Pearson Test of English
Pearson Test of English

PTE Preparation 2023 : Check PTE Preparation Tips, Preparation Resources, Exam Day Tips

Pearson Test of English (PTE) preparation requires candidates to first understand the test format and scoring system. Secondly, test takers need to utlise preparation materials available on the PTE official website and get ample amount of practice.
PTE Preparation 2023

PTE Preparation 2023

PTE Preparation 2023 : Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English language assessment of the 4 communicative skills : a) reading b) writing c) listening and d) speaking. To score well in the PTE exam, candidates need an effective preparation strategy that caters to all the 4 language skills. The most essential component of PTE preparation is ample amount of practice. 

For increasing proficiency in speaking, candidates are advised to practise speaking English as much as possible at school, home or workplace. Further, they can join English-speaking groups where they can get speaking and listening practice. To improve reading skills, candidates are encouraged to read extensively from newspapers, books, magazines and academic journals. 

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To enhance listening skills, candidates can listen to English-speaking media with English subtitles and radio programmes. Further, it is recommended that candidates utilise every opportunity available to write English ranging from writing emails to journal writing. However, before getting sufficient practice, it is advisable to go through the PTE exam pattern and test format carefully. Read More : PTE Exam Pattern 2023

PTE Preparation 2023 

Before beginning with PTE preparation, candidates need to decide their target score so that they can tailor their preparation accordingly. To know one’s target score, candidates will have to measure their current English language proficiency and the PTE score requirement for the specific admission or immigration purpose. 

Candidates also need to thoroughly familiarise themselves with the PTE test format as that will give them an understanding of the question types and the strategy needed for each question type. There are 20 question types in PTE ranging from multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks to essay writing. Apart from the test format, candidates will benefit from knowing how the exam is scored. 

PTE Preparation Tips

Know PTE Exam Pattern

The PTE exam consists of three sections : a) speaking and writing b) reading and c) listening. Each section has different question types. Every question type needs to be answered with the correct strategy. Examples of strategy as per question type have been given below for speaking section.

  • Speaking 
  1. For read aloud section, break the text into meaningful chunks, pause and stress according to punctuation, importance of words and intonation requirement.
  2. For describe image question, ensure that the answer is well-organized. This can be achieved by noting down main ideas and phrases that are related to the given information. 
  3. While re-telling lecture, candidates need to cover all the significant points. 

Understand PTE Scoring 

It is useful for candidates to be well-aware of the PTE scoring pattern. While some questions are marked as either correct or incorrect, others are marked for content and form. Form refers to the formal aspects of the answer such as whether the response is within the word limit or not. Content or quality of response relates to pronunciation, oral fluency and comprehension. Read More : PTE Scores 2023

Skill-wise Practice

Candidates need to regularly practice speaking, writing , listening and reading English. Skill-wise practice can incorporated into daily routine through the following ways : 

  • Practice speaking English regularly in workplace, home or school settings.
  • One can join English-speaking groups to practise both listening and speaking.
  • Utlise every opportunity to write in English including writing email to journal writing.
  • Read extensively from magazines, books, newspapers and academic journals.
  • Listen to English in audio-visual formats with subtitles. 

Preparation Resources

Following resources are available on the official website of Pearson Test of English : 

  • Scored Practice Tests (Paid)
  • PTE Academic Question Bank (Paid)
  • Official Guide to PTE Academic (Paid)
  • Online PTE Courses (Free)
  • PTE mobile app (Free)
  • PTE Taster Test (Free)

General Tips For PTE Exam Day

  • Candidates should use correct punctuation for questions in the writing section.
  • Stick to the question and ensure that the response is relevant to the question.
  • Ensure that the response is within the given word limit.
  • Candidates need to respond quickly and keep speaking during the speaking section test. 
  • Candidates must refrain from writing entirely in capital letters.
  • Click the ‘Next’ button to move on to the next task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to prepare for Pearson Test of English (PTE) ?

Candidates need to decide a target score, know exam pattern and scoring system to create an effective PTE preparation plan. They need to practise the English language communicative skills on a regular basis and utilise the preparation resources available on the official website of PTE. 

From where can we get PTE preparation resources ?

Candidates can get PTE preparation resources from the official website of Pearson Test of English. Pearson PLC provides both paid and free resources including practice tests, question bank, official guide, online courses and PTE mobile app. 

How can one improve reading skills for PTE exam ?

Candidates can improve reading skills for PTE by reading widely from newspapers, magazines, books and academic journals on a regular basis. 


How can candidates enhance listening skills for PTE exam ?

Candidates can enhance their listening skills for PTE by listening to English-speaking media with subtitles and joining English-speaking groups. 

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