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IELTS Books 2023: Best Books For IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS books play a vital role in exam preparation. Studying from the right sets of books that are recommended by experts and have proven to be useful to previous test takers can help maximize the exam result. Check to know more.
IELTS Books 2023

IELTS Books 2023

IELTS Books 2023: Successful preparation for the IELTS exam that brings results can be conducted if applicants study from the best sets of books. It is advisable for applicants to prepare from the study material that has proven to be beneficial for previous test-takers and has also been recommended by experts. Moreover, students are encouraged to do their own research and analyze which books would be suitable for them on the basis of their personal weaknesses and strengths. 

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Due to the endless options of study material available in the market both offline and online, students may get confused as to which IELTS books to refer to when preparing for the test. Some books and publications have been used by many students and they are considered beneficial as they help immensely to achieve an 8+ band score in the IELTS exam. In this article, one can find a list of those publications which would make the process of choosing the right study material easier. 

IELTS Books 2023

The exam has two major test types which are IELTS General Training and IELTS academic tests. The publications mentioned in this article can be used to prepare for both of these tests. Some qualities that most of these books include that can help students to perform better and to their full potential on test day include:

  • Covers all the sections and aspects of the exam
  • Sample tests with detailed answer keys
  • Useful Tips and exam strategies
  • Time management guidance
  • DVDs for listening and speaking tests
  • Well-structured practice tests
  • Comprehensive content
  • Easy to understand
  • Engaging and Interactive

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Best Books for Preparation



The Official Cambridge Guide To Ielts

Pauline Cullen, Amanda French, Vanessa Jakeman

Cambridge Ielts 12 Academic Student’s Book With Answers

Cambridge English

Cambridge IELTS 13 Academic Student’s Book

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge IELTS 12 General Training Student’s Book

Cambridge University Press

Official IELTS Practice Materials

Cambridge ESOL

Barron’s Ielts

Lin Lougheed

Ace the IELTS: IELTS General Module

Simone Braverman

IELTS (Academic) 5 in 1 Actual Tests eBook combo

IELTS material

IELTS (General) 5 in 1 Actual Tests eBook combo


English Collocations in Use

Felicity O’Dell, Michael McCarthy

Improve your IELTS Skills Series: Reading, Writing, and (Speaking and Listening)

Sam Mccarter

New Insight into IELTS


Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module

Simone Braverman

IELTS Advantage Series

Richard Brown, Lewis Richards

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS

Pauline Cullen

Importance of IELTS Books 

A great place to start exam preparation is with books. Similarly to this, books are crucial for IELTS exam preparation. Students will receive a proper step-by-step preparation manual when studying from the recommended study material. For each issue, they will also find a thorough explanation in books.

Practice tests are included in some IELTS books so that candidates can get more training. Even the answer key for the reading and listening tests in such books will be provided to candidates.

There are some sample answers for the writing and speaking sections so that test takers can see exactly what they can write or say in response to the questions. Even freshly added speaking and writing exam questions will be given to students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose IELTS study material?

IELTS study material or books should be carefully selected by analyzing one’s own strengths and weaknesses and making sure that align with the chosen study material. Check this article out to get references for some publications that can be helpful while preparing for the test.

Can books prepare candidates for the IELTS exam?

Yes, books can be a great resource while preparing for the exam as they include practice questions, sample tests, strategies, and much more.


What is the latest edition of IELTS books?

IELTS books and publications are frequently updating their content, hence candidates must make sure to select books that are updated and match the latest edition.

What is better: IELTS books or coaching?

Both are effective ways to prepare for the exam. If candidates are opting for the option of self-study- getting the best books would be advisable. If applicants have registered themselves for coaching classes, they may still require to have study material and books to revise and prepare for the test.

Where are IELTS books available?

IELTS study materials and books are available in the market both offline and online. The material mentioned in this article can be purchased through various e-commerce websites.

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