International English Language Testing System
International English Language Testing System

IELTS Exam 2023: Eligibility, Registration, Pattern, Syllabus, Prep Tips, Result

The IELTS exam is used as an English proficiency test by many applicants. Check this to learn more about the test and find answers to questions such as why take the IELTS exam, what is IELTS, and how often the IELTS dates are available.
IELTS Exam 2023

IELTS Exam 2023

What's New?

Starting August 2023, IDP Education, the co-owner of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), has announced that IELTS test takers planning to apply for Canadian study permits through the Student Direct Stream category will no longer be obligated to attain a minimum score of 6.0 bands in each individual section of the IELTS. This new development provides flexibility for applicants, as they will no longer be bound by the previous requirement.

IELTS Exam 2023: The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a renowned English Proficiency test widely recognized for its credibility. It serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking educational, immigration, or employment opportunities in English-speaking countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP IELTS, and Cambridge English, and its global recognition extends to over 11,000 institutions, schools, organizations, and employers worldwide. In essence, the IELTS exam is a trusted benchmark utilized by numerous universities and training providers as an admission requirement.

Recently, the exam conducting bodies have introduced the “IELTS One Skill Retake” policy. Since March 2023, applicants can now retake any one of the sections of IELTS instead of attempting the entire exam all over again. This will enable applicants to retake any one of the four IELTS sections—Listening Reading, Writing, or Speaking—and improve on their prior results without having to retake the full test. Presently, Australia offers IELTS One Skill Retake, and throughout 2023, additional regions and nations will gradually introduce the service.

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With 379 million speakers globally, English is the third most widely spoken language in the world. Hence, IELTS tests the English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills of the test takers. This determines the language fluency of candidates that are needed to live or study in English-speaking countries. Moreover, IELTS provides applicants with different exam types that can be taken for different purposes. Some of the IELTS exams include IELTS Academic Test, General Training Test, and IELTS UKVI. The academic test is for school admissions, the IELTS GT is for applicants searching for a work opportunity abroad, and the UKVI is for candidates applying for a UK visa. In this article, one can read and learn about how to register and book a slot for the IELTS exam, its syllabus and pattern, IELTS exam results, books, eligibility, and more. 

IELTS 2023

Check some facts and information about the IELTS test below:



IELTS Full Form

International English Language Testing System

Conducting Bodies

IDP, British Council, Cambridge English

Official Website

Exam Types

Academic Test, General Training Test, UKVI

IELTS Registration Fee


Exam Mode

Offline and online

Why Take IELTS?

Candidates must be able to demonstrate a significant level of English language proficiency if they wish to work, reside, or study in an English-speaking country. That is one of the most prominent reasons for IELTS registration. There are several advantages to being able to speak in the native language of the country applicants want to work or study in. Additionally, it is necessary for community integration and job prospects. 

Apart from taking the required aptitude tests like GMAT and GRE, applicants would be required to submit language test scores separately. Taking the test and attaining a strong IELTS score will help candidates get enrolled in their dream universities and dream jobs. Plus, it will help greatly if applicants plan on settling in a new country abroad. Continue reading to know the IELTS Eligibility, Registration, and Slot Booking process.

IELTS Eligibility 2023

There are no official requirements for taking the IELTS exam. No matter the age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, or background, everyone can take the IELTS exam. As a result, the IELTS administering authority has not established any fundamental qualifying conditions. Therefore, anyone who wants to pursue higher education or work overseas is eligible to take the IELTS exam. Although, candidates should carefully check the organization's or institution's qualifying requirements before applying for the test.

Lower Age Limit: Students can start appearing for the test at 16 years of age. That is the lower age limit for the IELTS exam. They should just have a valid passport before registering for the test.

Upper Age Limit: There is no official or specified upper age limit for the exam. Several older students or working professionals also register for the test.

Qualification: There are no qualification criteria designed by the administrating bodies for the test. 

IELTS Registration 2023

The first step to start the process is to successfully register for the exam. This can directly be done through the official websites or even through the platforms of IDP, British Council, or Cambridge English. Candidates have the option of taking the IELTS exam on a computer mode or using a pen and paper-based mode. Moreover, the exam can be given at a test centre or even at home. Candidates must select one of these alternatives when registering for the exam and specify whether they want to take the academic or general training examination. Applicants must complete a few steps after choosing their preferred choice in order to effectively complete the registration process. Continue reading to understand these steps.

  1. Visit the official website or IDP and British Council websites
  2. Select the preferred test option
  3. Find the closes test centre
  4. Finalize an IELTS exam date
  5. Register for the test by providing the asked details
  6. Pay the registration fee
  7. Wait for the confirmation and other details by IDP

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IELTS Slot Booking 2023

IELTS Slot booking and registration may follow a similar process but to book an exam slot, candidates will need to go to the website and they will be asked to finalize the date, time, and location of the test slot. During the registration process, students should carefully select the exam slot keeping the application deadlines of the targetted universities or organizations and preparation levels in consideration. The IELTS slot can be booked both online and offline. As the exam is offered in a computer-delivered and paper-based mode, in both test centres and at-home settings, it is advisable to carefully analyze which testing option and mode would be the most suitable for each applicant before finalizing the exam date.

IELTS Computer Delivered VS Paper Based


Computer Delivered

Paper Based


Search for the computer icon during registration

Search for the paper icon during registration

Delivery Format

Finish the sections of the exam online except the speaking test would be conducted face-to-face

Finish the sections of the exam on a paper except the speaking test would be conducted face-to-face

IELTS Results

Will be available with a gap of 3 to 5 days after the exam date

Will be available with a gap of 13 days after the exam date

Exam Availability

3 times a day and 7 days a week

48 days per year

IELTS Dates 2023

Like many other exams which have fixed dates, the IELTS test does not have any official or specified test dates. This means the exam can be taken throughout the year according to the availability of test slots and the candidate’s personal preferences. Since the IELTS test centres operate on a first-come, first-served basis, it is essential to reserve an exam slot well in advance.

Even one week prior to the exam date, candidates can book a test slot. However, in order to avoid making errors at the last minute, experts advise students to decide on an exam date at least three months in advance. In addition to the applicant's personal preference, the exam slot may also depend on the number of availability of slots at the preferred test centre. Students should therefore choose an exam date as early as possible.

The IELTS exam dates that are offered at various test centres must be reviewed on the official website by candidates. After creating a verified profile, candidates can schedule their tests by looking up the available dates at the testing centres closest to them. To begin, choose "Book a Test" from the website's home page.

How often are IELTS dates available?

The test dates are offered three times per day, seven days per week, for the IELTS computer-delivered test. In contrast, the exam dates for tests administered on paper are fixed for four specific days each month. 

The Academic and General Training IELTS test dates in India may differ. While the Academic option is available for 48 dates every month, the General Training option is only available for 24. For flexibility and convenience, tests are often given on Saturdays and Thursdays.

IELTS Fee Structure 2023

Following is the fee structure of the IELTS exam for the reference of interested candidates:

Exam Type

INR Price

Pen and paper-based IELTS


Computer-delivered IELTS


Computer-delivered IELTS for UKVI


IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration


IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1)


Note: This information is subject to change as per the exchange rate.

Mode of fee payment: Credit/ Debit (Visa or Master) and Netbanking Bank Deposit Demand Draft

IELTS Pattern 2023

As discussed earlier, there are four major tests that students need to excel in under the IELTS pattern and format. The test format is extremely important for candidates preparing for the exam as it gives them an idea of the structure and content of the paper. If students align their preparation with the exam pattern, it will be easier for them to attain the desired IELTS score and maximize their results.

For both academic and general training, candidates can take the same Speaking and Listening tests, but different Reading and Writing exams. In addition to being available in exam centres on paper or computers, IELTS Academic can now be taken online from home. IELTS General Training can only be taken in a test centre on paper or a computer.

The exam lasts for two hours and forty-five minutes. The IELTS exam's Listening, Reading, and Writing sections are all finished on the same day; there are no gaps between them. The Speaking test can, however, be scheduled up to a week before or after the other exams.

Check below to analyze the IELTS exam pattern:


Exam Duration


IELTS Reading

60 minutes

3 sections

IELTS Writing

60 minutes

2 tasks

IELTS Listening

30 minutes

4 sections

IELTS Speaking

11 to 14 minutes

One-on-one conversation

IELTS Syllabus 2023 

The IELTS syllabus mainly revolves around one subject which is undoubtedly the English Language. In all the tests (Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading) students will have different tasks and types of questions.

Listening Syllabus: The listening test lasts 30 minutes, and another 10 minutes are allotted for transfer time. Four recordings of native English speakers will be played for the candidates, and the questions will be based on those recordings. Their comprehension and analysis of the recordings will serve as the basis for their evaluation.

  • Recording 1: An everyday conversation between two people
  • Recording 2: A monologue 
  • Recording 3: Conversation between four people in an educational setting or context
  • Recording 4: Monologue on an academic subject

Speaking Syllabus: IELTS speaking exams are separately administered and recorded.  This segment is broken into three parts, the first of which asks applicants to discuss their personal life, the second of which asks them to speak on a random subject, and the third of which involves cross-questioning.

Writing Syllabus: Applicants will have to showcase their language skills by writing essays presented as two main tasks.

 Task 1: Candidates will be given a graph, table, chart, or other diagrams, and they will be required to summarise, describe, or otherwise explain the facts in their own words. 

Task 2: Students must react in writing to a position, assertion, or problem. Both assignments should be formal, essay-style responses.

Reading Syllabus: In this test, students must attentively read the provided passage and respond to questions based on it. This will include understanding logical arguments, reading for gist, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, reading for comprehension, and identifying the viewpoints, attitudes, and objectives of writers. The three detailed texts in this section of the test could be factual, discursive, analytical, or descriptive. Typically, these are derived from journals, books, periodicals, and newspapers.

IELTS Prep Tips 2023

Those who intend to take the exam may question how to conduct a positive and efficient IELTS preparation. Continuously studying for the test without simply following advice that has worked well in the past for test-takers may result in poor results. Below are some helpful IELTS exam preparation tips that applicants should put into practice.

  1. Solving IELTS sample questions and practice tests
  2. Using adequate study materials
  3. Understanding the test syllabus and format
  4. Practising section-wise skills
  5. Developing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  6. Developing English capabilities
  7. Using the language in day-to-day life

IELTS Books 2023

For a successful IELTS preparation, books, and well-structured study materials are crucial. When studying from the suggested study material and the best books, students will obtain an appropriate step-by-step preparation strategy. They will also discover comprehensive explanations and thorough answer keys for each problem.

IELTS books will provide candidates with:

  • Different aspects of the exam
  • Sample and practice tests
  • DVDs for speaking and listening tests
  • Tips and strategies 
  • Guidance
  • Time management tips
  • Comprehensive content

IELTS Results 2023

The result will only be available online for a total of 28 days. To check one's exam results candidates will need their applicant number and passport or ID number (the same as used to register for the test). Candidates are recommended to get in touch with the testing facility if they have any questions or concerns.

Exam Test Type


IELTS pen and paper-based test

Results will be available 13 days after the written exam

IELTS computer-delivered test

Results will be available 2 to 4 days after the test 

IELTS Online (At-home)

Results will be delivered electronically, 3 to 6 days after the test

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an English proficiency exam used by applicants planning to study, work, or settle abroad in English-speaking countries. The test is one of the most widely used language tests.

What is the IELTS full form?

The full form of this is International English Language Testing System. It is commonly referred to as the IELTS exam.


When is the IELTS exam conducted?

The IELTS test does not have any official dates and can be taken throughout the year. The test registration and slot booking can be done according to the preference of students and the availability of test slots.

What is IELTS eligibility?

IELTS eligibility is not specified and anyone above the age of 16 can appear for the exam. It does not have any upper age limit or qualification requirements.

When will the IELTS result be available?

For the computer-delivered test, the result will be available 2 to 4 days after the exam date whereas, for the pen and paper-based test, the result will be available after 23 days after the exam date.

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