Air Force Common Admission Test
Air Force Common Admission Test

AFCAT Preparation 2024: Section-wise Prep Tips and Study Material

AFCAT 1 2024 notification has been released at The registration process will start on December 01, 2023. Candidates must check AFCAT exam preparation tips to effectively prepare for the exam.
AFCAT Preparation 2024

AFCAT Preparation 2024

AFCAT Preparation 2024: It is crucial for students to lead a productive AFCAT exam preparation aligned with the AFCAT syllabus and pattern in order to excel in all the test rounds during the selection process. As it is a competitive public examination, candidates must know how to stand out from others so they have a higher possibility of getting recruited by the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB.) Continue reading to know some subject-wise and expert-recommended AFCAT preparation tips that can help applicants lead a constructive preparation for the exam. 

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AFCAT Preparation 2024

When students strategize how to prepare for AFCAT, it helps them to get the desired AFCAT result. Candidates should first grasp the fundamental concepts from the NCERT Books for Classes 11 and 12 before beginning their exam preparation. They must then examine the AFCAT previous year paper and written test practice questions. Apart from that, the tips mentioned in this article will assist applicants in completing the extensive AFCAT syllabus on time. However, let us first have an overview of the number of sections in the exam before moving on to the subject-wise preparation tips.

AFCAT Exam Sections 2024

For the first round, which is the written test, applicants will need to prepare for the following sections-

  • Verbal Ability in English
  • General Awareness
  • Numerical Ability 
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Military Aptitude Test

AFCAT Exam Preparation 2024

Some general prep tips that students should be following before starting their exam preparation are:

  • Align preparation with the AFCAT pattern and syllabus
  • Understand the exam pattern
  • Solve as many AFCAT mock tests as possible 
  • Practice with previous year's question papers
  • Build a study routine and follow it consistently
  • Use the suitable AFCAT books and study material
  • Practice every day without distractions
  • Keep revising what one has already studied
  • Stay updated with current affairs
  • Eat healthy food and exercise daily

AFCAT English Preparation 2024

The Verbal Ability in English section tests the language fluency of candidates. Knowledge of basic English is essential to perform well in this particular section. It is said to be the most scoring section, and the tips mentioned below should be followed by candidates while preparing for AFCAT English-

  • To comprehend the fundamentals, study books on basic grammar. Also, solve grammar exercises every day.
  • Start writing down new words for vocabulary growth, and then practice comprehending their meaning, spelling, and antonyms.
  • Read English journals, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Also make a habit of consuming digital content such as web series, movies, or online videos in English.
  • Understand the important topics in the English syllabus such as idioms, phrases, antonyms & synonyms, tenses, etc., and practice them daily.

AFCAT Numerical Ability Preparation 2024

Candidates will need to work on mathematical concepts like profit & loss, fractions, decimals, average, per cent,  speed, time & distance, ratio & proportion, etc.  For this section, applicants need to be proficient with numbers. The following tips should be checked for students' reference.

  • Learn the important formulas so the sums are easier to solve. Keep revising those formulas and understand the logic behind them. 
  • Check the key topics and practice them for better understanding.
  • If candidates have difficulties comprehending math concepts, practice daily. The more practice students have, the stronger their concepts will become.
  • Solve numerical problems every day as this would help students with their concepts and speed. 

AFCAT Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test Preparation 2024

The section on reasoning and military aptitude is the most significant because it has the maximum number of questions. The candidate is put through a mental and military aptitude test while their reasoning skills are also evaluated. 

  • Just like other sections, understand the key topics and practice them daily to get a better grasp of them. It is advised to solve at least 20 to 25 questions every day. 
  • Learn how to solve reasoning questions, and how to apply the logic behind different types of questions.
  • It's critical that applicants find strategies to be faster so that they don't take too long with each question, especially if they think that time would be better spent on other topics.
  • Candidates must examine their test performance. This means that they should review the questions answered incorrectly and understand the explanations of why their answer was wrong and how the right answer could have been achieved

AFCAT General Awareness Preparation 2024 

The General Awareness section is crucial since it measures the student's level of current knowledge. If applicants are well-prepared, this section might significantly affect the student's score. Candidates struggle to adequately prepare for this subject because the AFCAT General Awareness syllabus is fairly extensive. Below are some general awareness test preparation suggestions which can help applicants

  • One should first understand the syllabus and then prepare accordingly, focusing on the vital topics
  • Consistently read newspapers and watch the news to stay updated with current affairs
  • Pay attention to the news about defence. One doesn't need to read a particular book because the AFCAT General Awareness Defense questions are heavily focused on current events, but any GK book is sufficient to prepare for the section
  • Get the best books, especially those with General Knowledge as the main subject. Read about national and International affairs, important events, Covid, Polity, Sports, Awards, etc. 

AFCAT Interview Preparation 2024

Those who qualify for the AFCAT written test will be called for screening and interview rounds. The AFCAT interview is considered to be a difficult stage of the entire AFSB process and it is important that shortlisted students perform their best at the time of the interview. Although applicants should first consider preparing for the written test and if they clear it, then their priority should be the interview and screening tests. Check the tips mentioned below for a better understanding of how one should prepare for the interview. 

  • One of the most important factors for the interview round is to learn about the Indian Air Force as candidates can be asked about it in great detail. They must know the history, the important events, aircraft, missiles, ranks, etc.
  • Gather details about significant events involving the Indian Government,  Indian Defense, Indian Economy, and Indian Air Force. Indian Air Force.
  • The interview round will also include tests like OIR, GTO, and PPDT. These will determine the physical and mental abilities of candidates. Hence, apart from studying for the exam, students are advised to join a physical activity such as a sport/cycling/swimming/running, etc to increase their stamina.
  • On the day of the interview, applicants must stay confident and focused and answer all the asked questions with honesty. 

AFCAT Books 2024

As stated in the article, individuals would benefit considerably from conducting their preparation using a good collection of books and study materials. The study materials are an essential component of the process that can aid students in conducting an effective and fruitful preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should one start their AFCAT preparation 2023?

As the exam is highly competitive, it is advised that interested students should begin their preparation well in advance. Studying consistently for a minimum of 4 to 5 months is recommended.

Can AFCAT preparation be done in just two months?

The AFCAT Syllabus is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics, including English, general awareness, military aptitude, and reasoning. While it can be challenging to finish the curriculum in two months,  with constant efforts and consistent preparation, it may be possible. Although, apart from the written exam there are several tests such as AFCAT GTO tasks which require students to stay physically fit. For this, students must start physical activity at least a year prior to giving the test.

How can one improve their English Vocabulary for better marks?

As English is said to be the most scoring section, students must work on building their vocabulary. This can be done by reading English books, journals, and newspapers and learning new words with their meanings every day

Is the AFCAT interview more difficult than the written test?

Yes, the interview round is considered to be more challenging than the written test but with dedication and hard work, applicants can clear it.

How much should students study to crack the AFCAT exam?

It is recommended that students study for a minimum of 6 hours every day in order to crack the AFCAT exam.

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