OPSC Combined Competitive Recruitment Examination
OPSC Combined Competitive Recruitment Examination

OPSC Preparation Tips 2023: Check Essential Tips and Tricks To Excel in the Exam

OPSC preparation is an important aspect that candidates should do in order to achieve desired marks. Candidates can incorporate several smart tips and tricks in their study strategy to enhance their preparation.
OPSC Preparation

OPSC Preparation

OPSC Preparation 2023: OPSC also known as Odisha Public Service Commission is a recruitment body that conducts recruitment exams for those candidates who are willing to get appointed under different posts offered by the OPSC. The exam has three stages - Prelims, mains and Interviews and candidates have to qualify for all the posts in order to get recruited. Candidates who are planning to appear for the examination should have detailed knowledge about the OPSC exam, and to have a comprehensive understanding of the exam, aspirants must have a rock solid preparation for the exam. 

OPSC preparation plays an essential role for all the candidates who are set to appear for the exam. Aspirants can begin their preparation by knowing the syllabus of the exam. Since the exam has three stages, the syllabus for all three stages is completely different. Hence, candidates need to prepare for each stage differently. Candidates who will clear the prelim stage will be eligible to appear for the main's stage, and those aspirants who will clear both stages will be able to appear for the interview round.

Candidates who will create an OPSC preparation strategy will help the candidate to analyse which topic requires much time and which can be grasped easily. There are several aspects that a candidate should consider while preparing for the exam such as knowing the detailed marking scheme, referring to OPSC good books and study material and others.  

OPSC Preparation 2023 

OPSC preparation plan should also involve the steps of knowing the detailed exam pattern, marking scheme and syllabus. If the candidate understands the nitty-gritty of all these aspects, then there is a high probability that he or she will score the desired marks. Further, candidates should also refer to important preparation tips while studying for the examination. Since the OPSC prelim syllabus consists of questions from general studies, candidates are advised to have a fair idea of general knowledge and day-to-day happenings. 

Needless to say, OPSC preparation is a key aspect for candidates who are willing to appear for the exam. The preparation strategy helps the candidate to understand what is their weak point and what is their strength. As a result, this will help aspirants to work hard on weak areas and focus on other topics as well. 

How and When To Start Preparation For OPSC Exam

Often candidates are confused about when is the right time, to begin with, the OPSC preparation as well as how to start the OPSC preparation.  To answer the questions, candidates must know that there is no ideal time to begin with the preparation. However, it is always advisable to begin the preparation as early as possible. Starting the preparation early can help the candidate to divide time equally for every topic, and they will also be left with sufficient time to revise. 

Now, coming to the question of how candidates can begin with the preparation for the OPSC exam. The answer to this question is that candidates should begin studying the OPSC syllabus of the exam. Apart from the OPSC syllabus, aspirants should also refer to the OPSC exam pattern and marking scheme. After having an idea of all three aspects, candidates can look for the best books and study materials from where they can study. Apart from syllabus, candidates should also check OPSC Exam Pattern.

Important Tips To Follow While Preparing For OPSC Exam

1. Make a Study Strategy 

Making a study strategy is very important for candidates as it helps them to have an idea of what to study first and what to study later. Candidates can set a routine of 4 to 7 hours where they can study the syllabus, understand concepts and solve previous year's questions. This will help the candidate to achieve their goal easily. 

2. Learn Time Management 

Time Management is one of the most essential steps in preparing for any examination. If a candidate masters time management, then he or she can equally divide time among all the topics. Further, the candidate will be left with ample time to revise. This technique is very important for candidates to understand and study accordingly.

3. Refer to Books and Study Material

Needless to say, books and study material plays an essential role for candidates while preparing for the examination. Candidates should always refer to some of the best and most renowned books while studying for the examination. Also, candidates should consider those books which cover the entire syllabus of the exam and are easy to understand. 

4. Study the OPSC Syllabus, Marking Scheme and Exam Pattern 

Studying the syllabus, exam pattern and marking scheme is the first and foremost step for candidates who are appearing for the examination.  Since the OPSC syllabus is comprehensive in nature, it needs an in-depth study. Hence, candidates should study the syllabus thoroughly and also analyse the exam pattern and marking scheme. 

Understanding exam patterns and marking schemes will help the candidate to understand which topic consists of a maximum number of marks and which topics are important and can be asked in the examination. 

5. Solve Mock Test and Previous Year's Question Paper 

Candidates are advised to solve the previous year's question paper and mock test as it will help to have a better understanding of the type of questions asked in the examination. Candidates can easily access the previous year's question paper and mock test online and can start solving them one by one. 

6.  Revise Thoroughly 

An aspirant must know that revision is the key to any competitive exam. Once the candidate has completed his or her preparation, then they should focus on revising every topic thoroughly. As many times the candidate revises the topic, they can remember everything in detail. 

Key Points to Remember on Exam Day 

Often on the day of the examination, candidates tend to get nervous and make mistakes. Hence, it is always advisable not to get flustered on the day of the examination and to stay calm. Staying calm will help the candidate to memorise everything they have studied so far. This will also give candidates a positive approach towards appearing for the examination. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time can the candidate dedicate towards each topic

The answer to this question is extremely subjective as some topics might need much time and others can get completed soon.  However, an ideal time for each topic should be 1.5 hours. 

When should I start preparing for the OPSC exam?

Though there is no ideal time for candidates to start the preparation for the OPSC exam, it is always advisable to begin the preparation as early as possible. 

What are the important tips that candidates should remember while preparing for the examination

Some of the important tips that candidate should remember while preparing for the examination are as follow : 

  • Make study plan 
  • Revise every topic thoroughly
  • Learn time management 
  • Refer OPSC books and study material

How many stages does the OPSC exam have?

The OPSC exam has three stages including - prelims, main and interview. Candidates have to clear all three stages in order to be recruited for the exam.

What are the important points candidates should remember while appearing for the examination?

While appearing for the examination, candidates should not get nervous and not lose their calm. Rather, candidates should stay calm and try to remember whatever they have studied so far.

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