Telangana State Public Service Commission Group 1
Telangana State Public Service Commission Group 1

TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2024: Direct Link to Download, Highlights & Advantages

The TSPSC Answer Key for Group 1 exams is announced separately for the Prelims and Mains exams. For Prelims (11th June) the answer key has been released on 29th June 2023. Check to know more details.
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TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2024: The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) conducts various competitive examinations to recruit applicants for public job positions in the state government. The TSPSC Group 1 exam is conducted in two stages, which are Prelims and Mains. Consequently, the exam conducting body releases the TSPSC answer key separately for these two rounds a few days after the exams have been conducted. 

The TSPSC answer key is a crucial document that is of the utmost significance during the post-examination phase. In this article, we will look at the importance of the answer key, its function, and how it aids candidates in evaluating their performance and gaining insightful information about their TSPSC Group 1 result.

TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2024

As discussed above, the TSPSC answer key is released after the examination is conducted. Moreover, the answer key helps students to estimate their scores and the chance of qualifying for further stages. Check below for some highlights on the same.

TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key: Highlights

  • TSPSC Prelims and Mains exam for Group 1 will have separate answer keys.
  • A few days following the exam date, the TSPSC Group 1 Final Answer Key will be accessible on the official website.
  • Candidates can check the right answers and assess their performance with the aid of the released answer key.
  • On the official website, candidates may challenge the TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key PDF if they are not satisfied with the answers. Also, candidates can only compare their answers to the tentative answer key and not the final result.

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TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2024: How to Download?

The mentioned-below steps must be followed to download the TSPSC answer key once it has been released on the official website-

Step 1: Applicant will need to visit the official website as the first step

Step 2: In the announcement section, applicants can find the link to the TSPSC OMR sheet and Answer Key

Step 3: When applicants click the link, a PDF version of the TSPSC Group 1 answer key will appear

Step 4: Print out the TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2024 PDF after downloading it for future records

Note: To challenge the released answer key, applicants will need to select the notification for “Key Objections” - After providing the necessary information, candidates must choose the question and the tentative answer that they wish to contest

TSPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2024: Benefits

The TSPSC answer key contains the right answers to all the questions asked in the exam. The answer key serves as a reference tool for candidates to cross-check their answers and evaluate their performance in the examination. Below are some of the major benefits that this document provides-

TSPSC Answer Key Benefits

  • Evaluation of Performance: Candidates can compare their attempted answers to the correct answers by using the answer key. They can estimate their potential score and evaluate how well they performed on the exam. Further, candidates can assess their strengths and shortcomings by looking at their correctly answered questions and their areas for growth.
  • Promotes Fairness: The answer key improves exam transparency. It enables applicants to check that the answers are accurate and, if necessary, to object or express their concerns about disparities. This guarantees equity and offers a chance for correction if required.
  • Serves as a Platform for Feedback: Candidates can use the answer key as a helpful learning tool. They gain an understanding of the proper strategy, ideas, and methods needed to answer questions correctly. Consequently, candidates can find their errors, learn from them, and improve their problem-solving skills by going over the answer key.
  • Calculating Potential Score: Candidates can estimate their score by totalling the questions they got right. Every correct answer will award +1 mark whereas ⅓ marks will be deducted for wrong answers (Prelims) hence using this, applicants can calculate their potential scores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of the TSPSC answer key?

The TSPSC answer key is released so that candidates can evaluate their performance in the exam and challenge the released answers if they feel they are not correct. This promotes transparency and fair checking in the examination. 


Is the answer key released separately for Prelims and Mains rounds?

Yes, the TSPSC answer key will be issued separately for the two rounds in the selection process.

When is the answer key released?

The answer key for the TSPSC Group 1 Prelims 2023 has been released on 29th June 2023. To check the released Prelim Ke for Group 1 Services, candidates are required to visit the official website. 

What is the significance of the TSPSC answer key?

The TSPSC answer key is important as it allows candidates to evaluate their performance in the exam, compare their answers with the correct ones, and estimate their scores. It provides feedback, helps identify mistakes, and serves as a learning tool for future exams.

Is the released TSPSC answer key final?

The TSPSC answer key released initially is considered provisional. After considering the objections raised by candidates, the commission may revise the answer key if necessary. The final answer key, reflecting the correct answers, is released after the objection review process.


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