Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment
Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment

Indian Army Agniveer Salary: In-hand Monthly Salary, Promotions, Allowances

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Indian Army Agniveer Salary: In order to temporarily fill the personnel deficit in the Indian Army, Agniveers are recruited. Agniveers are selected for a four-year period in Indian Armed Forces. Beyond the first four years, the Indian Army is under no duty to keep Agniveers. However, if an applicant has demonstrated exceptional ability over the course of four years, the Indian Army may be interested in hiring them.

Agniveers form a distinct rank from existing ranks in Indian Army. For the same reason, the salary and benefits entitled to them are also different from permanent armed personnel. Agniveers are entitled to receive a salary of INR 30,000 in the first year, INR 33,000 in the second year, INR 36,500 in the third year, and INR 40,000 in the fourth year. After completion of four years of service, Agniveers also receive a Seva Nidhi Package from the government.

Apart from the Agniveer monthly salary, personnel also receive Medical & CSD Facilities, Allowances & Allied Benefits, Insurance, Death & Disability Compensation, and Agniveer Skill Certificate. However, students must note that Agniveers are entitled to the status of Ex-servicemen after the completion of the service.

Indian Army Agniveer Salary

Indian Army Agniveer salary structure does not include a contribution to Provident Fund. In other words, they are not required to contribute to the Provident Fund of the Government. Also, they are not entitled to any kind of pensionary benefits from the government.

Agniveer Salary & Benefits

Candidates who wish to be recruited as Agniveer can check important details regarding Agniveer salary and other benefits:

  • In the first year, agniveers receive a salary of INR 30,000, in the second year a salary of INR 33,000, in the third year a salary of INR 36,500, and in the fourth year a salary of INR 40,000.
  • After the completion of the four years of service, Agniveers receive a Seva Nidhi Package. Approximately, Agniveers receive 10.4 lakhs as Seva Nidhi Package.
  • Indian Army will enrol 25% of each particular AGNIVEER batch in a regular cadre. The selection of the AGNIVEER for further enrolment, if any, will be at the discretion of the Indian Army.

Agniveer Salary 2023: Terminal Benefits

Interested candidates can check the detailed year-wise Agniveer salary and terminal benefits in the table below:


Customised Package (monthly)

In Hand (70%)

Contribution       to

Agniveers Corpus Fund (30%)

Contribution to

Corpus  fund  by GOI

All Figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution) (Approximately)

1st Year





2nd Year





3rd Year





4th Year





All Figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution) (Approximately)

Total  Contribution  in  Agniveers  Corpus  Fund  after Four years

Rs. 5.02 Lakh

Rs. 5.02 Lakh

Exit      after


Approximately Rs. 10.04 Lakh as SevaNidhi Package

(Absolute amount excluding Interest)

Agniveer Salary 2023: Medical & CSD Facilities

Agniveers are also entitled to medical facilities at Service Hospitals as well CSD provisions. These privileges, nevertheless, are only valid during the time of service. No Agniveer has a claim to these amenities beyond the service or termination of the engagement period.

Agniveer Salary 2023: Pay Allowance & Allied Benefits

  • Participants in this programme will get an AGNIVEER package with a predetermined annual increase. 
  • Additionally, the Indian Army-specific risk and hardship allowances, dress, and travel allowances will be paid.

Agniveer Salary 2023: Insurance, Death & Disability Compensation

  • For the course of the participation as an AGNIVEER in the Indian Army, selected students will receive non-contributory life insurance coverage of Rs 48 lakhs. 
  • The stipulations of the Pension Regulations/Rules for the Indian Army will not apply to AGNIVEER. 

Agniveer Skill Certificate

After the completion of the four years of service, candidates will receive an Agniveer Skill Certificate. A detailed Skill-Set certificate outlining the skills and level of proficiency attained by the individuals during their training period will be given to the AGNIVEERS after the successful completion of the service.

Agniveer Leave Benefits

Agniveers are also entitled to leave benefits as any other personnel. The leave benefits are subject to the exigencies of the Indian Army. Agniveers will receive 30 annual leaves in a year. Also, they are entitled to sick leaves based on the recommendations of the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Agniveer Salary in Indian Army?

The Agniveer salary is INR 30,000 per month in the Indian Army.

What is Agniveer monthly salary in fourth year of service?

The Agniveer monthly salary in the fourth year of service is INR 40,000. However, the agniveer in-hand salary will be INR 28,000 per month.

What is Agniveer Seva Nidhi Package?

The Agniveer Seva Nidhi Package is an amount that candidates receive after completion of the service. Agniveers receive an approximate amount of INR 10.04 lakhs after the termination of service.

Do Agniveer receives medical benefits?

Yes, Agniveer receives medical benefits during the course of their service. The medical services will be provided as per the rules and regulations laid down by Indian Army for Agniveers.

Is there any insurance benefit for Agniveers?

Yes, Agniveer receives a non-contributory life insurance coverage of INR 48 lakhs.

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