State Bank of India Probationary Officer
State Bank of India Probationary Officer

SBI PO Salary 2023: Pay Scale, Deductions, and Benefits

SBI PO Salary structure is one of the most prominent factors drawing applicants to this job post. The basic pay for this particular post is Rs 41,960, after deductions. The average salary a PO would get ranges between INR 55000 to INR 57000.
SBI PO Salary 2023

SBI PO Salary 2023

The SBI PO Salary 2023 is an important factor for candidates applying for the position of Probationary Officer at the State Bank of India. Many apply due to the attractive incentives, benefits, and lucrative salary structure. The basic SBI PO salary for a Probationary Officer is INR 41,960 after deductions. The recent Bipartite Settlement has introduced four advance increments in the compensation scale for Probationary Officers.

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In this article, candidates can find all the details regarding the SBI PO salary slip, salary structure, basic pay, pay scale, in-hand salary, and the additional benefits extended to a Probationary Officer.

SBI PO Salary 2023

The Probationary Officer at the SBI has numerous responsibilities after the training period such as managing multiple operations like accounting, finance, billing, revenue collection, investment, etc during the probation period. 

Following is a table that entails the latest Probationary Officer’s salary structure as per the State Bank of India:

SBI PO Salary Structure

SBI PO Salary - Basic Pay

Rs 41,960/- (Increment in 4 stages)

1st Increment- Rs. 36000-1490/7

2nd Increment-Rs. 46430-1740/2

3rd Increment- Rs. 49910-1990/7

4th Increment- Rs. 63840

Dearness Allowance

46.9% of the basic pay

Medical Insurance

100% for employees

75% for families

Leased House Accommodation

Minimum- Rs 8000/-(Rural)

Maximum- Rs 29500/-(Urban)

Total Compensation (Annually)

7.5 lakhs to 12.9 lakhs

Loan Benefits

Concession on interest rates

Travelling Allowance

Reimbursement for AC-2Tier (Exclusively for official travels)


Rs 1100-Rs 1300( in case of absence of personal vehicle)

City Compensatory Allowance(CCA)

3% or 4%(depending on the place of posting)


Rs 4000/-

SBI PO Salary Deduction

The SBI PO job comes with numerous perks in terms of deductions that the PO can claim during the time of filling up the ITR and calculating tax liabilities. The in-hand salary of a Probationary Officer at the SBI becomes Rs. 52,820 after deductions from the gross salary which is Rs. 65,780. 

Following is a table that contains information regarding the SBI PO Salary Deductions: 

SBI PO Salary 2022



Income Tax

INR 3,290/-

Professional Tax

INR Rs. 200/-

PF Contribution

INR 4,196/-

Contributory Pension Fund

INR 5,274/-

Total Deductions

INR 12,960/-

SBI PO In-Hand Salary

The in-hand salary of a Probationary Officer at the SBI lies between INR 52,000 - INR 55,000 per month with the basic pay being INR 41,960. The range of the annual gross compensation of an SBI PO is INR 8.20 (minimum) Lakhs to INR 13.08 Lakhs (maximum). The SBI Probationary Officers can also avail of medical allowances, lease rental/HRA, CCA, and other reimbursements other than the basic pay. The number and amount of allowances differ according to the location of the job. 

SBI PO Salary Slip 

When preparing for the exam, a candidate's understanding of the SBI PO salary slip and its various other components is crucial. The SBI PO salary slip includes details about the salary structure of the recruited candidate. A reference picture has been attached below for the reference of candidates-

SBI PO Salary Slip

SBI PO Salary Increment

The SBI PO increment is applicable to the basic pay and the in-hand salary every year. An increment of a fixed amount is given to all the Probationary Officers at the SBI based on their service time period. The initial 4 increments of the SBI Probationary Officers are extended to them at the time of joining which makes it unique from other Bank PO exams.

Check the table below for further details-

SBI PO Increment



Basic Salary

Initial 7 years

INR 1490/-

INR 36,000/-

Subsequent 2 years

INR 1740/-

INR 46,430/-

Another 7 years

INR 1990/-

INR 63,840/-

SBI PO Salary After 5 Years

After five years, the SBI bank PO salary will increase immensely due to the higher initial basic wage. This is a result of the monthly increments in the SBI PO pay scale. Based on the pay structure, the basic SBI PO salary after five years is listed below-

  • Basic Pay SBI PO Salary After Five Years: INR 41,960
  • Net Pay SBI PO Salary after 5 Years in Hand: Approximately INR 60,270

SBI PO Allowances and Perks 2023

The SBI PO allowances comprise numerous perks such as reimbursements for house help, telecom bill, petrol, and newspaper, which costs approximately INR 10,000. If the candidate has qualified JAIIB (Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of the Bankers) and CAIIB (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers), they can get an annual increment for each qualification, respectively.

Other allowances offered to the Probationary Officers at the SBI include hill area allowance, special allowance, entertainment allowance, concessionary interest rates for house loans, car loans, personal loans, and sensitive position allowances that differ from location to location of the job posting. 

Check the table below for details on SBI PO Salary Allowances:

SBI PO Salary Allowances



Dearness Allowance

32.97% of the Basic Pay


Rural - Rs 9,000 per month

Semi-Urban - Rs 10,000 each month

Urban - Rs 17,500 per month

Metro - Rs 20,000 - 30,000 per month


Population less than 10,000


Population of 10,000 and above and less than a  lakh


Population of 1 lakh and above and less than 10 lakh


Population more than 10 lakh


60 liters per month


Rs 300 per month


Rs 2000 per month (Rs. 12500 Annually)


Rs 1500 per month

Furniture Allowance

Rs 2,00,000 for 10 years

Furniture Maintenance Allowance

20,000 per year

City Compensatory Allowance

3% – 4% depending on location

House Rent Allowance

7% – 9% depending on Place of Posting if lease not taken

Medical Insurance

100% covered for employee | 75% covered for dependent family

Traveling Allowance

AC 2-tier fare is reimbursed to the employee for official travels or Training travels

Utility Allowance

Rs 4500 annually for balti/mugs


Interest rates are reduced for home loans, car loans, and personal loans.

SBI PO Job Profile 2023

The SBI PO job profile requires the candidate to undergo a probationary period or training of 2 years. During this period, the SBI Probationary Officer is required to handle various roles and responsibilities. Some of them include -  

  • Working as a public relation manager and handling customer problems and complaints
  • Working as a manager and supervising clerks, making decisions about the overall growth and development of the bank
  • Verifying the tasks of the clerks at the SBI 
  • Awareness of the latest developments in the banking industry
  • Supervising the issuing of chequebooks, ATM cards, demand drafts, and other documents

SBI PO Job Promotion 2023

The Probationary Officer at the State Bank of India gets various perks, benefits, and allowances. In terms of career growth, the post of probationary officer at SBI is one of the most coveted jobs. There are numerous growth opportunities in this field.

Below is a list of designations for promotions at the State Bank of India:

  • Scale I (PO - Assistant Manager)
  • Scale-II (Manager)
  • Scale III (Senior Manager)
  • Scale IV (Chief Manager)
  • Scale V ( Assistant General Manager)
  • Scale VI ( Deputy General Manager)
  • Scale VII ( General Manager)
  • Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • MD & CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the range of the in-hand salary for the role of a SBI PO employee?

Those who are recruited as the Probationary Officers in SBI, get the in-hand salary ranging from INR 55000 to INR 57000. This is due to the various deductions and incentives.


What is the SBI PO starting salary?

The starting salary of an SBI Probationary Officer is INR 41,960 which is followed by three increments along with various perks and benefits.



What is the Salary of an SBI PO after 2 years?

The In Hand Salary after 2 Years is INR 59,957 for a Probationary Officer. Apart from the pay and salary, POs will get to enjoy different benefits and promotions. 


Can the PO in SBI be promoted?

Yes, there are high possibilities for several promotions in this job post. Chairman is the highest rank one can get after being promoted from a PO. One gets a chance to get promoted  as per their credibility. 


What are the different medical allowances provided to PO?

As per the guidelines, Employee gets 100% reimbursement for any medical treatment taken by the employee and 75% reimbursement for any medical treatment for the employee’s immediate family members.


What is the probation period of a Probationary Officer in SBI?

Applicants must serve the probation period for a minimum of 2 years in S During this period, candidates will go through various checks and are kept under observation.


What is the SBI PO job profile?

The job profile of a Probationary Officer (PO) in the State Bank of India (SBI) includes a wide range of responsibilities and duties including customer service, business development, account management, cash handling, load processing, branch operations, team management, marketing and promotion amongst other tasks.