Test of English as a Foreign Language
Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL Practice Tests 2023: Benefits of Solving Practice Tests of TOEFL Exam

Students can prepare better for the exam by consistently solving TOEFL practice tests and sample questions. Check this article for official practice tests. Know the key benefits of solving them. Also, read about the TOEFL exam pattern.
TOEFL Question Papers 2023

TOEFL Question Papers 2023

TOEFL Practice Tests 2023: The test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a widely known English proficiency test. The TOEFL exam is taken by applicants planning to study or work abroad where English is the native language. Renowned colleges and organizations demand a language test score to evaluate applicants on their language fluency skills. This is the reason that each year, a large number of interested students take the TOEFL exam. With the ongoing competition in the study/work abroad segment, it is crucial for students to stand out from the rest. This can be done when applicants understand the test content and format by consistently solving the TOEFL practice tests and sample papers. 

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Practice exams replicate the real exam pattern and syllabus, hence, they are a great tool to introduce students to the actual exam format. When candidates solve practice tests, they prepare better and already know what to expect on the test day. This is possible as students solve the exact number and types of questions that are asked in the actual TOEFL exam. Students can read about the exam pattern and the benefits of solving practice tests in this article. 

TOEFL Practice Tests 2023

Before getting on to highlighting the benefits of solving TOEFL practice tests, let us first understand the exam pattern so students have better clarity. Educational Testing Service is the exam conducting body of the exam which has drafted the pattern for two TOEFL test types: TOEFL ITB and TOEFL Essentials. Check the table below to know the pattern of both these tests. 


TOEFL Essentials

Original test

New edition

3 hours and 30 minutes

1.5 hours

INR 15,507

INR 9,794

100% Academic English

50% General English and 50% Academic English

TOEFL IBT Computer-Delivered at Center

TOEFL IBT Home Edition

TOEFL IBT Paper Edition

TOEFL Essentials only At Home

4 sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

4 sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

5-minute personal video statement (not scored)

Longer interconnected tasks

Shorter and fast-paced tasks

Students seeking an exam that combines reliability and ease of use with an appealing format

Students looking to stand out

TOEFL Practice Tests 2023

Check below to download the official PDF of practice tests offered by the exam conducting body.

Practice Tests for TOEFL exam

Importance of TOEFL Practice Tests

Applicants are advised to consistently solve sample problems and practice tests time and again, but they will only be motivated to do so when they understand the key benefits that a practice test can provide. Read below to understand the benefits of solving practice tests.

Time Management Skills

The TOEFL exam has four sections that are timed and students cannot exceed the provided time limit for each section. That is why it is crucial for applicants to have good time management skills. Practice tests are available for applicants to gauge their time management abilities. When students solve sample questions they will learn that they need to give more time to some sections and less time to others. Knowing this can help test takers develop a plan for how to approach each topic and complete the TOEFL in a timely manner.

Reduces Anxiety

Exam anxiety is common among students and they can only fight this when they are well-prepared for the exam. When applicants prepare for the exam with the aid of TOEFL practice tests, they already know what to expect on the exam day which helps in minimizing anxiety levels. Candidates' self-doubt and stress about performing poorly on the exam are reduced when they perform well on the practice exams. As a result, candidates have better chances of performing well on test day.

Introduces Strengths and Weaknesses 

Answering practice questions is one of the simplest ways to gauge one's level of preparation. It assesses individuals' weaknesses and strengths and assists in evaluating candidates' performance, including how long it took them to complete each question, any mistakes they made, etc. This helps in improving overall performance, monitoring growth, and avoiding making the same mistakes twice. In other words, studying through sample papers helps to focus on the crucial strategic areas and offers perception into the amount of preparation.

Real-Time Environment 

Exam anxiety is typically a result of students' lack of preparedness. This is when practice tests play the vital role of exposing applicants to the real exam setting to boost their confidence. Test-taking skills are improved by helping students become acquainted with the exam structure beforehand. Moreover, when students get familiar with the real-time exam environment, they will be more comfortable and confident on the day of the exam.

Clears Doubts 

It is natural for students to have numerous doubts when preparing for the exam. Such doubts can be resolved when students align their preparation with practice tests. Sample exams have detailed answer keys that include solutions to the asked problems. When students get stuck solving a certain question, they can refer to the provided answer key to clear their occurring doubts. 

TOEFL Practice Tests 2023: Conclusion

After considering the factors mentioned above, it is advisable for applicants to solve the TOEFL practice tests and questions consistently. This will aid applicants to maximize their results and get the desired score in the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are TOEFL practice tests available?

Practice tests for the TOEFL exam are available in the market both online and offline. Students are encouraged to conduct thorough research before purchasing such tests to know which one will be the most suitable for them. Official practice tests designed by ETS itself are also available here and on the official website.

How many practice tests should one solve for the TOEFL exam?

There is no limit to solving practice tests and sample questions. Students can solve as many tests as possible to get prepared for the exam.

Is solving practice tests enough to prepare for the TOEFL test?

No, apart from consistently solving practice tests, students should also conduct a proper study routine. They are advised to study for each section of the exam and then get on to solving practice tests.

What is the full form of TOEFL?

The full form of TOEFL is: The test of English as a Foreign Language. This is a language proficiency test that is accepted by various universities and other institutions at a global level.

Are practice tests available in TOEFL books?

Yes, some books that have been recommended by experts and also suggested by past test takers include practice tests.

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