Scholastic Assessment Test
Scholastic Assessment Test

SAT Syllabus 2023: Check Syllabus for Math Test, Reading Test, Writing, and Language Test

The SAT syllabus is released by the College Board on its official website for Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. The syllabus gives an overview of the subject areas and types of questions in terms of thematic and conceptual content.
SAT Syllabus 2023

SAT Syllabus 2023

SAT Syllabus 2023: The College Board provides the syllabus for the SAT exam on its official website. The SAT exam consists of three tests, which include Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, and Math Test. Each test has its own prescribed syllabus that students can check from the official website of the College Board. Candidates are advised to go through the syllabus thoroughly in order to create an informed exam preparation strategy. The SAT August 2023 exam will be conducted on August 26, 2023. 

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The syllabus consists of the subjects included in the specific test, the types of questions and the skills assessed through the questions. The SAT Math test includes subjects such as Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math. The Math test assesses the candidate’s understanding of mathematical concepts, procedural skill and fluency in Math, and application of concepts and skills to real-world problems. 

The Reading test is based on passages from literary fiction, history and social science, and science. Further, the SAT reading test assesses skills such as command of textual evidence and words in context. The Writing and Language test passages are about a range of topics such as careers, science, the humanities, and history and social studies. The passages in writing and language test can be narrative, argumentative, or informative and explanatory. In SAT Writing and Language Test, students will be assessed on the basis of their ability to correct errors in sentence structure, usage, and punctuation, and also to revise and edit texts to enhance the expression of ideas. 

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SAT Syllabus 2023

The syllabus for SAT 2023 is available on the official website of the College Board. Candidates will benefit from going through the SAT syllabus as they will know the topics, thematic and conceptual content of questions, and other details related to the types of questions. The syllabus can be viewed for Math test, Reading Test, and Writing and Language test. Each test assesses particular skills and consists of specific content areas. The syllabus gives a detailed analysis of the different types of questions and assessed skills, as well as the knowledge components. 

SAT Syllabus

SAT Syllabus: Reading Test

Subjects in Reading Test Passages

  • Literary Fiction: One passage will be sourced from a classic or contemporary work of either American literature or World Literature. 
  • U.S. Founding Document or Great Global Conversation : There will be one passage or a pair of passages from a U.S. Founding Document such as the U.S. Consititution and from a text in the Great Global Conversation. The Great Global Conversation refer to texts that are based on ideals such as freedom, justice, or human dignity. An example of great global conversation would be a speech by Nelson Mandela. 
  • Social Science Text : One of the passages will be from a work of social science such as a text from economics, psychology, or sociology. 
  • Science Text : Two passages will be from science that explore foundational concepts or recent developments in physics, chemistry, biology, or Earth science. 

Skills Assessed in Reading Test 

  • Command of Evidence: Command of evidence requires candidates to identify the part of passages that provides the strongest textual support for the answer to another question. Further, the students will need to analyse how an author uses supporting information to develop their argument or claim. Supporting information can include facts, figures, and quotations. The candidate might also be asked to locate specific information in tables, graphs, charts, and other informational graphics to derive conclusions from such data, and make connections between the data and the information and ideas in a passage. 
  • Contextual Understanding of Words: Some questions will require the candidate to figure out the precise meaning of a given word or phrase by interpreting its usage in a particular passage. The students may be asked questions wherein they will need to figure out the effects of some particular word choice. Students will have to figure how the author’s choice of a particular word, phrase, pattern of words or phrases influences the meaning, tone or style of a given passage.

Question Types in Reading Test

Type of Question


Information and Ideas

Focus Area : Interpretation of Author’s Message

  • Determining Textual Evidence

  • Understanding Central Ideas and Themes

  • Analysing connections such as cause-effect, compare-contrast, sequence

  • Contextual Interpretation of Words and Phrases


Focus Area: Analysis of How Author Conveys the Message

  • Evaluating Word Choices

  • Analysing Structure of the Text

  • Understanding perspectives

  • Determining the purpose of the text

  • Examining Arguments 


Focus Area: Making Connections Between Related Passages and Inferences from Informational Graphics

  • Evaluating Multiple Inter-related texts and making connections

  • Interpreting Data and Quantitative Information

SAT Syllabus: Writing and Language Test

Question Types in Writing and Language Test

Type of Question Details
Expression of Ideas
  • Developing and Refining the Content of a Passage

  • Enhancing the Structure of a Passage Through Logical Cohesion

  • Effective Language Use Through Precise, Concise and Syntactically Correct Word Choices and Sentences
Standard English Conventions
  • Correcting Sentence Structure

  • Correcting Grammar and Punctuation
  • Expression of Ideas: Questions based on the expression of ideas are concerned with the enhancement of the substance of the writer’s message. Expression of ideas includes topic development, organization, and effective language use. Development refers to refining the content of a passage to accomplish the purpose of the author. 

Organization signifies the structural enhancement of the passage to improve its logical flow and cohesion. Effective language use refers to the precision of word choice, concise and economical word choice, consistency in style and tone, and improving the syntactical flow of language. 

  • Standard English Conventions: Questions based on standard English conventions require the candidate to edit passages for grammatical usage, sentence structure and punctuation. Sentence structure-based questions need the student to recognize and correct sentence formation problems and incorrect shifts in sentence construction.

Conventions of usage refer to the correct usage of grammatical categories and concepts such as pronouns, possessive determiners, subject-verb agreement, punctuation and several others. Candidates are also required to differentiate between words that are frequently confused with each other (such as affect and effect) and inconsistencies in logical comparison where unlike terms are compared. 

SAT Syllabus: Math Test

Subjects in Math Test

  • Heart of Algebra: Heart of Algebra focuses on the conceptual grasp of linear equations, systems of linear equations, and linear functions. 
  1. Students are required to analyze and fluently solve linear equations and systems of linear equations. 
  2. They will also need to create linear equations and inequalities to represent relationships between quantities and solve problems. 
  3. Candidates will be required to understand and use the relationship between linear equations and inequalities and their graphs to solve problems. 
  • Problem-Solving and Data Analysis: Problem-solving and data analysis will include ratios, percentages, and proportional reasoning to solve problems in real-world contexts. It also consists of questions based on the description of relationships shown graphically and analysis of statistical data. 
  1. Students will need to create and analyse relationships using ratios, proportional relationships, percentages, and units. 
  2. Candidates will be required to represent and analyse quantitative data.
  3. Students can be asked to find and apply probabilities in context. 
  • Passport to Advanced Math: Passport to Advanced Math focuses on the Math that the student will need to pursue further study in a field such as science or economics and also for career opportunities in STEM areas of study such as science, technology, engineering, and math. The Passport to Advanced Math subject also needs an understanding of more complex concepts which will prepare the candidate for calculus and advanced statistics. 
  1. Students will need to identify and create equivalent algebraic expressions.  
  2. Candidates will be required to create, analyze, and fluently solve quadratic and other nonlinear equations. 
  3. Students will be asked to create, use, and graph exponential, quadratic, and other nonlinear functions. 
  • Additional Topics in Math: There are also additional topics from which questions are asked in the SAT Math test. Topics include surface area and volume, coordinate geometry, lines, angles, triangles, and circles. Geometry, trigonometry, and arithmetic of complex numbers are the additional subject areas in the Math test.
  1. Students will need to solve problems related to area and volume.
  2. Candidates will have to apply definitions and theorems related to lines, angles, triangles, and circles.
  3. Students will need to work with right triangles, the unit circle, and trigonometric functions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who releases the syllabus of the SAT exam ?

The College Board releases the syllabus for the SAT exam on its official website.

What does the SAT syllabus consist of ?

The SAT syllabus consists of the subject areas, and types of questions in the three tests : Math test, Reading test, and Writing and Language test.

What is the syllabus for the SAT Math test ?

The SAT Math syllabus includes topics such as Heart of Algebra, Problem-solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math.


What skills does the SAT Reading test assess?

The SAT Reading test evaluates skills such as contextual understanding of words, and command over textual evidence. 

What skills does the SAT Writing and Language test evaluate?

The skills evaluated in SAT Writing and Language test include the ability to enhance the expression of the author’s ideas and to correctly use conventions such as grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

When will SAT June 2023 exam be conducted

SAT June 2023 exam was conducted on June 3, 2023. 

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