Pearson Test of English
Pearson Test of English

PTE Exam 2023: Steps to Register for PTE Test, Exam Pattern and Score Report

Pearson Test of English(PTE) is an English language test that is conducted in computer-based mode multiple times in a year. PTE scores are accepted by institutions and governments for higher education admission and immigration purposes respectively.
PTE Exam 2023

PTE Exam 2023

What's New?

Starting from August 10, 2023, PTE Academic scores will be accepted by Canada for SDS (Student Direct Stream) applications. Student Direct Stream is an expedited study permit process for applicants aspiring to study in Canada from India, China, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Peru, Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Morocco, Saint Vincent, Costa Rica, Grenadines, Vietnam, Antigua and Barbuda.

PTE Exam 2023: The Pearson Test of English is an English language test conducted by the Pearson PLC group. Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) assesses the English language proficiency of non-native speakers aspiring to pursue higher education or a career abroad. PTE Academic is a 2-hour assessment of the candidate’s communicative competence in international English. The communicative skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing are evaluated in the PTE exam. 

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PTE Academic scores are accepted by over 3300 institutions globally including leading universities such as the University of Oxford, Yale University, and Harvard Business School. Furthermore, countries such as New Zealand, Australia and UK accept PTE scores for visa requirements. PTE is conducted multiple times in a year at over 400 test centers in 117 countries. There are 35 PTE test centres in India and the PTE exam fee for candidates in India is INR 15900. 

PTE Academic is a computer-based test (CBT) that has 3 parts: a) speaking and writing b) reading c) listening. The PTE score report gives the overall score and scores in the 4 communicative skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The PTE Academic score ranges from 10 - 90 points for the overall score as well as the communicative skills scores. The minimum score requirements vary according to the academic program in which the applicant is seeking admission as well as according to the immigration rules of the specific country. 

PTE Exam 2023

PTE is a computer-based English language assessment of the candidate’s readiness for employment or education in an English-speaking country. Aspiring candidates can apply for the PTE exam by creating a myPTE account on the official website of Pearson Test of English. Candidates can also access their PTE score reports from their myPTE account.

The PTE scores are usually released within 5 business days after the test has been conducted. The PTE score report is valid for 2 years from the date on which the test was taken by the candidate. For foundation courses, typically a minimum score ranging from 36 - 50 is required. For undergraduate admissions, a minimum score of 51 - 60 points is needed.  For postgraduate degree admission, the minimum score requirement ranges between 57 - 67. Read More : PTE Cutoff 2023

PTE Registration 2023

PTE applicants can check the steps for PTE registration 2023 from the image displayed below. 

PTE Registration

Steps to Register for PTE

Candidates can follow the steps given below to register for the PTE exam : 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Pearson Test of English
  • Step 2: Check PTE test availability in terms of test centre, test date and timing
  • Step 3: Find an appointment by selecting the country from the location search bar
  • Step 4: A list of test centres along with the schedule will be displayed
  • Step 5: Select test centre location and test schedule
  • Step 6: Click on ‘book’ after choosing test centre and test schedule
  • Step 7: Create myPTE account using first name and last name, and valid email address
  • Step 8 : Ensure that the details entered in the registration form are accurate
  • Step 9 : Candidates need to review the booking details and submit the order
  • Step 10 : The summary of test appointment details will be displayed on myPTE dashboard
  • Step 11 : Candidates will receive a notification email after the booking has been confirmed

PTE Registration Fee

Candidates can check the country-wise registration fee for PTE exam from the table given below. 


PTE Registration Fee


₹15900 INR


$310 USD


$330 CAD


$410 AUD

New Zealand

$410 NZD

PTE Exam Pattern 2023

PTE Exam Pattern

Candidates can check the exam pattern of PTE exam from the table given below. Read More : PTE Exam Pattern 2023


Speaking and Writing




54 - 67 Minutes

29 - 30 Minutes

30 - 43 Minutes

Number of Question Types




PTE Question Types


Question Types

Speaking and Writing

  • Read Aloud
  • Describe Image
  • Answer Short Question
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Re-tell Lecture
  • Summarize Written Text
  • Essay


  • Fill in the Blanks (Type 1)
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  • Re-order Paragraphs
  • Fill in the Blanks (Type 2)
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer


  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight Correct Summary
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  • Select Missing Word
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Write from Dictation

PTE Score Report

The PTE score report mentions the overall score and the communicative skills scores. The overall score and the communicative skills scores range from 10 - 90 points. Candidates can view and download their score report from their myPTE account. A sample PTE score report, as uploaded on PTE official website, is displayed below.

PTE Score Report

Steps to Download PTE Score Report

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Pearson Test of English
  • Step 2: Candidates need to sign in to their myPTE account
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘view score’ button on the homepage
  • Step 4: In case there is no ‘view score’ button, go to ‘my activity’
  • Step 5: From ‘my activity’ section, find the relevant test and select ‘view score’ button next to it
  • Step 6 : View score report, download and print the score card for future reference

Details Mentioned in PTE Score Report 

The following details are mentioned in the PTE score report : 

  • Score Report Code
  • Test Taker ID
  • Registration ID
  • Overall Score
  • Communicative Skills Scores (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing)
  • Candidate’s Country of Residence and Country of Citizenship
  • Candidate’s Gender and Date of Birth
  • Test Centre Country and Test Centre ID
  • Test Centre
  • Test Date
  • Score Validity

PTE Exam Day Guidelines

  • Some questions assess the candidate’s listening skills. The candidate will hear international English speakers with a range of accents. The test taker cannot replay the video/audio clips during the exam.
  • Some questions test the candidate’s speaking skills. The candidate will be required to speak into a microphone and he/she will be recorded. Candidates will not get the opportunity to re-record their responses.
  • Pearson’s tests and systems are created to evaluate normal conversational flow and volume.
  • Candidates whose spoken responses include characteristics such as unnatural pausing/hesitation or poor enunciation of words/sentences or where test takers do not follow the instructions may have this reflected in their results.
  • Some questions test the candidate’s writing skills. The test taker is allowed to write their response in any valid form of English (British or American). However, the form of English should be consistent throughout the exam. For these questions, the test taker has an allotted amount of time to respond.If the candidate does not answer the question within this time, he/she will be required to move to the next question.
  • If the test taker has questions or concerns, they can raise their hand and the Test Administrator will assist you as long as other candidates are not disturbed. 
  • The candidate cannot go back to previous questions to change their responses.
  • The test taker is not permitted to leave the exam before it finishes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who conducts the PTE exam ?

PTE exam is administered by Pearson PLC group multiple times in a year. 

What details does the PTE score report mention ?

The PTE score report mentions details such as score report code, overall score, communicative skills scores, candidate-related information and test centre-related information.

When is the PTE score report released ?

The PTE score report is usually released within 5 business days after the test has taken place. 


What is the PTE exam pattern ?

The PTE exam is a 2-hour long Computer-Based Test that consists of 3 parts: 1) speaking and writing 2) reading and 3) listening. There are 20 question types in the PTE exam. 

How can candidates register for the PTE exam ?

Candidates first need to select the test centre location and test schedule, then create a myPTE account and pay the PTE registration fee. 

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