Pearson Test of English
Pearson Test of English

PTE Cutoff 2023 : Check University-wise PTE Cutoff Scores for Admission, Equivalence with CEFR, IELTS and TOEFL

PTE cutoff score is the minimum score required for admission to various universities. A good PTE score depends on the PTE cutoff score of the specific course and college to which the individual is applying. The PTE score range is from 10 - 90 points.
PTE Cutoff 2023

PTE Cutoff 2023

PTE Cutoff 2023 : PTE Cutoff scores are the minimum score requirements in Pearson Test of English set by various universities. The PTE score ranges from 10 - 90 points. Foundation courses typically need a minimum PTE score of between 36 - 50. Admissions to undergraduate programs usually require a minimum PTE score ranging between 51 - 60 points. The PTE score requirement for postgraduate admissions ranges between 57 - 67 points. 

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is one of the English language tests that is accepted worldwide along with other tests such as IELTS and TOEFL iBT. Top universities require a PTE score ranging anywhere between 60 - 80 points. A good PTE score is subjective in nature and depends on the course and college to which the candidate is applying. High-ranking universities typically need relatively higher PTE scores. The PTE score requirement for top universities ranges anywhere from 60 - 80 points. 

PTE exam is an English language test that measures the individual’s proficiency in the four communicative skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading. The PTE exam is a Computer-based test of two hours long duration that is taken by candidates aspiring to study or work abroad. PTE score requirements vary across countries and institutions for immigration and educational purposes respectively. 

PTE Cutoff 2023

Candidates can check the PTE score requirements for the high-ranking universities in the table given below. 


Overall PTE Score Cutoff

University of British Columbia


Harvard Business School


University of Oxford 

66 - 76 (Depends on Course)

University of Bristol

67 - 78 (Depends on Course)

University of Birmingham

64 - 76 (Depends on Course)

University College London

75 - 88 (Depends on Course)

University of Edinburgh

62 - 76 (Depends on Course)

The London Schools of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


Columbia University


Stanford Graduate School of Business


PTE Scores : IELTS Equivalent

PTE Score

IELTS Score Equivalent

Not Applicable





















Data not available

PTE Scores : TOEFL Equivalent

PTE Score

TOEFL iBT Score Equivalent

85 - 90

Data not available

80 - 84

115 - 120

75 - 79

109 - 114

70 - 74

102 - 108

65 - 69

95 - 101

60 - 64

89 - 94

55 - 59

82 - 88

PTE Scores : CEFR Equivalent

PTE Academic Score

CEFR Equivalent

85 - 90


76 - 84


59 - 75


43 - 58


30 - 42


10 - 29


PTE Scores and CEFR Levels

PTE Score : 85 - 90 | CEFR : C2

  • Can easily understand both written and spoken expression
  • Can summarize content sourced from different spoken and written material
  • Can reconstruct and present arguments and information coherently
  • Can express spontaneously, fluently and precisely 
  • Can differentiate nuances in meaning in complex situations

PTE Score : 76 - 84 | CEFR : C1

  • Can grasp a variety of demanding and long texts
  • Can identify indirect meanings
  • Can express spontaneously and fluently without obvious search for expressions
  • Can use language flexibly and effectively for academic, social and professional purposes
  • Can produce clear, detailed and well-structured content 
  • Can show controlled usage of cohesive devices, organisational patterns and connectors 

PTE Score : 59 - 75 | CEFR : B2

  • Can grasp the primary ideas of a complex test on both abstract and concrete topics
  • Can interact with the level of oral fluency and spontaneity required for easy communication with native speakers
  • Can produce clear and detailed text on a variety of subjects and explain a perspective on a topical issue expressing the advantages and disadvantages of various options

PTE Score : 43 - 58 | CEFR : B1

  • Can understand the primary points of clear standard spoken and written text on familiar topics related to daily life in school, work and leisure
  • Can handle most situations that might arise in an English-speaking country
  • Can produce simple and connected expression on familiar or personal topics
  • Can explain events, experiences, dreams, aspirations and hopes, and give reasons for the same

PTE Score : 30 - 42 | CEFR : A2

  • Can understand frequently used expressions in one’s immediate reality
  • Can communicate regarding familiar and routine matters
  • Can give description of matters related to one’s immediate reality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the PTE cutoff score ?

The PTE cutoff score varies from university to university. The PTE cutoff score for top universities ranges from 60 - 80 points. 

What is a good PTE score ?

A good PTE score is subjective and depends on the minimum score requirements of the college and course to which the candidate is applying. 

What is the PTE cutoff score for Harvard Business School ?

The PTE cutoff score for Harvard Business School is 75.

What is the PTE cutoff score for Stanford Graduate School of Business ?

The PTE cutoff score for Stanford Graduate School of Business is 68.


What is the PTE cutoff score for The London School of Economics and Political Science?

The PTE cutoff score for The London School of Economics and Political Science is 70.

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