Scholastic Assessment Test
Scholastic Assessment Test

SAT Exam 2023: Check Exam Dates, Registration, Eligibility, Admit Card, Exam Pattern and Results

The College Board conducts the SAT exam for students seeking admission to colleges and universities for undergraduate courses abroad. High school students who are aspiring to study in the United States and Canada typically take the SAT exam.
SAT Exam 2023

SAT Exam 2023

What’s New?

Columbia University has permanently scrapped the requirement for SAT scores for admissions. Columbia University administration has stated that standardized test scores would be optional for admissions beginning in Fall 2024.

The College Board has started conducting the Digital SAT for international candidates from March 2023 onwards. U.S. students can appear for the Digital SAT beginning in the spring of 2024

SAT Exam 2023: The SAT exam is conducted by the College Board for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate education primarily in colleges of the United States and Canada. SAT August 2023 exam will be held on August 26, 2023. The SAT exam consists of Math, Reading, Writing and Language Tests. The SAT score ranges from 400 - 1600 and any score above the average score is acceptable for admission to many colleges and universities. In 2022, the average SAT score recorded was 1050.

The SAT June 2023 exam was held on June 3, 2023, and the score report of the exam has been released on June 16, 2023. The score report consists of the total score, percentile rank, section scores, test scores, subscores and cross-test scores. Candidates are advised to set a target score during their exam preparation according to the college to which they want to apply. A good SAT score enables students to gain admission to their preferred college. Read More : SAT Scores 2023

The SAT exam is generally taken by high school students, that is, candidates who are studying in either 11th or 12th grade. The SAT exam syllabus is based on the concepts learned in high school and hence, students are encouraged to be attentive and actively participate in their high school classes. Preparing for the SAT exam takes creating an effective study plan on the basis of one's target score, strengths and weaknesses, and getting an ample amount of practice. Read More: SAT Preparation 2023

SAT Exam 2023 


The SAT exam consists of 3 tests: 1) Reading Test, 2) Writing and Language Test, and 3) Math Test. The Reading test and Writing and Language Test fall within the section of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. The Math Test falls within the Math section. 

  • The SAT exam score is based on two sections: 1) Evidence-based Reading and Writing Section and 2) Math Section.
  • The Evidence-based Reading and Writing section is based on the candidate’s performance in the Reading Test and Writing and Language Test.
  • The reading test will assess the candidate’s command over textual evidence, and understanding of words in context.
  • The writing and language test will evaluate the student’s grasp of correct usage of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, as well as the expression of ideas.
  • The Math test includes subjects such as the Heart of Algebra, Problem-solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math. The Math test evaluates students’ understanding of mathematical concepts, procedural skill and fluency in Math, and application of concepts and skills to real-world contexts.

Section 1: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Section 2: Math

Test Components

Test 1: Reading Test

Test 3: Math

Test 2: Writing and Language Test

What is Digital SAT? 

Starting from March 2023, the College Board has made a transition to Digital SAT from the paper-pencil version of the SAT exam. International candidates can appear for the Digital SAT beginning from March 2023, while U.S. students can take the Digital SAT from spring 2024 onwards. The Digital SAT exam is of shorter duration compared to the paper-pencil test and lasts for 2 hours and 14 minutes. 

The Digital SAT will be based on Multistage Adaptive testing (MST) where each test section (Reading and Writing; Math) consists of two equal-length and separately timed phases. Each test section has two modules: 

  • Module 1: Students are given questions of varying difficulty levels ranging from simple, moderate to complex. 
  • Module 2: Students are given a targeted combination of questions of different levels of difficulty depending on their performance in Module 1. 

The Module 2 questions adapt to the student’s performance level in Module 1 and are of lower or higher difficulty than the questions in the first module. Read More: Digital SAT Exam Pattern

Digital SAT and SAT Paper-Pencil Test: What is the Difference?


Digital SAT 

SAT Paper-Pencil Test

Device Requirement

Candidates will take the exam on a laptop/tablet installed with the Bluebook application

Candidates will take test using pencil to mark on OMR answer sheet 

Exam Duration

2 hours and 14 minutes

3 hours

Reading Test

Short Passages

Long passages


Calculator can be used for the entire Math section

Calculator can be only used for the calculator portion of the Math Test

Adaptive Testing

Multistage Adaptive Testing

Non-adaptive testing

SAT August 2023 Exam Dates (United States and International)

Candidates can check the exam dates for SAT August 2023 given below. Read More: SAT Exam Dates 2023

SAT Exam Dates 2023

SAT June 2023 Exam Dates (United States and International)

SAT International Dates  SAT USA Dates

SAT Exam Dates For 2023-24 Session

The upcoming SAT exams for the 2023-24 session will take place in the months of August, October, November and December. The SAT exam takes place seven times in a year, in the months of March, May, June, August, October, November and December. Candidates are advised to choose their SAT exam date on the basis of their college application deadlines, time required for exam preparation, seat availability at test centre and their individual schedule.

SAT Exam Schedule For U.S. Students




August 26, 2023

July 28, 2023

August 15, 2023

October 7, 2023

September 7, 2023

September 26, 2023

November 4, 2023

October 5, 2023

October 24, 2023

December 2, 2023

November 2, 2023

November 21, 2023

SAT Exam Schedule For International Students



August 26, 2023

August 11, 2023

October 7, 2023

September 22, 2023

November 4, 2023

October 20, 2023

December 2, 2023

November 17, 2023

SAT Exam Eligibility 2023

Students who are taking the SAT exam for the following two goals are eligible to appear for the SAT exam. 

  • Application to an undergraduate program of a college or university
  • Application for financial aid, scholarships, or any other programs that require an SAT score as a component of their application procedure

The College Board will cancel the registration of candidates who are not taking the SAT exam for the above two purposes, and hence, students are advised to take the SAT test only if they are applying to undergraduate courses or programs that require SAT scores. 

SAT Registration 2023

The SAT registration process is currently going on for students planning to apply to college for admission in the fall 2023 term. Students are required to create a College Board account, fill out the online registration form and pay the registration fee in order to apply for SAT exam. Read More: SAT Registration 2023

Steps to Register for SAT Exam 2023

Students can check the steps to register for the SAT exam given below.

Step 1 : Candidates are required to create a College Board Account 

Step 2 : Sign in to the College Board account and fill the online registration form

Step 3 : To fill out the registration form, first enter the identifying information and create the student profile 

Step 4 : In the registration form, select test centre and test date

Step 5 : Students need to upload their photograph in the form (the photograph must meet the requirements of the College Board)

Step 6 : Make the SAT Registration fee payment and submit the form

Registration Fee

Candidates can check the SAT registration fee from the table given below. The standard registration fee is $ 60 and there is an additional regional fee of $ 43 for candidates who are taking the SAT exam outside of the United States. 

SAT Registration Fee

$ 60

Additional Regional Fee for Candidates Outside of U.S.

$ 43 

SAT Admit Card 2023

The College Board releases the SAT admit card or admission ticket on its official website. Candidates can download their admit card once they register for the SAT exam. Students need to check the accuracy of the details on the admit card and ensure that it is updated. Candidates are advised to recheck the test centre before the test day and print the revised admit card if the test centre has been changed. 

The SAT admission ticket is a mandatory document required for entry to the test centre. The admit card includes details such as the test centre, test date, student name, date of birth and registration number. Candidates need to sign in to their My SAT account to download their admit card. Students need to carry a printout of the admission ticket and an electronic version of the admit card will not be accepted. 

Steps to Download SAT Admit Card

Step 1 : Students are required to log into their My SAT account

Step 2 : Under the ‘my upcoming tests’ section, the candidate needs to find the information for their upcoming test date

Step 3 : The student is required to click on ‘print your admission ticket’ from the drop-down menu list

Step 4 : The candidate needs to download and print the SAT admission ticket

Details Mentioned in SAT Admit Card

The following details are mentioned in the SAT admit card : 

  • Test Date
  • Test Centre
  • Message to Students
  • Name of Student ( First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
  • Date of Birth
  • Registration Number

SAT Exam Pattern 2023

The SAT exam pattern is provided by the College Board on its official website and is a detailed outline of the number of questions, types of questions, allotted time, and topics assessed. Read More : SAT Exam Pattern 2023

SAT Exam Pattern: Reading Test

SAT Reading Test

Total Number of Questions

52 Questions

Total Time

65 minutes

Number of Passages

5 Passages (4 single passages + 1 pair of passages)

Passage Length

500 - 750 words (total of 3250 words)

Passage Subjects

One literary fiction passage, two history/social studies passages, two science passages

Questions per Passage

10 or 11

Passage Complexities

A specified range from grades 9 - 10 to early postsecondary

SAT Exam Pattern: Writing and Language Test

SAT Writing and Lanaguage test

Total Number of Questions

44 Questions

Total Time

35 minutes

Number of Passages

4 Passages

Passage Length

400 - 450 words ( total of 1700 words)

Passage Subjects

Career-related topic, humanities, history/social studies, science

Passage Writing Modes

Non-fiction narrative, informative/explanatory, argumentative

Questions per Passage


Passage Complexities

A specified range from grades 9 - 10 to early postsecondary

SAT Exam Pattern: Math Test

SAT Math Test

SAT Math Exam Pattern: No Calculator Portion

Time Allotted 

25 Minutes

Total Questions


Multiple-choice Questions


Grid-in Questions



SAT Math Exam Pattern: Calculator Portion

Time Allotted 

55 Minutes

Total Questions


Multiple-choice Questions


Grid-in Questions


SAT Scores 2023

The SAT score report is released 2-4 weeks after the exam has taken place. The score report mentions the percentile rank, total score, section scores, test scores, subscores and cross-test scores. 

Steps to Check SAT Scores 2023

Candidates can check their SAT score report by following the steps given below.

Step 1 : Students will need to visit the official website of the College Board

Step 2 : On the website homepage, student is required to click on the link that mentions ‘view score report’ or ‘get your scores’

Step 3 : Candidate will be redirected to the sign in page of the College Board website

Step 4 : Log in to the College Board account and view the score report

SAT Scores

SAT Scores

  • Total Score : The SAT total score ranges from 400 - 1600. 
  • Percentile Rank: The SAT percentile rank gives the percentage of students who have scored equal to or less than the candidate’s score. 
  • Section Score : The SAT section scores range from 200 - 800. It is given for two sections : Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math.
  • Test Score : The test score ranges from 10 - 40. The test scores are given for three tests : Reading, Writing and Language, and Math.
  • Subscore : The subscore ranges from 1 - 15 and are based on performance in the following areas : 
  1. Command of Evidence
  2. Words in Context
  3. Expression of Ideas
  4. Standard English Conventions
  5. Heart of Algebra
  6. Problem-Solving and Data Analysis
  7. Passport to Advanced Math
  • Cross-Test Score : The SAT cross-test score ranges from 10 - 40. The cross-test scores are based on: Analysis in History/ Social Studies and Analysis in Science. 

SAT Score Type

Score Range


Total Score

400 - 1600

Addition of 2 section scores

Sections Scores 

200 - 800

2 section scores: 

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • Math

Test Scores

10 - 40

3 section scores: 

  • Reading
  • Writing and Language
  • Math

Cross-Test Scores

(Based on questions across the 3 tests - Reading, Math, Writing, and Language)

10 - 40

2 cross-test scores:

  • Anlayis in History/Social Studies
  • Analysis in Science


1 - 15

7 subscores: 

  • Command of Evidence
  • Words in Context
  • Expression of Ideas
  • Standard English Conventions
  • Heart of Algebra
  • Problem-solving and Data analysis
  • Passport to Advanced Math

Ivy League Universities: SAT Scores

Ivy league universities such as Princeton, Yale, and Harvard require an SAT score that ranges from 1470 - 1570. Read More : SAT Cutoff 2023

Ivy League University

SAT Score Range

Brown University

1470 - 1550

University of Pennsylvania

1450 - 1560

Cornell University

1470 - 1550

Dartmouth College

1480 - 1560

Princeton University

1470 - 1560

Yale University

1470 - 1560

Columbia University

1500 - 1560

Top Indian Universities Accepting SAT Scores

Several universities in India accept SAT scores for admission to their undergraduate programs.

  • Ashoka University
  • FLAME University
  • Bennett University
  • NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies)
  • Shiv Nadar University
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Symbiosis International University
  • OP Jindal Global University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who conducts the SAT exam ?

The College Board conducts the SAT exam for high school students aspiring to study in the United States or Canada.

What is the SAT score range ?

The total SAT score ranges from 400 - 1600. 

What is a good SAT score ?

A good SAT score is any score that is well above the average score and is acceptable for most college admissions. 

What is the SAT cutoff score for Ivy League Universities ?

Students aspiring to study in Ivy League Universities need to achieve an SAT score ranging from 1470 to 1570.

When will SAT June Exam 2023 be conducted ?

SAT June 2023 exam will be conducted on June 3, 2023. 

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