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Duolingo English Test

Duolingo English Test Slot Booking 2023: Exam Fee and How to Pay

Duolingo does not require students to reserve an exam slot, in contrast to other language exams like the TOEFL and IELTS. Students can take the test from home whenever they feel ready. Check to know other prominent details.
Duolingo English Test Slot Booking 2023

Duolingo English Test Slot Booking 2023

Duolingo English Test Booking 2023: The Duolingo exam has no fixed dates and hence the exam can be taken anytime according to the student’s preference. Candidates planning to migrate to English-speaking countries for pursuing work or education opportunities register for English Proficiency tests. Duolingo English Test is one such exam that helps students prove their language skills in order to get admitted into their target schools and organizations.

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Unlike other language tests such as TOEFL and IELTS, Duolingo does not require students to book an exam slot. Exam slots for a test centre or even home are not a requirement as the test can be taken at home at any time when students feel prepared. Simply put, the test can be taken the same day candidates register for the exam hence Duolingo English Test booking is not essential. 

Duolingo English Test Slot Booking 2023

Students are just required to register themselves by completing the  Duolingo English Test login or sign-up process on the official website. Once the candidates have successfully registered, they will be asked to purchase the test. The exam can only be attempted once it has been purchased by paying the asked fee. Moreover, before appearing for the exam, students will be asked to meet a few conditions are requirements that need to be fulfilled, or else the test will not be certified. 

When should one take the Duolingo English Test?

Students have the flexibility to purchase the exam whenever they wish to, test booking for the same is not mandatory. Once the test has been purchased, candidates will have a total of a 21-day window within which they must take the exam. If in case candidates fail to appear for the exam 21 days after the test has been bought, their exam will be cancelled and the fee will not be refunded. Hence, it is extremely important to know when to give the test once it has been purchased. 

The Duolingo exam has proven to be easier when compared to other language proficiency tests. That does not mean students are not required to constructively prepare for the test. Students must only take the exam once they are prepared for it and know they will be able to perform to their full potential.

Duolingo English Test: Attempts 

After purchasing the test, students will be given 3 attempts to take the test within a period of 30 days. If they wish to take the exam again after these attempts, they must pay a re-attempt fee. Candidates get one credit when they buy a single Duolingo English Test. Additionally, they get two credits if they purchase a test bundle. One credit signifies a total of 3 attempts. Having credit enables students to attempt the Duolingo English Test. Although, purchasing a test does not guarantee a certified credit as the test may not get certified if students fail to meet the asked requirements.

If a technical fault prevents the test from being uploaded or certified, candidates may retake the exam for free if they still have available attempts left on their credit.

Duolingo English Test Fees

As mentioned above, applicants planning to take the test will need to purchase it first. The Duolingo exam is comparatively much more affordable than other language tests. Check the table below to know the fee structure of the exam-


Fee in Dollars

Fee in INR

Duolingo Exam Fee


Rs 4020

Re-attempt Fee


Rs 4020

Cancellation Fee


Rs 0

Note: This is subject to change according to the prevailing exchange rates.

How to Pay

Students can purchase the test via their Duolingo English Test accounts. If applicants do not have a registered account, they will not be able to purchase the test. Hence, registering for the exam is essential. The exam conducting body will accept all major credit cards. Once applicants purchase the test, they will only be given 21 days to complete it. 


The exam conducting body has a well-built refund policy which is as follows:

  • Students won't be reimbursed if Duolingo suspends or terminates their usage of the service, or if they choose to voluntarily close their accounts.
  • If due to a test issue- which can range between failure in the service, or results not delivered on time, Duolingo will make efforts to resolve the issue or provide the student with a refund. The refund will depend on the severity of the test issue that may occur. 

Duolingo English Test Slot Booking: Cancelation and Reschedule 

Students can reschedule or cancel the Duolingo exam if they wish to. The test is automatically cancelled if the candidate doesn't attempt it within the allotted 21 days. Additionally, no charge is reimbursed for cancellations of any kind. If the test is rescheduled, the candidate must register for it again, and the 21-day window of time begins again from the beginning. A fee of $49 will be charged again if students reschedule for the Duolingo English Test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can one cancel the Duolingo Test after registering?

After students purchase the test, they are given a duration of 21 days to complete it. If applicants fail to finish the test in that given time frame, their test will automatically be cancelled and a refund will not be given. If students wish to cancel the test before the duration of 21 days, they can do so but there is no refund for any sort of cancellation.

What is the Duolingo test fee?

One can purchase the Duolingo test at the cost of $49, which is cheaper and more affordable than most language tests. For Indian students, this amount will be INR 4020 which is subject to change according to the changing exchange rates.

How many attempts do students get after registering for the Duolingo exam?

Once students register and purchase the Duolingo English Test, they receive certain credits with the type of test they have purchased. If candidates have bought the single test, they will receive one credit that will enable them to attempt the exam 3 times.

Are there any official dates for slot booking for the test?

No, the test does not have any registered official dates and students do not necessarily need to book an exam slot. Whenever they feel prepared for the exam, they can purchase and attempt it without following a test booking process. This is possible as the exam is given online only at home and not in a test centre.

Can debit cards be used for Duolingo fee payments?

To complete payments, the exam conducting body will only accept PayPal and credit cards. 

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