Bihar School Examination Board Class 12 Exam
Bihar School Examination Board Class 12 Exam

BSEB 2024 Class 12 Syllabus: Check Subject-Wise Syllabus for Inter Exams

The Bihar board provides the BSEB class 12 exam syllabus on its official website. Candidates can visit the official website to check the syllabus. Also, candidates can check the BSEB exam pattern and marking scheme.
BSEB Class 12 Syllabus

BSEB Class 12 Syllabus

BSEB Class 12 Syllabus: The BSEB class 12 syllabus is provided by the Bihar board. The syllabus is released online in PDF form. BSEB class 12 syllabus plays an essential role for all the candidates who are preparing for the examination. Candidates are advised to go through the syllabus and exam pattern. Candidates will have a better understanding of how to prepare for the BSEB class 12 examination after reviewing both of these aspects. 

Candidates should know that there are 3 streams in class 12. The first one is Arts, the second is Commerce and the third is Science. Hence, the syllabus for all these three streams is different from each other. Although there are usually no changes in the BSEB class 12 exam syllabus,however, if there are any changes, the students will be informed through the official website. 

Meanwhile, the BSEB class 12 exam 2023 was conducted from February 1, 2023, till February 11, 2023. Later, in the month of March, the Bihar board announced the results. The BSEB Class 12 results were released on March 21, 2023. The pass percentage for BSEB class 12 exams 2023 stood at 83.70%. Among the 83.70% of candidates, 85.5 per cent is male and 82.01 per cent is female qualified for the examination.

BSEB Class 12 Syllabus

While the science syllabus has 5 subjects of which two are language subjects including Hindi and English, the other subjects in the stream are Chemistry, Physics and Biology. On the other hand, the Accounts stream has two language subjects and three other subjects including Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics. Lastly, the Arts subject has two languages subject and 4 other subjects including Philosophy, Geography, Political Science, and History. 

Needless to say, the BSEB class 12 syllabus plays an essential role for candidates who will be appearing for the BSEB class 12 exams. Apart from the syllabus, candidates should also check the BSEB Class 10 exam pattern which is released by the board. All these two aspects can help the candidate to score their best in the examination. 

BSEB 12th Syllabus 2024 For All Streams 

Here candidates can check the BSEB class 12th syllabus in detail for all three 3 streams. 

BSEB Class 12 Arts Syllabus

Candidates who have opted for Arts in their class 12 can take a look at the following BSEB class 12 Arts syllabus here. 

History Syllabus 

  • Indian History - Part I 
  • Indian History - Part II 
  • Indian History - Part III 

NOTE: Candidates must note that these topics are further divided into sub-topics which are usually referred to the chapters. 

Geography Syllabus 

  • Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problem
  • Transport, Communication and Trade
  • Human Geography
  • Resources and Development
  • People
  • Human Settlements
  • Human Activities
  • Map Work

Political Science Syllabus 

  • Contemporary South Asia
  • The End of Bipolarity
  • International Organizations
  • Globalization
  • Cold War Era
  • Alternative Centres of Power
  • US Hegemony in World Politics

Philosophy Syllabus 

  • Knowledge and truth
  • Environmental Ethics and Professional Ethics
  • The Causal Principle
  • Nature and Schools of Indian Philosophy
  • Realism and Idealism
  • Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita
  • Nyaya – Vaisesika and Samkhya – Yoga
  • Nature of Reality
  • Buddhism, Jainism
  • Advaita Vedanta

BSEB Class 12 Commerce Syllabus

Candidates can take a look at the following syllabus prescribed by the Bihar board for BSEB class 12 commerce stream. 

Business Studies Syllabus 

  • Planning
  • Business Finance
  • Consumer Protection
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Organizing
  • Nature and Sight of Management
  • Business Environment
  • Financial Market
  • Principles of Management
  • Controlling
  • Marketing
  • Staffing
  • Directing

Economics Syllabus 

Part A: Micro Economics

  • Elasticity of Demand
  • Analysis of Supply
  • Introduction to Micro Economics
  • Types of Market & Price Determination under perfect competition
  • Factors of Production
  • Consumers behaviour

Part B: Macro Economics 

  • Determinants of Aggregates
  • Money
  • Introduction to Macro Economics
  • National Income
  • Central Bank
  • Public Economics
  • Commercial Bank

Accountancy Syllabus 

  • Introduction to Partnership
  • Accounts of Not for Profit concerns
  • Reconstitution of Partnership
  • Single entry system
  • Dissolution of Partnership Firm
  • Partnership Final Accounts
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Company Accounts Part-I Accounting for shares
  • Bill of Exchange (Only Trade Bill)
  • Company Accounts Part-II Accounting for Debentures

BSEB Class 12 Science Syllabus

Candidates can check out the following syllabus prescribed by the Bihar board for BSEB class 12 Science stream. 

Chemistry Syllabus 

Unit I: Solid State

  • Packing efficiency
  • Electrical and magnetic properties
  • Number of atoms per unit cell in a cubic unit cell
  • Voids
  • Points defects 

Unit II: Solutions

  • Abnormal molecular mass
  • Osmotic pressure
  • Depression of freezing point
  • Elevation of boiling point
  • Molecular Masses determination by using colligative properties

Unit III: Electrochemistry

  • Variations of conductivity with concentration
  • Lead accumulator
  • Kohlrausch’s Law
  • Conductance in electrolytic solutions

Unit IV: Chemical Kinetics

  • The concept of collision theory
  • Integrated rate equations and half-life

Unit V: Surface Chemistry

  • Brownian movement
  • Electrophoresis 
  • Lyophobic multimolecular and macromolecular colloids

Unit VI: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

  • Principles and occurrence of extraction of aluminium
  • Copper
  • zinc and iron
  • Principles and methods of extraction 

Unit VII: p-block Elements

  • Halides PCl3 
  • Ozone 
  • Sulphur-allotropic forms

Unit VIII: d and f-block elements

  • Magnetic properties
  • Interstitial compounds
  • Metallic character
  • Ionization enthalpy 
  • Preparation and properties of K2Cr2O7 and KMnO4

Unit IX: Coordination Compounds

  • Bonding
  • Introduction 
  • Ligands 
  • Coordination number
  • Werner’s theory 
  • VBT, and CFT

Unit X: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

  • Nomenclature 
  • Nature of C-X bond 
  • Substitution reactions
  • Physical and chemical properties

Unit XI: Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

  • Mechanism of dehydration
  • Uses with reference to methanol and ethanol
  • Physical and chemical properties

Unit XII: Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids

  • Nomenclature
  • Nature of carbonyl group
  • Methods of preparation
  • Physical
  • Methods of preparation

Unit XIII: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

  • Methods of preparation
  • Secondary and tertiary amines
  • Classification, structure

Unit XIV: Biomolecules

  • Polysaccharides
  • Monosaccharides 

Unit XV: Polymers

  • Some important polymers
  • Biodegradable and non-biodegradable polymers

Unit XVI: Chemistry in Everyday Life

  • Antihistamines
  • Tranquillizers antiseptics
  • Artificial sweetening agents
  • Antacids
  • Disinfectants

Physics Syllabus 


  • Electric Charges 
  • Conservation of charge
  • Coulomb’s law force between two-point charges 
  • Forces between multiple charges

Current Electricity

  • Ohm’s law, electrical resistance
  • V-I characteristics (linear and nonlinear)
  • Electrical energy and power
  • Electrical resistivity and conductivity
  • Kirchhoff’s laws and simple applications

Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

  • Electromagnetic induction

Electromotive Waves

  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic waves characteristics
  • Electromagnetic waves transverse nature
  • Electromagnetic spectrum 
  • Including elementary facts about their uses


  • Refraction of light
  • Total internal reflection and its Applications
  • Lensmaker’s formula. 
  • Magnification, power of a lens
  • Reflection of light
  • spherical mirrors
  • Mirror formula
  • A combination of thin lenses in contact

Dual Nature of Matter

  • Matter waves-wave nature of particles
  • De Broglie relation
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Hertz and Lenard’s observations

Atoms and Nuclei

  • Bohr model, energy levels, 
  • Hydrogen spectrum, 
  • Composition and size of nucleus, 
  • Alpha-particle scattering experiment

Electronic Devices

  • Transistor as a switch
  • I-V characteristics of the transistor 
  • Transistor as an amplifier (common emitter configuration) 
  • In-depth knowledge of digital and analogue signals, etc.

Communication Systems

  • Electromagnetic wave propagation in amplitude modulation as well as in the atmosphere.

Biology Syllabus 

Unit I: Sexual Reproduction

  • Pollination and fertilization in flowering plants
  • Human Reproduction, pregnancy and parturition
  • Development of seed and fruit

Unit II: Genetics and Evolution

  • Chromosome theory of inheritance
  • Deviations from the Mendelism ratio
  • Sex determination in human beings: XX, XY, 
  • Linkage and crossing over

Unit III: Biology & human welfare

  • Microbes in household food processing
  • Industrial production, sewage treatment and energy generation
  • Cancer and AIDS

Unit 4: Biotechnology and its Applications

  • Recombinant DNA technology
  • Applications in Health, Biosafety issues

Unit 5: Ecology and Environment

  • Ecosystem, and Environmental Issues
  • Organisms and Populations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who releases BSEB class 12 syllabus?

BSEB class 12 syllabus is released by the Bihar board and the syllabus is released in PDF form.

When did the BSEB class 12 exams were conducted?

BSEB class 12 exams were conducted from February 1, 2023, till February 11, 2023.

How many subjects does the BSEB class 12 commerce stream have?

  BSEB class 12 commerce stream has 5 subjects in total. While there are two subjects for the language exam, the other 3 subjects are different including ‘Bussiness Studies, Economics, Accountancy.’

How can candidates download the BSEB class 12 syllabus?

Candidates can download the BSEB class 12 syllabus by visiting the official website as the syllabus is provided in PDF form.