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BPSC Preparation Tips 2023: Check Essential Tips and Tricks To Excel in the Prelims, Mains and Interview

A thorough BPSC preparation will help the candidate to score their desired marks in the BPSC examination. Since the recruitment exam has three stages including prelims, mains and interview, candidates should prepare according to each stage.
BPSC Preparation

BPSC Preparation

BPSC Preparation 2023: Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is responsible for conducting recruitment examinations for various civil service posts offered under the administration of the state government. The exam is considered one of the most sought-after exams, hence candidates are required to do a thorough preparation of the exam to score better in it. The examination has three stages including prelims, mains and interview and candidates are required to clear all three stages in order to get recruited to the post for which they have applied.

In order to begin with the preparation, candidates must begin with understanding the BPSC exam syllabus as without knowing the syllabus, candidates might not be able to answer any question asked in the examination. The BPSC syllabus is released by BPSC on its official website. After understanding the syllabus, candidates must check the BPSC exam pattern and marking scheme which will also be released on the official website. All these three aspects help the candidate to score better in the examination. 

Apart from the syllabus, exam pattern and marking scheme, candidates should also refer to the best BPSC books which are available in the market. While there are plenty of books available for the BPSC exam, candidates should only refer to those which have covered most of the syllabus and exam pattern. Needless to say, BPSC books and study materials also play an essential role for candidates appearing for the examination. 

BPSC Preparation 2023

Without a thorough BPSC preparation, there is no scope that a candidate can score their desired marks in the examination. Hence, before beginning the preparation of the exam, candidates must adhere to some of the important tips which will help them to get their desired marks. Candidates will need to have a well-planned strategy and a concentrated approach if they want to succeed on the BPSC test. Due to the extensive BPSC Prelims and Mains syllabus, strategic preparation is essential for acing the exam.

Apart from referring to the BPSC syllabus, BPSC books, exam pattern and marking scheme, candidates must incorporate some important tips to make the plan more effective. From understanding the syllabus to making small notes and others, one must follow these tips which will help in enhancing their preparation. 

How and When to Start for BPSC Preparation 

Often candidates stumble upon the question of how and when, to begin with the BPSC. However, candidates must note that there is no specific time to begin with the BPSC preparation, it is always advisable for aspirants to begin as early as possible. Starting the preparation at an initial phase will help the candidate to have ample time to prepare as well as to revise for the examination. Hence it is advisable to begin the preparation at an early stage. 

Now coming to the question of how, to begin with the preparation, then candidates should begin their preparation by studying the BPSC syllabus first. Once the candidate will understand what the BPSC syllabus is, then he or she can move to the next topic which is the exam pattern and marking scheme. All these three aspects will help the candidate to have in-depth knowledge about the examination. 

Apart from understanding all these aspects, candidates should also incorporate some tips in their study plan to prepare well for the examination. 

Important BPSC Preparation Tips for Prelims and Mains 

Once the candidate is clear with how and when to begin with the preparation, then there are some tips that aspirants can incorporate in their study plan to make it effective and as a result, it will help them to score their desired marks. From making a study plan to referring to books and question papers, there are several tips one should add to their exam strategy. Candidates can take a look at some of the tips mentioned below. 

  1. Make and Follow a Study Plan

 The first step for preparing well for the BPSC examination is to make a study plan and follow it regularly. By following the study plan rigorously, candidates can prepare in a better manner. Also, while making a study plan candidates should set some goals which will help them to keep going in order to achieve it.  With an effective study plan, candidates can have plenty of time to revise what they have studied so far and aspirants can also devote their time to each subject perfectly. 

  1. Study BPSC Syllabus, Exam Pattern, and Marking Scheme 

Another foremost step in the BPSC preparation is to study the syllabus and understand the exam pattern and marking scheme. Once the candidate is well aware of these aspects, then they can easily prepare for the exam and will also have an idea of what kind of questions will be asked in the examination. The BPSC syllabus and marking scheme will shed light on the types of questions that will be asked during the exam and how many marks a specific subject contains.  

  1. Make Small Notes 

Making small notes while preparing for the examination is a long time practice that students do to remember important points. While preparing for any topic, candidates must note down small notes of the important points they come across. This will help the aspirant to brush up on important points while they are doing revision. 

  1. Practise Previous Year Questions and Mock Test

The candidate will have a better understanding of how and what types of questions will be asked in the exam if they routinely practice the previous year's questions. In addition, applicants will be aware of how to manage their time in the examination. 

  1. Do Thorough Revision 

To ensure that candidates recall both the concepts they have learned and the subjects they have already studied, regular revision is required. This will ensure that the candidate doesn't forget important information. 

Important Tips To Follow on Exam Day

Exam day is the main day when all the hard work of the candidate will be put to the test. However, there are times when the aspirant appearing for the examination becomes nervous. As a result, the candidate might forget what they have studied so far which can further ruin their scores. Hence, it is advisable to remain calm as much as one can and appear for the examination with a positive attitude. Aspirants should always stay motivated while preparing for the exam. Hence, this will boost their confidence and with that candidates can take the exam in a better way. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to prepare for the BPSC exam?

Candidates can prepare for the BPSC exam by first studying the syllabus and then following some important tips such as making a study plan, revision, practising the previous year's question papers and others.

How to remain calm on the exam day?

It is crucial for applicants to maintain their composure on exam day. On the big day, if they can't control their anxiety and jitters, they may forget all they've learned thus far and mess up the exam.

Who conducts the BPSC exam ?

The BPSC exam is conducted by BPSC itself and the exam notification for the specific year will be released on the official website.

How many stages does the BPSC exam have?

The BPSC exam has three stages including the prelims, mains and interview. Candidates are required to clear all three stages in order to get recruited to the post for which they have applied.

When is the right time for a candidate to begin with the BPSC exam preparation?

There is no ideal time for applicants to start their test study, although it is usually a good idea to get going as soon as possible.

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