Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education Inter 1st Year Exam
Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education Inter 1st Year Exam

TSBIE Inter 1st Year Syllabus 2023: Check Latest TSBIE Inter 1st Year Syllabus

TSBIE inter syllabus 2023 is available on the official website of TSBIE. Students are advised to refer to the latest TSBIE inter syllabus available on the official website while preparing for the exams.
TSBIE Inter 1st Year Syllabus 2023

TSBIE Inter 1st Year Syllabus 2023

TSBIE Inter 1st Year Syllabus 2023: The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) has uploaded the TSBIE inter syllabus 2023 on its official website. TSBIE inter first year students must thoroughly go through the syllabus for the relevant subjects before beginning with the exam preparation. The TSBIE inter 1st year syllabus will contain details like the important units, topics/chapters for all the subjects.

TSBIE inter syllabus 2023 can be downloaded from the board’s official website completely free of cost. It is essential for the students to first develop a clear understanding of the TSBIE inter syllabus and then proceed with exam preparation.

Along with the syllabus, students should also go through the TSBIE Inter Exam Pattern 2023 and marking scheme for the relevant subjects. In order to strengthen their preparation, students should also solve as many TSBIE inter sample papers as possible.

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TSBIE Inter 1st Year Syllabus 2023

TSBIE inter syllabus 2023 is available on the official website of TSBIE free of any cost. Students must refer to the TSBIE inter 1st year syllabus and create an exam preparation strategy that suits them the best. The TSBIE syllabus 2023 for various inter first year subjects has been mentioned below in this article.

TSBIE Inter 1st Year Physics Syllabus 2023



Unit 1: Physical World and Measurement 

Chapter 1: Physical World

Chapter 2: Units and Measurements

Unit 2: Kinematics

Chapter 3: Motion in a Straight Line

Chapter 4: Motion in a Plane

Unit 3: Laws of Motion

Chapter 5: Laws of Motion

Unit 4: Work, Energy and Power

Chapter 6: Work, Energy and Power

Unit 5: The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

Chapter 7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion

Unit 6: Gravitation

Chapter 8: Gravitation

Unit 7: Properties of Bulk Matter

Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids

Chapter 10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter

Unit 8: Thermodynamics

Chapter 12: Thermodynamics

Unit 9: The Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases

Chapter 13: Kinetic Theory

Unit 10: Oscillations and Waves

Chapter 14: Oscillations

TSBIE Inter 1st Year Chemistry Syllabus 2023


Chapter 1: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Chapter 2: Structure of Atom

Chapter 3: Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Chapter 4: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Chapter 5: States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

Chapter 6: Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques

Chapter 7: Hydrogen

Chapter 8: Chemical Thermodynamics

Chapter 9: Equilibrium

Chapter 10: Redox Reactions

Chapter 11: s-Block Elements

Chapter 12: Some p-Block Elements

Chapter 13: Hydrocarbons

Chapter 14: Environmental Chemistry

TSBIE Inter 1st Year Mathematics Syllabus 2023



Set and Function


Relations and Functions

Trigonometric Functions


Principle of Mathematical Induction

Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Linear Inequalities

Permutations and Combinations

Binomial Theorem

Sequences and Series

Coordinate Geometry

Straight Lines

Conic Sections

Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry


Limits and Derivatives

Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning

Statistics and Probability



TSBIE Inter 1st Year Biology Syllabus 2023



Diversity in the Living World

The Living World: What is living?, Diversity in the living world, Taxonomic categories and Taxonomic aids

Biological Classification: Five kingdom classification, Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia, Three domains of life, Viruses, Viroids, Prions, and Lichens

Science of Plants – Botany: Origin, Development, Branches of botany, Branches of Botany

, Plant Kingdom, Salient features, Classification and alterations of generations of plants (Algae, Bryophytes, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms)

Structural Organisation in Plants – Morphology

Morphology of Flowering Plants: Vegetative Parts of a typical angiosperm plant, Vegetative morphology and modifications, Roots, stem, and leaf, Types, venation, phyllotaxy, Reproductive, Inflorescence, Racemose, cymose, and special types, parts of a flower and detailed description, Aestivation, Placentation, Types of fruits

Reproduction in Plants

Modes of Reproduction: Asexual reproduction, Binary fission, Sporulation, Budding, Fragmentation, Vegetative propagation in plants, Sexual reproduction in brief, Overview of angiosperm life cycle

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants: Stamen, Microsporangium, Pollen grain, Pistil, Megasporangium and embryo sac, Development of male and female gametophytes, Pollination – types, agents, Out breeding devices, Pollen – pistil interactions, Double fertilisation, Development of endosperm and embryo, Development of seed, Structure of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous seeds, Significance of fruits and seeds, Special modes – apoximis, parthenocarpy, polyembryony

Plant Systematics

Taxonomy of Angiosperms: Introduction, Types of Systems of classification, Semi-technical description of a typical flowering plant, Description of families, Fabaceae, Solanaceae, Liliaceae

Cell Structure and Functions

Cell: The unit of Life: Cell theory – overview of the cell, Prokaryotic cells

Ultra structure of plant cell, Cell membrane, Cell wall, Cell organelles, Cilia, flagella, Cytoskeleton, Nucleus, Chromosomes: Number and structural organisation, Nucleosome

Biomolecules: Structure and function of

Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic acids

Cell Cycle and Cell Division: Cell cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis, Significance

Internal Organisation of Plants

Histology and Anatomy of Flowering Plants: Tissues – types, structure and functions, Meristematic, permanent tissues, Simple and complex tissues, Tissue systems – types, structure and functions, Epidermal, ground, and vascular tissue systems, Anatomy of dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous plants, Root, stem, and leaf, Secondary growth in dicot stem and dicot root

Plant Ecology

Ecological Adaptation, Succession and Ecological Services: Plant communities, Ecological adaptations, Hydrophytes, Mesophytes, Xerophytes, Plant succession, Ecological services – carbon fixation, oxygen release and pollination

TSBIE Inter 1st Year English Syllabus 2023




Parts of Speech





Correction of Errors in Sentences

Word Grammar

Study Skills



Happiness – Carl Sandburg

A Red Red Rose – Robert Burns

The Beggar – Dr. Ammangi Venugopal

The Noble Nature – Ben Johnson

Keep Going – Edgar Guest


Two Sides of Life – Booker T Washington

Father, Dear Father – Raj Kinger

The Green Champion – Thimmakka

The First Four Minutes – Roger Bannister

Box and Cox – John Maddison Morton

Playing the Game – Arthur Mee

Short Stories

The Five Boons of Life – Mark Twain

The Short-sighted Brothers – Folklore

Sanghala Panthulu – Suravaram Prathapa Reddy

The Dinner Party – Mona Gardner

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download TSBIE inter syllabus 2023?

Students can download the TSBIE inter syllabus 2023 directly from the board’s official website. Click on the “syllabus” tab present on the website’s homepage and then download the syllabus PDFs for the relevant subjects.

From where can I download TSBIE inter model papers 2023?

You can download the TSBIE inter model papers 2023 from the official website of TSBIE. Go to the “general model question papers” tab on the website’s homepage and then download the model papers for the respective subjects.

How much time is required to prepare for the TSBIE inter examination?

Students are advised to consistently prepare for the TSBIE inter exams throughout the year. However, students must extensively start preparing for the board exams at least two to three months before the commencement of the examination.

When will the TSBIE inter results 2023 be out?

TSBIE inter results 2023 are expected to be announced in May/June 2023.

How can I check the TSBIE inter exam pattern 2023?

Students can refer to the TSBIE inter model papers 2023 in order to check the TSBIE exam pattern for the inter first year subjects.

How many times a year does TSBIE conduct the Intermediate Public Examinations (IPE)?

TSBIE conducts the Intermediate Public Examinations (IPE) for inter first and second year students on an annual basis, that is, once a year.

How can I download the TSBIE vocational model papers?

You can download the TSBIE vocational model papers from the official TSBIE website.

How to check the curriculum for TSBIE vocational courses?

The curriculum for the TSBIE vocational courses can be downloaded from the official TSBIE website itself.