Pearson Test of English
Pearson Test of English

PTE Scores (Results) 2023 : Steps to Download Score Report, PTE Scoring, Details in Score Report, Score Report Analysis

Pearson Test of English (PTE) score report mentions the overall score and the 4 communicative skills scores. The PTE score range is from 10 - 90 points. Candidates can download their PTE score report through their myPTE account.
PTE Scores 2023

PTE Scores 2023

PTE Scores 2023: The Pearson Test of English (PTE) releases the PTE score report that consists of the candidate’s overall score and 4 communicative skills scores. The PTE score report is usually released within the time frame of 48 hours after the test has been administered. The score range of PTE overall score as well as communicative skills scores is 10 - 90 points. The validity of the PTE score report is for 2 years from the date of the test.

The PTE score points are awarded either in the form of correct/incorrect or partial credit. In the case of correct/incorrect scoring, 1 mark is given to each correct answer and there is no score for incorrect answer. Some tasks in PTE are also scored on the basis of content and form. The essay task is scored on the basis of form, grammar, spelling, development, structure and coherence, general linguistic range, and content. 

The Pearson Test of English is an internationally recognized Computer-Based Test that tests the English language proficiency of the candidates. Candidates are informed about the score release through email and subsequently they can check the PTE score card through their myPTE account. Apart from the scores, the PTE score report mentions candidate-related information and test centre-related details. 

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PTE Scores 2023

Every institution has its own minimum PTE score requirements. For foundation programs, candidates need a minimum score of 36 - 50. For undergraduate degrees, the minimum score requirement is between 51 - 60. For postgraduate degrees, a minimum score of 57 - 67 is required. Candidates can send their PTE scores to institutions by sharing their Score Report Code directly (through application form/phone/email) or through myPTE account. 

PTE Score Report

The PTE score report gives the overall score and the communicative skills scores.

Overall Score

  • The overall score is given on the basis of the candidate’s performance across the entire PTE exam. 
  • The range of the overall PTE score is from 10 - 90 points. 
  • Candidates must note that the overall score is not the average of the communicative skills scores.

Communicative Skill Scores

  • The communicative skill scores are given for the following 4 skills : 
  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing
  • The range of the communicative skill score is from 10 - 90 points. 
  • Some questions in PTE evaluate more than one skill at the same time and these are called integrated skills tasks. 
  • The scores of integrated skills tasks contribute to the scores of both the communicative skills that are evaluated simultaneously. 

Candidates can take a look at the sample PTE score report which has been uploaded on the official website of Pearson Test of English. 

PTE Score Report

Details Mentioned in PTE Score Report

The PTE score report mentions the following details : 

  • Test Taker ID
  • Score Report Code
  • Registration ID
  • Overall Score
  • Communicative Skills Scores 
  • Skills Breakdown
  • Candidate’s Date of Birth
  • Candidate’s Gender
  • Candidate’s Country of Residence
  • Candidate’s Country of Citizenship
  • Test Centre Country
  • Test Centre ID
  • Test Centre
  • Test Name
  • Test Date
  • Score Validity
  • Score Release Date

PTE Scoring

    1. Scoring: Correct/Incorrect

  • Some questions are scored as either correct or incorrect. 
  • If the question has been answered correctly, 1 score point is awarded.
  • If the answer is incorrect, no points are awarded. 

    2. Scoring: Partial Credit

  • Certain questions are scored as correct, incorrect or partially correct.
  • If the response to these questions is correct, the highest score points available are awarded. 
  • If the answer is partially correct, some score points will be awarded. However, the score points given will be less than the maximum score available. 
  • If the response is incorrect, no score points will be awarded. 

Content and Form Scores

  • Some questions in speaking and writing are given a score for content. The content score is decided based on how appropriate the content of a response is with respect to the prompt. 
  • Some questions in the writing section are given a score for the form. Form scores are calculated on the basis of formal features of the answer such as the number of words.

Essay Scoring 

  • The PTE essay is scored on the basis of the following factors : 
  1. Form
  2. Content
  3. Grammar
  4. Spelling
  5. Development
  6. Structure and Coherence
  7. General Linguistic Range 

Steps to Download PTE Score Report

Candidates are notified through email once the PTE scores are released. Applicants need to sign in to their myPTE account to view their PTE score report. 

Step 1 : Visit the official website of Pearson Test of English

Step 2 : Log in to myPTE account using username and password

Step 3 : Click on the ‘view score’ button on the homepage 

Step 4 : Alternatively, go to ‘my activity’, find the specific test and click on ‘view score’ button next to it

Step 5 : Download the PTE score report in PDF format

Steps to Send PTE Scores

If a candidate needs to send their PTE scores to institutions, they can follow the steps given below : 

Step 1 : Visit the official website of Pearson Test of English (PTE) 

Step 2 : Sign in to the myPTE account

Step 3 : Candidates need to go to the ‘my activity’ section

Step 4 : Candidates are required to click on the ‘send scores’ button next to the specific test

Step 5 : Type the name of the selected institution in the field that mentions : ‘institution/ organisation/department/school’ and click on ‘search’ button

Step 6 : Candidates need to click on the box next to the institution’s name (one can select upto 7 institutions at once)

Step 7 : Review details and scroll down the page

Step 8 : Click on ‘Next’ button and then ‘next’ again for confirmation

Step 9 : Candidates will receive a confirmation email once the scores are sent

PTE Scores Analysis

PTE Academic Score

CEFR Equivalent

Score Requirement

85 - 90


Typically, such high scores are not required by institutions and government

76 - 84


Australian Skilled Migration Visas

59 - 75


  • undergraduate or post-graduate admission

  • professional registration and employment, Australian skilled migration visas.

43 - 58


Undergraduate Admission

30 - 42


Foundation Courses

PTE Rescoring 

  • The overall scores of PTE Academic are unlikely to change, as the scoring is computer-based. 
  • However, spoken responses and subjective written responses can be rescored. 
  • If the overall communicative skills scores of the candidate change, the rescoring fee will be fully refunded.
  • The rescoring can be requested only once per each test registration.
  • Rescoring can be requested for only the most recent PTE Academic test.
  • To request for PTE rescoring, the candidate must contact the Customer Services team within 14 days of the PTE score report release. 

PTE Retake Policy

  • Candidates can only register for the test once at a time. 
  • The next test date should be within six months of the previous test date.
  • Candidates can appear for the test as many times as required.

Receiving PTE Score Report: Important Highlights

  • Candidates can download their score report in PDF format. The score report will only be accepted by an institution if it is verified through Pearson’s electronic platform. 
  • Printed score reports are not verified or authorized by Pearson.
  • PTE Academic score reports can be verified by institutions through the Score Report Code (given on the PTE score report) which the candidate provides on Pearson’s electronic verification platform. 
  • If the candidate is applying for a UK Visa and is taking a UKVI test, the score report will consist of a SELT Unique Reference Number (URN) which he/she can share with the UK Home Office. The UK Home Office can access and verify the candidate’s score report through the SELT Unique reference number. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who releases the PTE score report ?

Pearson PLC releases the PTE score report on its official website. 

Which details are mentioned in the PTE score report ?

The PTE score report mentions the overall score, the four communicative skills scores, candidate-related information, and test centre-related details. 

How can candidates download their PTE score report ?

Candidates can download their PTE score report by signing in to their myPTE account and clicking on the 'view score' button. 

For how long is the PTE score report valid ?

The PTE score report is valid for 2 years from the date on which the test was taken. 

What is the score range of the PTE overall score ?

The PTE overall score ranges between 10 - 90 points. 

When are the PTE scores released ?

The PTE scores are released within 5 working days of the test being administered. Most PTE scores are available within 48 hours after the test has been conducted. 

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