Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineers
Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineers
Exam Date On4th - 6th Jun 2024

SSC JE Answer Key 2024: Expected Dates and Benefits

SSC JE Answer Key 2024 is released twice, once as the provisional answer key wherein applicants can raise objections and once as the final answer key. Check details here.
SSC JE Answer Key 2024

SSC JE Answer Key 2024

SSC JE Answer Key 2024 is released after the successful conclusion of the exam. Successful qualification in Paper I will render candidates eligible for Paper II. Once available, the SSC JE Answer Key 2024 can be accessed on the official website.

Initially, the commission will unveil the provisional answer key, allowing candidates to raise objections if necessary. Following the scrutiny of candidates' claims, SSC will subsequently release the final answer key. Notably, the SSC JE Answer Key will be accessible solely through online means.

SSC JE Answer Key 2024

The purpose of the SSC JE answer key is to provide candidates who have appeared for the exam with a tool to assess their performance and verify their answers. It serves several important functions:

Transparency and Fairness

Verification of Answers

Raising Objections


Calculation of Scores

Preparing for Future Exams

Enhancing Confidence

Understanding Exam Pattern

Understanding SSC JE Syllabus

SSC JE Answer Key 2024: Dates

Check below for the expected dates for the release of the answer key:

Key Dates for SSC JE Events:

  • SSC JE Paper I Exam Date: Expected in September 2024
  • SSC JE Paper I Answer Key Date: To be announced
  • SSC JE Paper II Exam Date: To be announced
  • SSC JE Paper II Answer Key Date: To be announced

SSC JE Answer Key 2024: Steps to Download

Check below for the steps to download the SSC JE answer key once it has been released:

  • Visit the official SSC website.
  • Click on the "Answer Key" link located on the right-hand side of the homepage.
  • Select the link to download the SSC Junior Engineer Answer Key.
  • Proceed to the candidate login section.
  • Enter your roll number and password.
  • Click "Login."
  • Candidates can print the answer key for future reference.

SSC JE Answer Key 2024: How to Raise Objections?

Raising objections against the SSC JE (Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineer) answer key involves a systematic process. While the exact steps might vary based on the SSC's instructions for a particular exam cycle, here's a general guideline on how to raise objections:

Visit Official SSC Website: Go to the official website of the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

Access Answer Key Section: Look for the section related to "Answer Key" or "Objections" on the website. This section might be prominently displayed on the homepage or found in a drop-down menu.

Find SSC JE Answer Key Link: Within the "Answer Key" or "Objections" section, search for the link specific to the SSC JE exam answer key for the relevant year or cycle.

Login to Your Account: Click on the provided link to access the answer key. You might need to log in using your registration/application number and password or date of birth.

Review the Answer Key: Once you access the answer key, compare it with your recorded responses during the exam. Identify questions where you believe the provided correct answer is incorrect or where there might be discrepancies.

Raise Objections: There will likely be an option to raise objections against specific questions/answers. Click on this option to begin the objection-raising process.

Provide Details: For each question you wish to challenge, provide details such as the question number, your marked response, the response you believe is correct, and a brief explanation or reason for your objection.

Submit Supporting Evidence: In some cases, you might be asked to provide supporting evidence or references that back your claim. This could include textbooks, reference materials, or official sources.

Pay Objection Fee: There might be a fee associated with raising objections for each question. The SSC often requires candidates to pay a nominal fee per question challenged. Payment details and methods will be provided on the website.

Submit Objections: Once you've filled in the required information and made the necessary payment, submit your objections. Ensure that you double-check all details before final submission.

Track Progress: After submitting objections, you might be given a reference number or acknowledgement. You can use this reference to track the progress of your objections.

Wait for SSC's Response: The SSC will review all objections submitted by candidates. After thorough verification, they will release a final answer key that incorporates corrections, if required.

SSC JE Answer Key 2024: Calculation

Calculating Marks Using SSC JE Answer Key 2024:

To estimate your score in the SSC JE Exam using the Answer Key, you can follow this method:

  • Add 1 mark for each correct answer.
  • Deduct 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer.
  • No deductions or additions for un-attempted questions.

Formula: Number of correct answers – (Number of incorrect answers * 0.25) = Paper 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of the SSC JE Answer Key?

The SSC JE Answer Key is a document provided by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) containing the correct answers to the questions asked in the Junior Engineer (JE) exam. It helps candidates compare their marked answers with the officially provided correct answers.

Why is the SSC JE Answer Key important?

The answer key allows candidates to self-assess their performance, calculate their estimated scores, and verify the accuracy of the provided correct answers. It also provides transparency to the evaluation process.

When is the SSC JE Answer Key released?

The SSC JE Answer Key is usually released a few weeks after the respective paper is conducted. The exact timeline can vary depending on the exam cycle and SSC's schedule.

How can I access the SSC JE Answer Key?

To access the SSC JE Answer Key, visit the official SSC website and navigate to the "Answer Key" or "Objections" section. Find the SSC JE answer key link for the relevant year, log in using your registration/application details, and you'll be able to view the answer key.


Is there a fee to raise objections against the answer key?

Yes, candidates are usually required to pay a nominal fee per question for raising objections. The fee is meant to discourage frivolous objections and to cover administrative costs.


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