The Institute of Company Secretaries of India - CS Exam
The Institute of Company Secretaries of India - CS Exam

ICSI CS Preparation Tips 2023: Check Important Tips and Tricks To Top The CSEET, CS Executive, and CS Professional Exams

Preparation strategy plays an essential role in preparing for a competitive exam. Good ICSI CS preparation will help the candidate to score better in the examination. Candidates who wish to become company secretary appear for the exam.
ICSI CS Preparation

ICSI CS Preparation

ICSI CS Preparation 2023: Institute of Company Secretaries of India conducts the Company Secretary exam across the country.  The exam dates for CSEET May and July sessions,  CS Executive and CS Professional have been announced by the ICSI on its official website. The exam for the Executive and Professional programme will begin on 1st June 2023 and will end on June 10, 2023. The CS exam is one of the most competitive exams and therefore it is important for candidates to prepare thoroughly for the examination. 

Candidates who are certified CS are usually those who handle the legal aspects of a business enterprise or sole proprietorship.  Exam preparation is an important aspect for all the candidates who are appearing for the CS examination.  Since the exam is conducted in the month of June, candidates have plenty of time to prepare for the examination. Though there is no exact time for candidates to begin with their preparation, candidates can start with the study as early as possible.

The first step for a candidate to begin the preparations for CS is to check the CS exam syllabus and exam pattern. With this information, candidates can have an idea of how the question paper and what all questions the exam might have. The right study material, or  ICSI CS books, is another factor that is crucial in exam preparation. These books cover most of the topics as well as the subjects in the examination.

ICSI CS Preparation 2023

A CS is in the company responsible for keeping records, maintaining and reviewing the business's tax filings, informing the board of directors on the firm's financial health, and making sure the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations. The preparation for the ICSI CS exam begins with reading and understanding the syllabus for CS Executive and Professional exam properly.  Since the syllabus for both the programmes is different, candidates who are appearing in either of the exams have to study the syllabus properly.  Hence, candidates should have an effective preparation strategy that would prove beneficial for them. 

In order to have a good CS preparation strategy, candidates should inculcate some important tips such as making notes, thorough revision and making a study plan in their preparation strategy.  The syllabus for CS included subjects such as Corporate Laws, Business Laws, Laws, Taxation Laws, Financial Management and Risk Management. 

ICSI CS Exam Important Points 



Name of exam

ICSI Exam 

Conducting Body

Institute of Company Secretaries of India

Level of examination 

National Level Exam

Mode of examination

Online and offline 

Frequency of exam

twice a year

Exam Duration

Three hours for each paper

Purpose of Exam

Training and Certifying Company Secretaries in India



Understanding CS Exam Syllabus and Marking Scheme for Exam Preparation 

Candidates who are either appearing for the Executive or Professional programme exam are advised to first focus on the CS syllabus. The syllabi for both programmers are different. Hence, the candidate who is appearing for the Executive exam has to look for the CS Executive syllabus, whereas candidates who are appearing for the Professional have to focus on the Professional syllabus.  

After studying the syllabus, candidates are required to go through the CS exam pattern 2023.  There are two modules for the CS Executive exam, and both modules have 4 papers each.  On the other hand, the Professional programme has three modules, and each module has three papers. The exam is conducted in 58 cities across India, and the mode of the paper is English.  The exam is conducted online, and offline mode, and the exam duration is 3 hours. 

Important Preparation Tips for ICSI CS Exams 

There are some important tips which candidates should follow while preparing for the examination. These tips will help to enhance the preparation of the candidates and will also help them score their desired marks. From practising mock questions to doing a thorough revision, if candidates follow these tips rigorously, then there are chances that they will do well in the CS examinations. Take a look at these simple tips here:

Plan a Strategy 

Making a strategy is the foremost step for a candidate as they begin with their CS preparation. If a candidate has their strategy aligned with their preparations, then they can easily achieve their goals. Through the study strategy, candidates can cover most of the topics from the syllabus and will also have plenty of time to do thorough revisions. 

Solve Mock Test and Previous Year Question Paper 

This is one of the most important points for candidates to incorporate in the preparation. By regularly solving the mock tests or previous year's question papers, candidates will have an idea of how the actual exam comes. This step will help in increasing the solving speed of the candidate and will also make them familiar with question types and patterns. 

Small Notes are Important

Needless to say, small notes are one of the easiest ways for a candidate to remember every important point from important topics of the syllabus. Candidates while preparing for the exam should make small notes and write down all the important points in it. Hence, when they do a revision of a particular subject or a topic, they will easily remember the points which they have jotted down in the small notes. 

Study from Right Study Material

Preparing good study material will definitely help the candidate in scoring their desired marks. While there are plenty of books for CS available in the market, only some of the books from renowned authors cover most of the subjects from the syllabus. Candidates can refer to these books while preparing for the exam to improve their preparation. 

Thorough Revision is the Key 

Once the candidate has prepared for the examination properly, they are required to do a thorough revision to keep everything in their mind. Candidates will be able to remember all the information they have studied and will be able to thoroughly review everything if they give the exam a comprehensive review.

What to do on Exam Day? 

Exam day is the main day when a candidate's efforts are tested. Candidates can imply whatever they have studied so far. To score better for the examination, candidates should keep calm and avoid getting nervous on the exam day. When candidates get nervous they tend to make mistakes which as a result can impact their scores. Hence, keeping calm is one of the most important things for a candidate to do on exam day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should candidates begin with CS preparation ?

Though there is no ideal time for candidates to begin with the CS preparation, it is always advisable to prepare as early as they can.

What strategy should candidates follow on the exam day?

Candidates should try to keep themselves calm and not get nervous as they might make mistakes due to nervousness.

What is the time duration of the ICSI CS exam?

The exam will be conducted for three hours and the mode of the examination will be English.

When will the CS exam for the Executive and Professional programme for the June session take place?

The CS exam for the Executive and Professional programme for the June session will be held from June 01, 2023 till June 10, 2023.

What are the CS exam tips that candidates should follow to ace the exam ?

Candidates should incorporate tips such as making notes, preparing strategy, and other in their preparation to help them top the exam. 

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