Test of English as a Foreign Language
Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL Books 2023 helps candidates prepare for the TOEFL exam effectively. Check this to know a detailed list of expert-recommended publications.

TOEFL books can help make one’s preparation more effective and productive. Studying from the best sets of books which have proven to be helpful for past test takers will help applicants in performing well on the test day. Check to know more.
TOEFL Books 2023

TOEFL Books 2023

TOEFL Books 2023: The Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is one of the most widely used proficiency tests. Applicants planning to appear for exams that test how fluent they are in a certain language need to effectively prepare for the same. This can be done by aligning the preparation with the best study materials available in the market both offline and online. Just like other language proficiency tests, TOEFL, a product of Educational Testing Services (ETS) examines students on their ability to communicate, write, read, and listen in the English language. 

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The preparation that proves to be effective and helps in maximizing the result is only possible when students study from expert-recommended TOEFL books. It is suggested that candidates study from books that have worked well for prior test-takers in order to prepare themselves for the TOEFL exam. Students are also urged to conduct their own research and evaluate which books would be best for them based on their own skills and shortcomings.

Students could be puzzled as to which TOEFL books to refer to when prepping for the test due to the countless possibilities of study material that are readily available in the market. This article includes a selection of publications that will assist readers in selecting the best study materials.

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TOEFL Books 2023

When searching for the right set of study materials, students may question what makes a book stand out from the rest. Applicants must consider a few factors before purchasing books for their preparation for the TOEFL exam. Some characteristics that a "quality" book ought to have in order to assist students to perform better and to the best of their abilities on test day are-

  • Inclusion of updated practice tests and sample questions
  • Includes detailed material on every section of the test
  • Helpful test-taking strategies and tips
  • DVDs for speaking and listening tests
  • Detailed answers and solutions to questions
  • Engaging and comprehensive content
  • Easy to grasp

Best Books for TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL Prep Books

The Official Guide to TOEFL (6th edition)

Collins English for Exams, TOEFL Listening & Speaking Skills

Collins English for Exams, TOEFL Reading & Writing Skills

Barron’s TOEFL iBT (17th edition)

English Grammar in Use (5th edition), Cambridge University Press 

Barron's Essential Words for the TOEFL

Mometrix's TOEFL Preparation Book

TOEFL Preparation Book by Test Prep Books

The Princeton Reviews's TOEFL Prep

Kaplan's TOEFL Prep Plus

Importance of TOEFL Books

Examining the content of purchased study materials is a great place to start the TOEFL exam preparation. Good books are essential for preparing for the TOEFL exam. When studying from the suggested study material, students will get a proper step-by-step preparation guide. They will also discover comprehensive explanations for each asked problem.

Many TOEFL books feature practice exams so that applicants can improve their skills and understand the pattern and question types. Answer keys for listening and reading problems will also be provided. Hence, studying from the best set of books can help take the students’ preparation to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are books enough to prepare for the TOEFL exam?

Books and study materials are a great and recommended way to start the exam preparation.  But whether they are enough or not completely depends on individuals. A candidate may not find preparing from a book good enough while another candidate may achieve a strong score by only studying from a particular book.

How many books should one purchase for TOEFL preparation?

Purchasing a single prep book or guide which includes detailed content on all the sections of the exam is good enough. Students must make sure the book they are purchasing and are planning to study from has adequate content.

What are the benefits of studying from the TOEFL books?

Some benefits of preparing from the right sets of study materials are-

  • Students will get quality and detailed content
  • Comprehensive and engaging 
  • Inclusion of answer keys, practice tests, and sample questions
  • Inclusion of strategies and tips

When should one start preparing for the TOEFL test?

Ideally, students should begin preparing for the test 2 to 3 months prior to the test date. This will give them a proper window for test preparation while also allowing them to work on other study/work abroad essentials such as building an application.


Is the official prep guide beneficial?

Yes, the official prep guide by ETS has proved to be one of the best study materials available in the market. Designed by the test-makers themselves, the guide has a lot to offer.

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