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GPSC Exam Preparation 2023: Check Important Preparation Tips and Tricks to Excel the Exam

The GPSC exam preparation is an important aspect for candidates who are willing to appear in the exam. There are various prep tips that candidates can follow to enhance their preparation.
GPSC Preparation 2023

GPSC Preparation 2023

GPSC Preparation 2023: GPSC also known as Gujarat Public Service Commission is a civil service examination which is held by the GPSC itself. The exam is conducted to recruit candidates for various posts offered under classes 1 and 2 under the Gujarat government’s administration. Since the exam is one of the state PCS, it is very important for candidates to have thorough preparation which will help them to ace the examination. There are several tips and tricks that one can incorporate into their study strategy to excel in the exam.

In order to begin with the GPSC exam preparation, candidates should start studying the GPSC syllabus. Since the GPSC has three stages including prelims, mains and interviews, the syllabus for each stage is different. Although there is no prescribed syllabus for the interview stage, candidates are advised to revise everything which they have studied at their college level. Also, candidates should study current affairs to qualify for the interview round.

After studying the syllabus, candidates should start studying the GPSC exam pattern and marking scheme. Candidates can find both details on the official website. The exam pattern sheds light on topics such as the duration of the exam, the marking of the exam, and whether the exam has negative markings or not. On the other hand, the GPSC marking scheme is also an important aspect in preparation as it will help the candidate to know which topic carried the highest weightage. 

GPSC Preparation 2023

The GPSC preparation will increase the chance of candidates scoring their desired marks in the civil service examination. There are various tips which can help candidates score well in the exam starting from reading the syllabus, exam patterns and marking scheme to studying from the right study material. Since the GPSC prelims have a different syllabus compared to GPSC mains, students should only prepare for their specific exam. Candidates should also refer to the GPSC books and study material to prepare for the exam.

Candidates must note that in order to get recruited to the post for which he or she has applied, students have to clear prelims and mains both. Once the candidate has cleared both stages, they will move to the GPSC interview stage. The examination is conducted in two languages including English and Gujarati. 

When to Start GPSC Preparation 

Candidates frequently run across a dilemma of when to start with the GPSC. Although there is no set period of time for starting GPSC preparation, it is generally suggested that applicants start as soon as feasible. Starting the preparation process early will provide the applicant with plenty of time to prepare and review for the test. Therefore, it is wise to start the preparation process early. 

How to Start for GPSC Preparation

When it comes to the question of how to start with the preparation, applicants should start by reading the GPSC syllabus. Following the syllabus, candidates should study the exam pattern and marking scheme. The applicant will benefit from having a thorough understanding of the examination owing to these three factors. 

Candidates should comprehend each of these aspects, but they should also include a few pointers in their study schedule to help them be ready for the test. 

Important GPSC Preparation Tips for Prelims and Mains 

After having a better understanding of how and when to start the preparation for the GPSC exam, candidates should add some of the important and essential tips to their study strategy in order to make it more effective. This will help the candidates to score their desired marks in each stage of the examination. Some of the tips important tips are making a study plan, understanding the syllabus, making small notes and doing thorough revision. Candidates can add these simple yet effective strategies to make the exam preparation more solid. 

Make a Daily Routine Study Plan

It is very important for candidates to make a study plan as without the candidate may remain clueless. Hence, candidates should make a study plan and stick to it. A regular study plan and self-study are very essential for students as they will help them to do daily practice all the subjects. Candidates should also set a goal which will help them to remain on track and boost them to achieve their goals.

Study Syllabus, Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 

In order to begin with the preparation, candidates should start studying the syllabus to prepare for the exam. Candidates should not only study the syllabus but also try to understand the concepts of it. Apart from the syllabus, candidates should also study exam patterns and marking schemes. All of these aspects are extremely important for candidates in their preparation. 

Practise from Previous Year’s Question Papers 

If a candidate regularly practises questions from the previous year's question papers, they will have a better idea of how and what kinds of questions will be asked in the actual exam. Additionally, candidates will understand how to manage their time throughout the exam. 

Make Small Notes

While preparing for the examination, candidates should make small notes which will contain the important topics and points of the specific topic. As a result, while the candidate is doing a revision, he or she can read the important topics and points of that particular topic. 

Do Thorough Revision

Regular revision is necessary to make sure that candidates remember both the concepts they have learnt and the subjects they have already studied. By doing this, the applicant can enhance their study strategy. 

Important Tips To Follow on Exam Day

The day of the exam is the crucial day when all of the candidate's preparation will be tested. However, there are times when the exam candidate starts to feel anxious. Because of this, the applicant could forget what they have already learned, which could reduce their marks. Therefore, it is advised to maintain as much of one's composure as possible and approach the exam with an upbeat attitude. Candidates should never lose motivation when studying for the exam. As a result, this will increase their confidence and help the applicants do better in the exam. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the important GPSC prep tips candidates should follow to score well?

GPSC prep tips that candidates should follow to score well are studying regularly, making small notes of important topics, and practising the previous year's question papers.

What should a candidate ideally do on the day of the exam?

Candidates should ideally remain positive and calm on the day of the examination in order to attempt the exam in a better way.

What is the first step candidate should take while starting their preparation?

Candidates should begin their preparation by studying the GPSC syllabus, exam pattern and marking scheme.

When were the GPSC prelims 2022-23 conducted?

GPSC prelims 2022-23 were conducted on 8th January 2023.

When did the GPSC prelims result declared?

GPSC prelims exam results were declared on April 18, 2023.