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MPSC Syllabus 2023: Latest Subject-wise Syllabus, PDF Download

MPSC syllabus 2023 is released by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission. The commission releases a post-wise syllabus on the official website. Candidates can download the syllabus from the official website.
MPSC Syllabus

MPSC Syllabus

MPSC Syllabus 2023: Maharastra Public Service Commission releases the MPSC syllabus. The commission releases MPSC post-wise syllabus for students applying for different posts. The syllabus is released on the official webiste. Candidates can download the MPSC syllabus PDF from the official webiste. Since the MPSC exam has three stages including prelims, mains and interview, the syllabus for prelims and mains is different from one another. 

MPSC prelims syllabus consists of two papers - paper I and paper II. Further, both papers consist of sub-topics. On the other hand, MPSC mains syllabus consists of Marathi, English, General Studies-I, General Studies II, General Studies III, and General Studies IV. After the prelims and mains round, the interview round does not have a specific syllabus, but candidates are advised to have an in-depth knowledge of general knowledge and current affairs. 

Once the candidate is done studying the syllabus, then he or she should also check the MPSC exam pattern 2023. The exam pattern is available on the official website. The exam pattern provides information on the duration of the MPSC exam, negative marking, marking scheme, and exam weightage. By understanding the exam pattern, candidates can better prepare for the exam and increase their chances of scoring well.

MPSC Syllabus 2023: Highlights 

The MPSC syllabus for 2023 is an essential resource for candidates who are preparing for the exam. The syllabus can be found on the MPSC website, and it provides a detailed overview of the topics that will be covered on the exam. Candidates can also take a look at the important highlights of the syllabus to get a better idea of what they need to study.

  • MPSC exam 2023 has two papers including prelims and mains.
  • MPSC prelims syllabus is different compared to MPSC mains syllabus. 
  • MPSC prelims syllabus have two papers including paper 1 and 2. Further, paper 1 and 2 consists of different sub-topics. 
  • MPSC Mains syllabus has subjects including Marathi, English, General Studies-I, General Studies II, General Studies III, and General Studies IV. 
  • MPSC does not provide a specific syllabus but candidates are required to have proper knowledge about current affairs, and day-to-day news. 

MPSC Prelims Syllabus 

MPSC prelims exam 2023 is the first stage of the examination. Candidates have to qualify for the prelims exam to appear for MPSC mains exam. MPSC prelims syllabus consists of two papers and further those subjects are divided into sub-topics. Candidates can take a look at the MPSC Prelims syllabus mentioned below. 

MPSC Prelims Syllabus 2023 

MPSC Paper 1 (General Studies)

  • Current affairs that are happening at the global, national, and local levels.
  • Geography of the world, India, and Maharashtra, including their social, physical, and economic aspects of the World, India, and Maharashtra.
  • The history of India, with a focus on the state of Maharashtra and the national movements that took place in India.
  • Socioeconomic development is the process of improving the well-being of people in a society. It includes factors such as economic growth, poverty reduction, education, health, and social inclusion.
  • The governance and polity of India and Maharashtra, including the political system, urban governance, constitution, public policy, rights issues, and Panchayati Raj.
  • General Science
  • Some general issues related to biodiversity, ecology of the environment, and climatic variations.

MPSC Paper 2 (Civil Services Aptitude Test)

  • Comprehension skills in English and Marathi languages, including stanzas from 10th/12th-grade textbooks without translations.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Analytical ability and Logical level reasoning.
  • Data interpretation and numerical skills for 10th grade, including data sufficiency, tables, graphs, charts, numbers and their relations, and magnitude orders.
  • General mental ability

NOTE: MPSC total marks for paper 1 and 2 is 200 respectively. This means that the MPSC syllabus for prelims for paper 1 consists of 200 marks and so as the MPSC paper 2. 

MPSC Mains Syllabus 

MPSC mains is the second stage of the examination. Those candidates who have qualified the prelims will then be eligible to appear for the MPSC mains exam. MPSC mains syllabus consists of subjects including Marathi, English, General Studies-I, General Studies II, General Studies III, and General Studies IV. Further, the given subjects are divided into sub-topics. Candidates can take a look at the following MPSC mains syllabus down below. 

MPSC Mains Syllabus 

Marathi and English (Two papers combined)

  • Precis, Essay, and Translation
  • Comprehension and Grammar

General Studies-I (History and Geography)

  • History of modern India, with a focus on Maharashtra, the establishment of British rule in India, the growth of nationalism in India, socioeconomic awareness, and sociocultural diversity.
  • Geography and Agriculture
  • The geography of Maharashtra, includes its economic geography, environmental geography, physical geography, and remote sensing.

General Studies-II (Indian Politics, Constitution and Law)

  • Indian Constitution
  • The Political System
  • State Administration and Government
  • Urban and Rural Local-level Government
  • District Administration
  • Public Services
  • Social Welfare and Social Legislation
  • Educational System
  • Parties and Pressure Groups

General Studies-III (Human Rights and HRD-Human Resource Development)

  • Human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948, youth development, child development, PwDs welfare, tribal development, and regional and international organizations.
  • Human resource development (HRD), including Indian HRD, vocational education, education, rural development, and health.

General Studies-IV (Economy and Planning, Economics of Development and Agriculture, Science and Technology Development)

  • Economics of development and agriculture, including macroeconomics, development and growth, public finance, agriculture, Indian agriculture, and rural cooperation and development.
  • Economy and planning, including rural and urban infrastructural advancement, cooperation, the Indian economy, industry, economic reforms, international trade and international capital movements, measurement and poverty estimates, the Maharashtra economy, and employment-dependent factors.
  • Scientific and technological advancements, including energy (renewable and non-renewable sources), information technology and computing, biotechnology, space technology, and Indian nuclear policy.

MPSC Interview Syllabus 

Candidates who will qualify the MPSC prelims and mains will be eligible to appear for the MPSC interview exam. Candidates should note that the syllabus for MPSC interview is not provided by the commission. However, candidates should have a sharp eye for all current affairs and general knowledge. Aspirants can take a look at the MPSC interview tips to prepare for the exam. 

  • Candidates should read the newspaper as much as they can 
  • Candidates should be well-versed in current affairs 
  • While appearing for the personality test, candidates should remain calm and confident 
  • If a candidate does not know any answer, then instead of giving a vague answer, candidates should accept that and apologise for not knowing the answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find MPSC prelims syllabus pdf?

You can look for MPSC prelims syllabus pdf on the official website of MPSC. 

Can I download MPSC prelims syllabus pdf in Marathi?

Yes, candidates can download the MPSC prelims syllabus pdf in Marathi. To download the syllabus in Marathi, candidates should visit the official website. 

Does the commission release MPSC mains syllabus pdf?

Yes, candidates can download the MPSC mains syllabus pdf from the commission's website. 


Did the commission release the MPSC syllabus 2024 yet?

No, Maharastra Public Service Commission did not release MPSC syllabus 2024. Once the syllabus is released, candidates can check it on the official website. 

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