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International English Language Testing System

IELTS Slot Booking 2023: How & When to Book an IELTS Exam Slot

Slot booking is crucial to appear for the exam. Check to know the IELTS slot booking process and step-wise instructions on how to successfully book a slot. Also, learn about the benefits of IELTS computer-delivered and paper-based tests.
IELTS Slot Booking 2023

IELTS Slot Booking 2023

IELTS Slot Booking 2023: The International English Language Testing System, commonly known as the IELTS exam, is a widely recognized English proficiency test. The test is extremely useful for applicants planning to study or work abroad, specifically in English-speaking countries. To appear for the test, candidates must book an exam slot for the IELTS exam. Unlike various other tests, the IELTS exam allows students to select the exam location, date, and time according to their personal preference. Candidates must know the IELTS slot booking process to successfully book the desired exam slot.

The IELTS exam is recognized by more than 11,000 organizations globally. Candidates looking for migration, study, or work opportunities abroad must give the test. With so many test dates available, students may question when to book the exam slot. Moreover, various factors like the availability of slots at the selected test centre may affect the slot booking process. Continue reading to learn the IELTS slot booking steps and when one should book an IELTS exam slot. 

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IELTS Slot Booking 2023

An IELTS exam slot can be booked on the official website or the parent bodies’ (IDP IELTS, British Council) websites. There are two major IELTS tests which are Academic and General Training tests. Additionally, the test is also used for UK Visa purposes. The academic test is useful for applicants who are planning to pursue studies abroad, whereas, the general test is used by candidates looking for a work opportunity abroad. In this article, we will discuss the step-wise slot booking process for IELTS Academic Test.

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IELTS Step-wise Slot Booking Process

Step 1: To book an IELTS test slot, applicants will need to go to the official website of IELTS, which is after which, they will need to select the “Book A Test” option. 

Step 2: Once they select the book test option, they will be redirected to a new page wherein they will be required to choose the testing option between the IELTS test and IELTS UKVI.

Step 3: To book an academic test slot, students need to select the IELTS test option. After which they will be asked to choose a test centre city or state. 

Step 4: After applicants are done selecting the desired test centre location, they will be asked to select from pen and paper-based test formats and computer-delivered test formats.

Step 5: Based on the selected test option, applicants will be asked to finalize a date and time of the exam slot. This will be based on their personal preference and the availability of a slot in the selected test centre.

Step 6: The final step would be to pay the required fee after which a confirmation mail would be sent to each candidate by the selected test centre. 

IELTS Slot Booking: Offline 

Even though most candidates book the exam slot online, the option of booking the slot offline is also available. To book an exam slot offline, candidates must:

  • Visit the nearest IDP branch
  • Submit the photocopy of the IDs and registration form
  • Select the exam slot date, time, and location
  • Make a Demand Draft account for payment
  • Send the registration form and payment to the selected body through courier services

Slot Booking 2023: When to book an exam slot? 

Candidates may sign up as early as three months before the IELTS test date and at the latest one week prior to the exam. This is dependent on the number of seats that are available in the city or testing location where they want to appear for the exam. Although various factors should be considered while booking an IELTS exam slot, which are as follows-

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Deadline of the targetted universities: One of the most important factors that determine when to book an exam date is the deadline of the targetted universities. Candidates are advised to carefully analyze the deadlines of the universities they are planning to apply to because if the exam result comes after the deadline has passed, the IELTS score would not be of use as students would not be able to include it in their specific applications. 

Preparation level: How prepared candidates are for the exam plays a vital role when selecting the exam slot. For instance, if someone is not as prepared for the test and books a slot a week before the exam, he/she would not be able to perform as well as someone who has consumed a 3-month preparation window for the test.

Application: Applying abroad for studies is a long process. Apart from giving tests, students are also required to build up a strong profile and application form. This process required them to write SOPs, acquire LORs, etc. Hence, applicants are advised to book an exam slot well in advance so they can easily balance the application process and exam preparation together. 

Other Exams: IELTS test is an English language test that proves the language proficiency of different candidates. Many times, students will have to sit for other aptitude tests like GMAT or GRE. They must devote separate preparation time for both tests to maximize their results in both exams. The slot should be finalized keeping this in mind.

IELTS Slot Booking: Paper-based VS Computer-Delivered

As discussed earlier, the IELTS exam can be given in pen and paper and computer-delivered formats. If confused about which format to select while registering for the exam, candidates must analyze the benefits and drawbacks of both options and choose the one more suitable to them.

IELTS Computer-delivered Test

Some benefits of giving the test in a computer-delivered format are:

  • Gets the IELTS result faster
  • Typing would be faster than writing
  • Can make notes and highlight texts
  • Save time
  • can easily browse backwards and forward through the questions
  • For the writing test applicants can use the automatic word counter

IELTS Pen and Paper-based Test

Some benefits of giving the test in a pen and paper-based format are:

  • Writing is easier if the candidate is error-prone or/and can’t type fast
  • Less distraction
  • Candidates will not face automatic computer screen locking
  • 10-minute window for transferring answers
  • Staring at a screen can get tiring which will not be an issue here
  • If a candidate lacks good overall computer skills, they should opt for a paper format

IELTS One Skill Retake 2023

The "IELTS One Skill Retake" policy was recently instituted by the test authorities. Instead of taking the full exam again, candidates can now choose to retake any one section of the IELTS starting in March 2023. 

Difference between IELTS Registration and Slot Booking

The primary difference between IELTS slot booking and registration is that, in order to register, a candidate must first register on the official website by entering personal information. Whereas in the slot booking process, the emphasis is put on the date, time, and test location of the exam.

Once the applicant has booked a slot for the exam, they will need to provide the asked details to register. Each time an applicant wants to take the exam, a slot must be booked. For instance, if the applicants intend to retake the exam, they will need to secure the slot but won't be required to re-register

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a passport required for IELTS slot booking?

Yes, candidates will need a valid and updated passport to successfully book a slot for the exam. They will have to carry the same document at the time of the exam. Moreover, they will need a credit/debit master card to pay the fee.

Can the exam slot get changed to another date once it has been booked?

Before the test, candidates have the time to change the test date. However, depending on how close to the exam day users submit the transfer request, it can be viewed as a cancellation. Hence, candidates must choose a test date that is no more than three months away from their initial test date.

Can one take the IELTS test immediately after booking a slot?

No, one cannot give the exam immediately after booking the slot. Candidates must schedule the IELTS in advance, and they must do it at least one week before the test date.

What is the validity of the IELTS exam?

The IELTS score report is valid for two years from the date of the exam.

Is IELTS computer-delivered mode better than pen-paper mode?

Both exam modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Candidates are encouraged to check the detailed structure of the modes and then decide accordingly which is more suitable for them. 

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