Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineers
Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineers
Exam Date On4th - 6th Jun 2024

SSC JE Syllabus 2024: Important Topics for Paper 1 & 2

SSC JE Syllabus must be well understood by the students. Aligning the SSC JE preparation with the prescribed syllabus will help bring the desired results.
SSC JE Syllabus 2024

SSC JE Syllabus 2024

SSC JE Syllabus 2024: The SSC JE (Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineer) exam is conducted to recruit engineering graduates for the position of Junior Engineer in various government departments. The syllabus for the SSC JE exam is divided into two papers: Paper I and Paper II. The SSC JE syllabus and pattern hold immense significance in the preparation and success of candidates aiming to secure a position as a Junior Engineer in the desired department. 

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The official SSC JE Notification 2024 has been released, dictating the syllabus for the exam. Applicants may find the link to the SSC JE syllabus PDF in this article. Continue reading to learn the important topics for both paper 1 and 2.

SSC JE Syllabus 2024

Think of the SSC JE exam pattern and syllabus as a GPS for candidates preparing for the exam. It's like a roadmap that shows them the way through their study journey. It's really important to fully grasp what's in both Paper I and Paper II. 

The significant segments covered in SSC JE Paper 1 encompass:

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning
  • General Awareness
  • General Engineering (Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering)

In SSC JE Paper 2, candidates have the flexibility to select one portion from the three streams, depending on their specialization:

  • Part-A (Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering)
  • Part-B (Electrical Engineering)
  • Part-C (Mechanical Engineering)

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SSC JE Syllabus PDF 2024

As stated above in the article, the exam conducting body has released the SSC JE syllabus PDF along with the official notification. Applicants may find the direct link to download the document below:

SSC JE Syllabus PDF Direct Link 

SSC JE Paper 1 Syllabus 2024

Paper I  involves an objective or computer-based test. Within the duration of 2 hours, candidates tackle a question paper carrying a total of 200 marks. This paper comprises three fundamental sections:

General Intelligence & Reasoning: This section is designed to evaluate candidates' logical reasoning and analytical abilities. It includes questions of both verbal and non-verbal types, testing their capacity to handle abstract ideas, symbols, relationships, and analytical functions.

General Awareness: This segment gauges candidates' knowledge of the world around them. It assesses their familiarity with current affairs, the application of everyday observations to societal contexts, and their understanding of general awareness topics.

General Engineering: A pivotal component of Paper I, this section comes in three parts, each aligned with specific engineering disciplines:

  • Part-A SSC JE Syllabus (Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering)
  • Part-B SSC JE Syllabus (Electrical Engineering)
  • Part-C SSC JE Syllabus (Mechanical Engineering)

In-Depth Exploration of Sections

General Intelligence & Reasoning: Candidates can expect to encounter a diverse range of topics within this section, including:

  • Relationship concepts – Blood Relations
  • Arithmetical reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Space visualization
  • Visual memory
  • Analysis and judgment
  • Reasoning Analogies
  • Decision making
  • Discrimination & Observation

General Awareness: This section delves into candidates' general awareness of their environment, encompassing:

  • Geography
  • Culture
  • History
  • Economic Scene
  • Scientific Research
  • General Polity

Choosing the Engineering Discipline

The General Engineering section of Paper I allows candidates to choose their engineering discipline:

  • Part-A: Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering
  • Part-B: Electrical Engineering
  • Part-C: Mechanical Engineering

SSC JE Paper 2 Syllabus 2024

Paper II is a descriptive paper that assesses the candidate's understanding of their chosen engineering discipline. Candidates have to choose one of the following disciplines: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

Part-A (Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering):

  • Building materials
  • Surveying
  • Estimating, costing, and valuation
  • Soil mechanics
  • Concrete technology
  • Irrigation engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Structural engineering

Part-B (Electrical Engineering):

  • Basic concepts
  • Electrical machines
  • Power systems
  • Basic electronics
  • Utilization of electrical energy
  • Estimation and costing
  • Magnetic circuit
  • AC fundamentals
  • Measurement and measuring instruments

Part-C (Mechanical Engineering):

  • Theory of machines and machine design
  • IC engines and air standard cycles
  • Fluid mechanics and machinery
  • Thermodynamics
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Strength of materials
  • Properties of pure substances
  • Steam boilers and engines

Candidates can find more specific topics and details in the official SSC JE exam notification and syllabus documents. It's important to prepare thoroughly for both papers, covering all the relevant topics within the chosen discipline, in order to perform well in the SSC JE examination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the SSC JE syllabus divided?

The SSC JE syllabus is divided into two papers: Paper I and Paper II. Paper I includes sections on General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, and General Engineering based on the chosen discipline. Paper II involves a detailed examination of the chosen engineering discipline.

What does the General Intelligence & Reasoning section cover?

This section assesses logical and analytical abilities through topics like analogies, classification, coding-decoding, visual memory, problem-solving, spatial visualization, and more.

How is the General Engineering section structured?

The General Engineering section varies based on the chosen discipline: Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. It covers topics specific to each field.

What is the significance of Paper II in SSC JE syllabus?

Paper II is a descriptive examination that delves deeper into the chosen engineering discipline. It tests candidates' in-depth knowledge in their specialized area.

Are there negative markings in Paper I and Paper II?

Yes, Paper I has a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer. There is no negative marking in Paper II.

How can I cover the SSC JE syllabus comprehensively?

Create a study plan, cover one topic at a time, practice regularly, refer to standard textbooks, and solve previous year's question papers to cover the syllabus effectively.

Can I choose any part in Paper II for my specialization?

Yes, candidates can choose Part-A (Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering), Part-B (Electrical Engineering), or Part-C (Mechanical Engineering) based on their specialization.

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