materials that work best for each candidate. Students must research a variety of books and other online resources that are included in the study material. Some of these materials include:


Coaching/Class Notes

BITSAT Previous Year Papers

BITSAT Specialized Books

Online Lectures 

BITSAT Mock Test

Test Series

Online Content and Groups

Personal Notes

BITSAT 2024 Best Books

Some books that have been recommended by experts and have proven to be helpful for the previous test takers include-

  • NCERT Books (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths)
  • Understanding Physics Series of 5 Books
  • BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning PB 
  • The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT (English)
  • AIEEE (JEE Main) and IIT-JEE (JEE Advanced) previous years’ Objective questions
  • Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test – with Mock Test CD 
  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • Integral Calculus by Arihant
  • Class XI & XII by R.D. Sharma
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee
  • Study Guide for BITSAT
  • Objective Biology Disha Experts

Note: Students are advised to conduct their own research before purchasing BITSAT books as different books have different features. The study material should be suitable for each candidate and should align with their strengths and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the last month's preparation enough to crack BITSAT?

Experts have advised that students should thoroughly prepare for the exam for at least 3 months prior to the exam day. Although, if an applicant is starting to prepare and study for the test a month before the exam day then they must study 9 to 10 hours every day consistently.

How difficult is it to crack BITSAT?

BITSAT is a highly competitive exam given by 3 lakh students every year. Plus there are limited vacancies. Hence, to get a seat it is crucial that students prepare for the exam very well.

Is covering the entire BITSAT syllabus important?

Yes, the entire syllabus should be covered during the BITSAT preparation. Leaving a topic may result in lesser marks.

Are English and LR important to crack the BITSAT exam?

Yes. Various applicants take Logical Reasoning and English lightly, but performing well in this section will help in enhancing their overall performance in the exam. That is why these subjects and necessary when it comes to cracking the BITSAT exam.

When should one start the BITSAT exam preparation?

Dedicated students start preparing for such engineering exams in high school itself. Although, if students are starting their preparation after school, then a minimum of 9 to 10 months of thorough preparation is required to get the desired BITS Pilani campus and course.

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