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BPSC Books 2024: Subject-Wise Books For Prelims as well as Mains Exam

BPSC Books 2024 are recommended for a better preparation strategy. BPSC exam has three stages, each stage has a different syllabus and for that candidates should refer to books as per the stage they are appearing for.
BPPSC Books 2024

BPPSC Books 2024

BPSC Books 2024: The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) conducts the exam to recruit candidates for several civil service posts offered by the Bihar government. The exam is conducted in three stages including the prelims, mains and interview and candidates have to clear all three stages to get recruited.  

Since the BPSC exam has three stages, each stage has a different syllabus and for that candidates should refer to books as per the stage they are appearing for. Further, aspirants are also advised to refer to books subject-wise to have better ideas.

These books give in-depth knowledge of a variety of topics that are included in the BPSC syllabus. Candidates can enhance their conceptual clarity, acquire subject-matter knowledge, and hone their problem-solving abilities by studying these books. As a result, BPSC books for preparation are essential for helping applicants get ready for the test and do well on it. 

BPSC Books 2024 

BPSC is a recruitment exam which takes place annually in Bihar. The exam has three stages and candidates have to clear all three stages in order to qualify for the exam. While purchasing the BPSC books, candidates should note some important tips. The first tip is to buy those books which have covered most of the syllabus. The books should be easy to understand and the information provided in them should be detailed. 

BPSC Books 20224: Indian and World Geography 

For this section, the candidates must have an atlas with themselves. Further, candidates can take a look at the following books for Indian geography and world geography. 

Books Name

Publisher and author name 



Certificate in Physical and Human Geography

Goh Cheng Leong

World and Physical Geography


World Geography

Majid Hussain

Geography of India

Majid Hussain

BPSC Study Material for Current Affairs 

Current affairs are an important part of both prelims and mains syllabus. Hence, candidates should be well-versed in the study material which provides apt knowledge of the current affair. 

A few of the study materials and sources for current affairs are listed below: 

  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express
  • Any Local Bihar newspaper for current state affairs
  • RSTV
  • Indian yearbook
  • Yojana Magazine
  • Kurukshetra Magazine
  • Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine
  • Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine
  • Economic and Political Weekly
  • Science reporter

BPSC Books 2024: Science and Technology

Candidates can refer to these books for the best knowledge of science and technology. 

Books Name

Publisher or Authors name 

NCERT and Current Affairs


Science and Technology in India


BPSC Books 2024: Indian Polity and Constitution

The below-mentioned books on the subject of Indian Polity and Constitution consist of several pieces of knowledge and have in-depth information. 

Books Name

Publisher or Authors name 

Introduction to the Constitution of India


Indian Polity for Civil Service examinations


BPSC Books 2024: Environmental studies

Candidates can refer to the given books for the subject of environment

Books Name

Publisher or Authors name 

Environment for Civil Service Examinations


BPSC Books 2024: Additional preparation material

Apart from the subject-wise books, candidates can also refer to these books which will prove to be relevant for candidates while they are preparing for the examination. 

Books Name

Publisher or Authors name 

India and the World

Surendra Kumar

Social Problems in India

Ram Ahuja

India after Gandhi

Ramchandra Guha

Governance in India


Mastering Modern World History

Norman Lowe

Essays for Civil Services

Pulkit Khare

Challenges to the Internal Security of India

Ashok Kumar

Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

Niraj Kumar

NOTE: Apart from books, candidates should also refer to study material. These study materials can be found in any coaching centre. Study materials can also help the candidates in their preparation. Also, candidates can refer to the previous year's question papers and mock tests to enhance their BPSC preparation. Since GK is an essential part of both prelims and mains, candidates should be well aware of everything that has been happening in recent days or what has happened in the past. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best method to prepare for the BPSC exam?

Candidates who wish to score the best in the BPSC exam are advised to refer to the best BPSC books which are available in the market. The books are available subject-wise. Hence, candidates should look for books for the subject they are preparing.

Which books are considered the best books for aptitude questions?

Books such as Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma and Quantitative Aptitude by Rakesh Yadav are considered to be the best books for aptitude questions.

What are the preparation strategies that candidates should follow while preparing for the BPSC exam?

Candidates must practise the previous year's questions paper, and mock tests, and also study the syllabus, exam pattern and marking scheme to prepare for the BPSC exam.

Who conducts the BPSC exam ?

BPSC exam is conducted by the BPSC itself and the exam's official notification for the specific year is released on the official website.

Can aspirants refer to NCERT books for BPSC preparation?

Yes, candidates can also prepare from NCERT books for the exam as it provides appropriate knowledge and helps in building basic concepts of the candidate.