National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - Postgraduate
National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - Postgraduate

NEET PG Books 2024: Best Subject-wise Books, Exam Preparation Tips

NEET PG books are an important aspect for candidates to appear for the examination. While purchasing the books, candidates should check that the book consists of all the NEET PG syllabus and exam pattern.
NEET PG Books 2024

NEET PG Books 2024

NEET PG Books 2024: While preparing for NEET PG 2024 exam, it is important for students to have the right books. The NEET PG books help candidates to understand the topic in a better way as the concepts are explained in a better way in the study material. While buying books, candidates should check that it consists of the NEET PG syllabus and exam pattern. 

While selecting the books, candidates should make sure that the study material consists of each and every topic that has been given in the NEET PG syllabus. Meanwhile, there are plenty of books in the market for the NEET, only few recommended by renowned authors are right for the preparation. Books for the medical entrance exam should have easy language and cover every small detail of the subject. 

Candidates should have a topic-wise practice paper so that candidates can solve those papers once they are done with a particular topic. Candidates preparing for the NEET PG exam will perform better if they understand the exam's concepts and practise the problems. All medical graduates seeking admission to postgraduate programmes in medicine must check the important book list for NEET PG 2024. 

NEET PG Books 2024

NEET PG books play an essential role in the preparation for the medical entrance exam. The books can help candidates to ace their preparation for the medical entrance exam. Candidates can make a better strategy with the right books for the exam, and it can lead to good scores for the candidates. NEET PG books not only lay the foundation for all concepts but also give an in-depth understanding of the syllabus.

The National Board of Examination is the exam conducting body for the NEET PG examination and the Medical Council of India provides the syllabus for the examination. The NEET PG exams enable candidates to take admission in 26,168 Doctor of Medicine (MD), 13,649 Masters of Surgery (MS), and 922 PG Diploma seats offered by 6,102 medical institutes across India.

List of best books for NEET PG preparation

Candidates must thoroughly prepare for the NEET PG 2024 exam with the best study materials. Candidates can review the list of top NEET PG books, authored by some famous writers, which is provided below.

Subject-wise NEET PG preparation books (shift)


Books name

Author Name


Self assessment and review of Anatomy

Rajesh Kaushal 


Review of Pharmacology

Gobind Rai Garg 

 Sparsh Gupta, Ranjan Patel


Self assessment and review of Biochemistry

Rebecca James

Forensic Medicine

Self assessment and review of basic anatomy and forensic medicine

Arvind Arora


Review of Pathology and Genetics

Sparsh Gupta & Devesh Mishra


Review of Microbiology and immunology

Rachna Chaurasia / Apurba Sastry / Ananthanarayan 


Review of Pediatrics and neonatology

Taruna Mehra or OP Ghai


Complete review of medicine for NBE

Deepak Marwah or Mudit Khanna


Surgery essence

Pritesh Singh SRB


Community medicine (PSM)

Vivek Jain


Review of Physiology

Dr. Soumen Manna Dr. Krishna Kumar

OBS and Gynae

Self assessment and review of obstetrics & Gynecology

Sakshi Arora


ENT for entrance exam

Manisha Sinha and Sachin Budhiraja


Comprehensive Ophthalmology

AK Khurana Ruchi Rai


Orthopedics quick review

Apurv Mehra


Review of Radiology

Rajat Jain


Review of Dermatology

Saurabh Jindal


PROAFS Anesthesia for NBE

Profs by Vivek Jain


Review of Psychiatry

Praveen Tripathi


Final Edge image based

Deepak Marwah

NEET PG Exam 2024: Steps to Prepare Well

Candidates should use their NEET PG study materials in a way that ensures they cover all of the topics included in the syllabus. There are fewer chances that candidates will overlook any material if they read the correct literature.  Candidates can refer to some of the top preparation strategies that can be opted for by a candidate for preparing for NEET PG from the best books.

Refer right books 

Candidates are required to refer books which are written by good authors and should cover major portion of the NEET PG syllabus. Some of the good books Review of Radiology, Review of Physiology, Review of Pathology and Genetics and others. Candidates should take the books subject-wise and then start their preparation. 

Subject-wise plan is important 

Doing subject-wise preparation will help the candidate to focus on subjects and give them equal time. Every topic should be researched and noted. When it comes time for revision, these notes come in handy and will help the candidate to prepare well for the examination.

Regular practise of MCQ question 

Candidates should start practising multiple choice problems as soon as they feel confident in their conceptual understanding. To comprehend the NEET PG exam format, candidates need to solve practice papers and question papers from prior years.

Emphasis on all concepts questions 

The main goal of a candidate should be to work on concepts rather than to learn other information without understanding what it is. The superficial reading will not help a candidate reach their desired goals. Candidates should have a deep understanding of the subject so that they can answer any questions in the exam.

A thorough revision is a must  

Candidates should concentrate on revision after finishing each topic. Remember that each subject needs to be reviewed three to four times before the exam. There should be a strategy in place for thorough subject-by-subject revision.

NEET PG Exam Pattern 2024

Candidates should be well aware of the NEET PG exam pattern 2024 while starting their preparation to qualify for the medical entrance exam. Take a look at the important details of all the entrance exam details and exam patterns. 

Mode of Examination

The NBE will conduct the NEET PG exam 2024 in online mode which means that the exam will be conducted in computer-based mode. 

Language of Examination

The exam will not be conducted in any regional language and it will only be conducted in the English language. 

Exam Duration 

The exam will be conducted for 3.5 hours. The medical entrance exam will begin at 9:00 am and will conclude at 12:30 pm. 

Types of Questions and Total Marks

The NEET PG exam will have objective-type questions and the maximum mark is 800. 

Total Number of Questions

The examination will have 200 questions, and each question consists of 4 marks. Meanwhile, for every wrong question, one mark will be deducted

Number of Questions  From Each Section 

There are 50 questions from Part A, 100 from Part B, and 150 from Part C distributed according to each section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best books for NEET PG 2023 exam preparation?

Some of the best books for NEET PG preparation are as follows: Self-assessment and review of Anatomy, Review of Pharmacology, Review of Pathology and Genetics, Surgery essence, etc.

Why are books important for NEET PG preparation?

Books play an essential role for candidates as they help the candidate to understand the concepts of the topics mentioned in the NEET syllabus.

Who is eligible to apply for the NEET PG exam 2023?

Medical graduates who will fulfil all the eligibility criteria laid out by the examination conducting body will be eligible to apply for the postgraduate medical entrance exam.

Who conducts the NEET PG entrance examination?

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) is the authority competent to conduct NEET PG for eligible aspiring candidates.

How many questions will be asked in the NEET PG exam?

The NEET PG exam will consist of 200 questions and each question consists of 4 marks. Meanwhile, for every wrong question, one mark will be deducted. The total marks will be 800.

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