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APSC Exam Preparation 2024: Check Important Preparation Tips and Tricks to Ace the Exam

APSC exam preparation is important for candidates as without good preparation, there are fewer chances for candidates to ace the examination. There are various tips and tricks that candidates can follow through which they can excel in papers.
APSC Preparation Tips 2024

APSC Preparation Tips 2024

APSC Preparation Tips 2024: APSC also known as Assam Public Service Commission is responsible for conducting the state civil service exam. Since the APSC is a state public service exam, it requires a lot of preparation and hard work to ace the examination. The APSC exam has three stages including the prelims, mains and interview, and candidates have to qualify for each stage to get recruited for the post they have applied for. There are several preparation tips and tricks that candidates can incorporate in their study strategy which will help the candidates to excel in the examination. 

In order to begin with the preparation, candidates should first check the APSC syllabus. Since there are three stages in the APSC exam, the syllabus for all three stages is different from one another. Hence, candidates should check the APSC syllabus thoroughly before beginning the preparation for the examination. After checking the syllabus, candidates should then check the exam pattern and marking scheme. All these three aspects will enhance the preparation level for the candidate. 

Also, while preparing for the exams, candidates should add study from the best APSC books. While buying these books, aspirants must keep in mind that the books should contain all the syllabi and the language of the books or the study material should be easy to read and understand. 

APSC Preparation Tips 2024

With the right APSC preparation, the chances of candidates scoring their desired marks get higher. Since the APSC has a vast syllabus, it requires thorough reading and learning. The APSC prelims syllabus has two subjects whereas the APSC mains subject has 8 subjects. Hence, candidates who are appearing for either of the APSC stages should have a thorough preparation for the examination.  Apart from the syllabus, candidates should also check the APSC exam pattern. This preparation can be done by attempting various strategies including studying from the previous year’s papers, studying regularly, making small notes and others.

How to Start the APSC Preparation? 

Often candidates face the question of how to begin with the APSC preparation, the answer to the question is that candidates should start preparing for the exam by studying the syllabus. The syllabus for APSC prelims, mains and interview is different. Hence, candidates should study the syllabus thoroughly, Also, the syllabus for APSC prelims and mains is lengthy, so candidates should study each topic thoroughly.

When to Start for APSC Preparation?

Candidates typically struggle with knowing when to begin working on the APSC examination. It is said that candidates should start preparing for the APSC exam as early as possible. As a result, candidates will have plenty of time to study and revise for the exam if they start the procedure early. Hence, it is advisable to start the APSC preparation as early as a candidate can. 

APSC Preparation Tips for Prelims and Mains 

After having a better idea of how and when to begin preparing for the APSC examination, applicants could include some crucial and significant advice in their study plan to increase their efficiency of it. This would enable the applicants to score their desired exam results at every stage of the APSC examination.

Making a study plan, comprehending the syllabus, making brief notes, and thoroughly revising are some of the essential advice. These easy-to-use techniques can be used by candidates to strengthen their test preparation. Candidates can take a look at the following important preparation tips that they can incorporate into their study plan.

Study Regularly and Rigorously 

It is very important for candidates to make a study plan and study regularly. This will help candidates to give time to each of the subjects in the examination. With a thorough preparation of subjects, candidates can then start increasing the time gradually for their study plan. 

Practise from Previous Year’s Question Paper

Practising from last year's question papers or mock tests is another important step. It is beneficial for candidates to practice from the previous year's question paper because it gives them an idea of the paper's structure, the speed at which they write, and the exam pattern. Hence, candidates are advised to regularly practise from the previous year’s papers. 

Study Syllabus, Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 

Since the syllabus plays an essential role in preparing for the examination, candidates must start their APSC preparation by studying the syllabus. Candidates can find the APSC prelims and mains syllabus on the official website. Further, candidates should also check the exam pattern and marking scheme which is also available on the official website. The main aim behind studying the exam pattern and marking scheme is that these two aspect shed light on topics like the duration of the exam, number of questions, highest weightage questions and others.

Make Small Notes

Candidates should make small notes when studying for the exam. These small notes should include the key details of the subject. These small notes come in handy, therefore, the applicant can read the key points of that particular topic while doing a revision. 

Do Thorough Revision

To ensure that candidates remember that whatever they have studied so far a regular revision is required. Needless to say, it is very important for candidates to do a thorough revision of every subject. This will also build the confidence level of the candidate. 

Important Tips To Follow on Exam Day

The exam day is the D day for candidates. This means that all their hard work and efforts will be put to the test. However, candidates often get nervous on exam day leading to committing mistakes. Hence, it is always advisable to remain calm on exam day and appear for the exam with a positive approach. If a candidate is in a positive mindset then there are fewer chances of them making mistakes in the exam or forgetting any detail which they have studied. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is good APSC preparation important?

Without good APSC preparation, candidates might not score their desired marks and as a result, clearing any of the APSC stages becomes difficult.

What is the APSC preparation strategy that candidates can follow to ace the exam?

APSC preparation strategies including studying for exams regularly, making notes, making a study plan, and studying the syllabus thoroughly can help the candidate to ace the exam.

When should candidates begin preparing for the APSC exam?

Candidates should start preparing for the exam as early as they can as it will help them to have ample time to give to each subject and sub-topic.

When will APSC CCE 2022 mains exam take place?

APSC mains exam 2022 will be held on July 8, 2023, till July 10, 2023.

Who conducts the APSC CCE exams?

APSC CCE exams are conducted by the APSC itself and the notification for the exam is released online.