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HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024: Download Syllabus PDF for Haryana Civil Service Prelims & Mains Exam

The HPSC HCS syllabus 2024 is designed and released by the Haryana Public Service Commission on the official website. The latest syllabus PDF will be soon released by the commission.
HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024: The Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) releases the syllabus for HPSC HCS & Other Allied Services exam on its official website. The syllabus is released by the commission in a PDF format containing the topics & subtopics from where questions are asked in the examination. Students must carefully read the HPSC syllabus PDF before they start their preparation for the exam.

The HPSC exam for Haryana Civil Services (Executive Branch) is divided into three stages: Preliminary, Mains & Interview. The commission releases the syllabus for the preliminary & mains round. Aspiring students who are preparing for the examination must also solve HPSC HCS previous question papers once they complete their syllabus. Solving previous question papers also helps candidates assess their level of preparation. Also Read: HPSC HCS Preparation

The HPSC HCS aspirants can check the syllabus and HCS exam pattern before starting their preparation for the exam. In this article, candidates can check the detailed syllabus for both HPSC HCS prelims & mains examination.

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024

The Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) has released the HPSC HCS syllabus on its official website. As of currently, no changes to the HPSC HCS examination syllabus are foreseen. As a result, students may refer to the previous year's syllabus to gain a sense of the subjects and chapters that are essential for comprehensive exam preparation.

HPSC HCS Syllabus PDF 2024

The HPSC HCS syllabus PDF covers the detailed syllabus for prelims, mains, and interview. The syllabus PDF also covers the detailed syllabus of all optional subjects. Interested candidates can download the official syllabus PDF from the link below:

HPSC HCS Syllabus PDF 2024

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024: Preliminary Exam

The preliminary exam of HPSC HCS consists of two papers: Paper I (General Studies) & Paper II (CSAT). Interested candidates can check the syllabus for both Paper I & Paper II below:

HCS General Studies Syllabus



General Science

Questions on General Science will encompass broad comprehension and understanding of science, including ordinary observation and experience, as may be anticipated of a well-educated person who has not specialised in any scientific subject.

Current events of national and international importance

Knowledge of key national and international events will be assessed in current events.

History of India and the Indian National Movement

The emphasis in History of India will be on gaining a comprehensive general grasp of the topic in its social, economic, and political dimensions. 

The nature and character of the nineteenth-century upsurge, expansion of nationalism, and accomplishment of independence will be addressed in questions about the Indian National Movement.

Indian and World Geography

The emphasis in Geography will be on Indian geography. Questions on Indian Geography will focus on the country's physical, social, and economic geography, as well as the key characteristics of Indian agricultural and natural resources.

Indian Culture, Indian Polity and Indian Economy

Questions on Indian Polity and Economy will put your knowledge of the country's political structure and the Indian Constitution to the test. India's Panchayati Raj, social structures, and economic advancements will be the areas from where questions will be asked.

General Mental Ability

Candidates will be examined on reasoning and analytical abilities in addition to general mental abilities.

Haryana-Economy and people. Social, economic and cultural institutions and language of Haryana

In this section, questions will be asked related to the State of Haryana (History, Geography, Economy, Society, Culture, & Language)

HCS CSAT Syllabus

Interested candidates can check the CSAT syllabus for HPSC HCS prelims paper II below:

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, order of magnitude, etc.-Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. – Class X-level). 

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024: Mains Exam

The HPSC HCS mains examination consists of five papers: Paper I (English), Paper II (Hindi), Paper III (General Studies), and Paper IV & Paper V (Optional Subjects). Interested candidates can check the subject-wise syllabus in the article below:

HPSC HCS English Syllabus

The English paper is conducted to test the candidate’s ability to answer the basic English comprehension questions. The exam also tests the candidate’s ability to express his ideas in a clear manner. The syllabus of the English paper would be broadly as follows:

  • Precis Writing
  • Comprehension of given passages
  • Essay
  • Usage and Vocabulary
  • General Grammar/Composition

Note: Candidates will be given specific topics to write essays in the Essay part. There will be a choice of topics. Candidates must explain their thoughts, opinions, and expressions in a clear and concise way.

HPSC HCS Hindi Syllabus

Below are topics which cover the HSC Hindi Syllabus:

  • Translation of and English passage into Hindi.
  • Letter/Precis writing.
  • Explanation of Hindi passage (prose and poetry) in the same language.
  • Composition (idioms, correction etc.).
  • Essay on a specific topic. The choice of subjects will be given.

HPSC HCS General Studies Syllabus

The General Studies section is divided into two parts. The General Studies cover subjects like the History of India, Indian & World Geography, Indian Economy, Indian Polity, Indian Society & Culture, Indian National Movements, Current Events, and International Affairs. Candidates can check the detailed syllabus for both parts below:

Part I

History of Modern India and Indian Culture

The History of Modern India will cover the history of the country from about the middle of the nineteenth century and would also include questions on important personalities who shaped the freedom movement and social reforms. The part relating to Indian Culture‘ will cover all aspects of Indian culture from ancient to modern times.

Geography of India

In this part, questions will on the physical, economic and social geography of India.

Indian Polity

This part will include questions on the Constitution of India, the Political system and related matters. 

Current National issues and topics of social relevance.

This part is intended to test the candidate‘s awareness of current national issues and topics of social relevance in present-day India, such as the following: Demography and Human Resources and related issues. Behavioural and social issues and social welfare problems, such as child labour, gender equality, adult literacy, rehabilitation of the handicapped and other deprived segments of society, drug abuse, public health etc. Law enforcement issues, human rights, corruption in public life, communal harmony etc. Internal Security and related issues. Environmental issues, ecological preservation, conservation of natural resources and national heritage. The role of national institutions, their relevance and the need for change. 

Part II

India and the World

This section is designed to assess the candidate's understanding of India's connection with the rest of the world in many areas, such as Foreign Affairs, External Security, and related issues. The Nuclear Policy. Indians living in other countries.

Indian Economy

In this section, questions will be asked on India's planning and economic development, economic and trade difficulties, foreign commerce, the role and activities of the IMF, World Bank, and the World Trade Organisation, among other things.

International Affairs and Institutions.

This section will cover questions about major world events and international organisations. 

Developments in the field of Science and Technology, Communications and Space

Questions in this section will assess the candidate's knowledge of advancements in science and technology, communications and space, as well as fundamental computer concepts.

Statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams

This section will include activities to assess the candidate's ability to derive reasonable inferences from data provided in statistical, graphical, or diagrammatical forms, as well as to identify inadequacies, limits, or contradictions. 

HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024: Interview

There is no defined syllabus for the HCS Interview round. During the interview round, students will be asked questions about their educational background, optional subjects, interest & hobbies, and other relevant subjects. The interview panel will test the candidate’s abilities, knowledge, confidence, and overall personality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main subjects included in the HPSC HCS syllabus?

The main subjects included in the HPSC HCS syllabus are General Studies, Optional Subjects (such as History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, etc.), English Language, Hindi Language, and the Haryana State General Knowledge.

Is there a specific syllabus for the preliminary and mains examination of HPSC HCS?

Yes, the syllabus for the preliminary examination of HPSC HCS differs from the mains examination. The preliminary exam mainly focuses on General Studies and aptitude, while the mains exam covers a wide range of subjects in greater depth.

What is the weightage of the General Studies section in the HPSC HCS examination?

The General Studies section carries significant weightage in the HPSC HCS examination. It covers various topics such as History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, Environment, Science and Technology, Current Affairs, etc.

Can I choose any optional subject for the HPSC HCS mains examination?

Yes, candidates have the option to choose two optional subjects from the list provided by the HPSC. The optional subject should be selected based on the candidate's interest, background, and the availability of study material.

Is there a separate syllabus for the interview round of the HPSC HCS exam?

No, there is no specific syllabus for the interview round of the HPSC HCS exam. The interview is conducted to assess the candidate's personality, communication skills, knowledge, and understanding of various issues.

Are there any specific language requirements for the HPSC HCS exam?

Yes, candidates need to have proficiency in both English and Hindi languages. The language papers in the exam test the candidate's comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills in both languages.

Where can I find the detailed syllabus for the HPSC HCS examination?

The detailed syllabus for the HPSC HCS examination can be found on the official website of the Haryana Public Service Commission. We have also provided the official syllabus PDF with a direct link in the above article.

Are there any recommended books or study materials for the HPSC HCS syllabus?

Yes, there are several books and study materials available in the market that cater to the HPSC HCS syllabus. Candidates can refer to standard textbooks, previous years' question papers, and other relevant study materials recommended by experts and successful candidates.

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