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APSC Syllabus 2024: Subject-Wise Topics for APSC Prelims, Mains and Interview Exam

APSC syllabus 2024 is available on the official website. Since the APSC exam has three stages including prelims, mains and interview, the syllabus for all three stages is different. Hence, candidates should check the syllabus as per their stage.
APSC Syllabus 2024

APSC Syllabus 2024

APSC Syllabus 2024:  Assam Public Service Commission conducts the state civil service exams for various posts. The APSC exam is conducted in three phases including prelims, mains and interview. The APSC syllabus for all three exam stages is different. The APSC syllabus is released by the commission on its official website. While the syllabus for prelims and mains are different, there is no specified syllabus for the interview stage. 

While the APSC prelims syllabus has only two subjects including general studies paper 1 and general studies paper 2,  the APSC mains exam has eight papers of the conventional essay type/objective type with restricted words. Further, the main exam has to qualify language paper. The interview stage does not have a specified syllabus, but candidates are advised to revise everything they have studied so far at their college level. 

Apart from the syllabus, candidates should also check the APSC exam pattern, and marking scheme as it will also prove extremely beneficial for students while preparing for the exam. 

APSC Syllabus 2024

The APSC syllabus is released on the official website of APSC. The syllabus is released in the PDF form and candidates are advised to study the syllabus thoroughly in order to qualify for the exam. The APSC prelims have 2 subjects whereas, the main exam has 8 subjects. Needless to say, APSC syllabus helps the candidate in APSC preparation.

Candidates are advised to study each subject from each stage thoroughly in order to score well in the exam. Also, candidates should check the marking scheme as the prelims exam is 400 marks whereas the mains exam has 2275 marks. Meanwhile, to ace the interview stage, candidates need to have full confidence and should be aware of the day-to-day activities, general knowledge and others. 

APSC Prelims Syllabus 2024

The APSC prelims syllabus has two subjects including general studies 1 and general studies 2. However, the syllabus for both general studies 1 and 2 are completely different. Candidates can take a look at the following APSC prelims syllabus in the table below. 



General Studies 1

  • Important current events on a national and international level.
  • Indian National Movement's history.
  • Physical, social, and economic geography of India and the rest of the world.
  • Constitution, political system, panchayati raj, public policy, and other aspects of Indian politics and governance
  • Sustainable development, poverty, inclusion, demographics, social sector initiatives, etc. are all examples of economic and social development.
  • Environmental ecology, biodiversity, and climate change are general topics that don't require subject specialisation.
  • General Science

General Studies 2 

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills
  • Logical reasoning as well as analytical ability
  • Problem-solving as well as decision-making skills
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy (Class X level),
  • Data Interpretation (tables, data sufficiency, charts, graphs,  etc.) (Class X level)

APSC Mains Syllabus 2024

Once the candidate qualifies for the prelims exam, he or she will be eligible to appear for the APSC main exam. The main exam has a total of 8 papers. Moreover, the APSC main examination is a written test. The exam has two qualifying language papers. Candidates must know that the marks scored by the candidate in the interview and preliminary test will be counted for ranking. Candidates can take a look at the following syllabus for the APSC mains exam 2024.



Paper 1


Paper 2 to 6 

General Studies

Paper 7

Optional Subject, Paper 1

Paper 8

Optional Subject, Paper 2

Qualifying Paper

Paper A

Qualifying Paper

Paper B

APSC Mains Paper 1 - Essay

Candidates should write the article in the medium or language of the candidate's choice. Further, candidates will be given the choice of subject to write the essay.  

APSC Mains Paper 2 to 6 - General Studies 



General Studies Paper 1

  • Indian Culture - Literature & Architecture and art forms belong to modern times 
  • Beginning around the middle of the 18th century, modern Indian history
  • The War for Freedom
  • consolidation and reorganisation of the nation after independence
  • Diversity in Indian Society
  • Women's Organisations and their role in society
  • Population and related problems
  • Urbanisation, developmental issues, poverty, and those issues' issues and solutions
  • Social empowerment, regionalism, secularism, and globalisation
  • Important Geographical Features of India and the World
  • Important Natural Resource Distribution
  • Geophysical phenomena of importance

General Studies Paper 2

  • Constitution of India
  • Responsibilities & Functions of the Union
  • Role of Civil Services in Democracy
  • India & its Neighbourhood relations
  • Development Processes and the development industry
  • Parliament & State legislatures
  • Act on Representation of the People
  • Implementing government policies to promote growth in various sectors
  • Welfare programmes for the population's most disadvantaged groups
  • Power separation and a conflict resolution process
  • Structure, setup, and operation of government departments and judiciaries.
  • Concerns connected to HR Development, Health, and Education
  • India's exposure to the politics and policies of developed nations
  • Prestigious worldwide institutions, groups, and forums

General Studies Paper 3

  • Indian Economy and issues related to it
  • Cropping pattern for major crops in various parts of the country
  • Inclusive growth and issues arising from it
  • Food processing and other related industries in India
  • Government budgeting
  • Adaptations of Science and technology as well as their effects
  • Challenges to internal security
  • Environmental issues
  • Indigenization of technology and development of new technology
  • Land reforms in India
  • Awareness in the fields of  Robotics, Nanotechnology, IT, Space, Computers, Biotechnology, etc.
  • Various Security forces and agencies
  • Effects of liberalization on the economy
  • Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc
  • Investment models
  • Farming and irrigation methods
  • Disaster and its management

General Studies Paper 4

  • Ethics and human interface
  • Human values 
  • Attitude - Content, Structure, Functions, relation and influence with thought and behavior
  • social influence, and persuasion, moral & Political attitudes
  • Concepts of emotional intelligence and its applications in government
  • Public administration values and ethics in the public/civil service
  • Civil service aptitude and core principles of fairness, objectivity, and impartiality
  • Fairness, Empathy, Tolerance, and Compassion for Weaker Sections
  • Probability in governance charters, workplace culture, service delivery excellence, use of public monies, and corruption challengen
  • Case studies on the given mentioned issues

General Subject Paper on Assam

  • History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Assam
  • Geogrpahy of Assam
  • Political and Administrative System of Assam 
  • Economy of Assam
  • Biodiversity, Environment, Security, and Disaster Management with relevant emphasis on the State of Assam.

Paper VII and VIII

Candidates must know that these are optional subjects for the APSC CCE Mains examination. 

  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology
  • Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  • Commerce and Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Science
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology
  • Literature of any one of the following languages: Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Hindi, Sanskrit, English
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • History
  • Law
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology

APSC Main Syllabus for Qualifying Papers

The section below talks about the APSC mains syllabus for qualifying papers A and B. 

APSC Mains Syllabus for Qualifying Paper A 

This section is dedicated to language and candidates have to select from the specified subject including Assamese/Bodo/Bengali. 

Candidates can take a look at the following sub-topics from which the questions will be asked 

  • Comprehension of given passages
  • Short Essay
  • Precis Writing
  • Usage and Vocabulary
  • Translation i.e. English to the Indian language and vice versa

APSC Mains Syllabus for Qualifying Paper B

The main aim behind conducting the APSC mains qualifying syllabus is to understand the candidate's ability to read and how they express their ideas correctly and clearly in the English language. 

  • Comprehension of given passages
  • Precis Writing
  • Short Essay
  • Usage and Vocabulary

APSC Interview Syllabus 2024

Once the candidates have qualified the APSC prelims and mains stage, they will be eligible to appear for the interview exam. Although there is no specified syllabus for the APSC interview stage, candidates are advised to prepare from what they have studied at the college level. Apart from that, candidates should also be aware of the day-to-day activities, general knowledge and current affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who releases the APSC syllabus?

The APSC syllabus is released by the APSC itself. Candidates can find the APSC syllabus on its official website.

Is the syllabus for APSC prelims and mains different?

Yes, the syllabus for prelims and mains are different. The prelims syllabus has 2 subjects whereas the mains have 8 subjects.

What are the total marks for the prelims exam?

The total marks for the prelims exam are set as 400. Both the subject of general studies is for 200 marks respectively.

Where can candidates find the APSC syllabus 2023?

Candidates can find the APSC syllabus for 2023 on the official website of the APSC.

What are the subjects in the APSC prelims syllabus?

The APSC prelims syllabus has two subjects and both of them are general studies. However, the content of the subjects is different from one another.

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