International English Language Testing System
International English Language Testing System

IELTS Result 2023: Result Validity & How is IELTS Scored

The IELTS result determines the performance of candidates in the IELTS exam. The validity of the Test Report Form provided to organizations and colleges is two years from the date the test results are made public. Check to know more.
IELTS Result 2023

IELTS Result 2023

IELTS Result 2023: International English Language Testing System, commonly referred to as the IELTS exam, is an English proficiency test. The test is widely used for study, work, and migration purposes in English-speaking countries abroad. The exam is extremely helpful for students looking for academic opportunities in foreign countries as the exam score is accepted by highly competitive institutions. Hence, the IELTS result is accepted by over 11000 colleges and organizations worldwide. 

Check Exam Overview: IELTS 2023

The IELTS result can be checked online or even at the test centres. There is no specific day for when the result will be announced, as the result is made available for different candidates at different times depending on when they appeared for the test. The IELTS exam results can be checked through or even on the websites of conducting bodies which are: IDP IELTS and the British Council. 

Continue reading to know when the IELTS result is available, steps to check the result, and also read about how is IELTS scored. 

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IELTS Result 2023

As stated above, the IELTS result can be checked both offline and online. Moreover, the test result for the IELTS Academic test and General Training test is made available differently. 

Read on to when the result is available after applicants are done giving the test. 

When is the IELTS Result Available?

The result is often made available within the week of giving the test, check the result date for each test type below.

IELTS Test Type


IELTS pen and paper-based test

Results will be available 13 days after the written exam

IELTS computer-delivered test

Results will be available 2 to 4 days after the test 

IELTS Online (At-home)

Results will be delivered electronically, 3 to 6 days after the test

How to Check IELTS Result?

The results can be checked directly through specific test centres or online. In an online mode, the result will be available to view for 28 days only. Applicants will need a passport or ID number (the same that was used to register for the test) in order to check one's results online. Candidates are advised to contact the test centre if they have any inquiries or issues.

To check the result, candidates have to visit the same website that they had initially registered from. 

  • Candidates who registered through the British Council website will receive an update via mail with a link to view their personal IELTS scores
  • For test takers who have registered through the IDP website can access their IELTS results on their individual IDP accounts once the result update has been sent to them.
  • Those who registered through the IELTS website can check the result on the same site or contact the test centre for the same.

IELTS One Skill Retake: Results 

Under the IELTS One Skill Retake, applicants will receive a new format for the test report. This incorporates the results for the other three sections in the initial test as well as the updated IELTS One Skill Retake score. Students have the option of using their old Test Report Form or their new Test Report Form.

IELTS Result 2023: Sending the Scores

If the candidates have taken the exam in a test centre:

One can request to send IELTS results to the targeted universities to up to five institutions free of charge. Additional organizations can receive the results by paying a nominal administrative cost. The exam centre can be contacted directly with this request. Fill out the application for Additional TRFs (from Closed Test Centers) form to request that the IELTS results be transmitted to additional organizations if the test centre is not operational. After the test date, this service is offered for up to two years.

If the candidates have taken the exam at home:

Applicants can send the IELTS results to as many institutions as they wish, with no additional cost or fee. IELTS Online results will be provided in an electronic format.  

IELTS Result Validity

Applicants who have appeared for the IELTS exam may question the result validity of the exam. The IELTS TRF or Test Report Form, which is sent to organizations and universities will be valid for a duration of 2 years from the date the result of the test is announced. 

IELTS Result 2023: Re-check of Test Report

Applicants have the option of getting the obtained result re-checked if they are not satisfied with their score reports. This process is termed the “Enquiry on Results” or EOR process. Normal processing times for results that have been re-checked range from 2 to 21 days, depending on several factors, including the number of sections that need to be re-checked. Candidates are advised to get in touch with the concerned test centres if they have not received a reply after 21 days.

During the review process of results, the result will be

  • Re-checked by senior examiners and markers
  • The examiners will not be notified of the original marks
  • Next, they will inform and issue the updated Test Report Form to the respective test centres

How is the IELTS Scored?

The IELTS results will be based on a 9-band scale. This means the obtained marks will be reported as band scores on a scale from 1 being the lowest to 9 being the highest. All test types and formats of the IELTS test will follow the same scoring system. 

The IELTS Score Scale

Band score

Skill level



Expert user

The candidate has exceptional operational command of the language. Their use of English is accurate and appropriate and they show fluency in the language.


Very good user

The applicant has shown operational command of the language with only occasional u inaccuracies and inappropriate use of words. Still, they handle complicated and detailed arguments well.


Good user

The students have operational command of the language, though with inaccuracies that can be shown from time to time. They generally handle complex language well and understand reasoning which is detailed.


Competent user

The test taker has command of the language despite some mistakes and inaccuracies. They can understand fairly complex language.


Modest user

The test taker has partial command over the language, although they are likely to make several mistakes. They should be able to handle basic communication in their specific field.


Limited user

The candidate often makes mistakes and shows inaccuracies in statements. They are not able to use detailed and complicated language.


Extremely limited user

The student understands and conveys general meaning in every situation with frequent breakdowns in conversations.


Intermittent user

The candidate has great difficulty understanding written and spoken English



Except for a few isolated words, the test-taker is unable to use the language.


Did not attempt the test

The test taker did not attempt the paper and failed to answer the asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good IELTS score?

Universities that require an IELTS score consider a score above 6.5 to be a good score. Although to get into top colleges and ivy league schools, students must get an IELTS score of 8 or above.

When will the IELTS result be available?

The exam result will be available 13 days after the test date for the paper-based exam type. Whereas, for the computer-delivered test the result will be available within 3 to 5 days from the test date.

Can you get the IELTS result re-checked?

Yes, applicants get their results re-checked through the Enquiry of Results service which is available for all the test-takers. 

Where can one check the IELTS result?

The result can be checked directly through the test centre or even online from the websites of IELTS, IDP, and the British Council.

How many times can one send the IELTS score to institutions?

The IELTS result can be sent to institutions up to a total of five times. After this, they will be charged to send their scores to additional organizations or colleges. 

How many times can one send the IELTS score to institutions?

The IELTS result can be sent to institutions up to a total of five times. After this, they will be charged to send their scores to additional organizations or colleges. 

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