Board of School Education Haryana 12th Exam
Board of School Education Haryana 12th Exam

HBSE 12th Syllabus 2024: Check Subject-Wise Syllabus

The Board of School Education Haryana releases the syllabus for HBSE senior secondary examinations. The HBSE Class 12 syllabus can be downloaded from the HBSE official website and outlines all the chapters and topics covered in each subject.
HBSE 12th Syllabus 2024

HBSE 12th Syllabus 2024

HBSE 12th Syllabus 2024: The Board of School Education Haryana (HBSE) has released the HBSE Class 12th syllabus 2024 for the different subjects that are assessed in the HBSE senior secondary examinations. Being well-versed with the syllabus is essential for the exam preparation process. The syllabus gives the student an understanding of all the chapters and topics that are important from an examination point of view. It is advisable for senior secondary students to thoroughly review the syllabus and study the chapters and topics that are covered in the Class 12 syllabus.

The syllabus for HBSE 12th board exam 2024 can be easily downloaded by students from the HBSE official website. It provides an outline of the topics covered under each chapter of all the subjects. The syllabus is available for all the subjects that form a part of the senior secondary examinations such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Political Science, History, and so on. 

Haryana HBSE Class 12th Syllabus 2024

Students are advised to diligently study all the chapters that are outlined in the syllabus. Going through the syllabus along with the HBSE 12th exam pattern is the first step towards designing a preparation strategy for oneself. Candidates can identify their strengths and weaknesses from the syllabus, and lay importance on different topics and chapters accordingly. A minimum score of 33% is required to clear the HBSE 2024 Class 12 examinations. In order to score well, students need to be aware of the chapters and topics that are covered in the syllabus and study as per the syllabus. 

HBSE 12th Board Syllabus - English

Students can take a look at the HBSE Class 12 English syllabus in the tables given below.




Vistas (Suppl. Reader)

Prose-The Last Lesson

Poetry- My Mother at


Grammar- Tense(Correct

forms of the verb)

Writing Skill- Notices

The Third Level


Vistas (Suppl.


Prose-Lost spring 

Poetry- An Elementary School classroom in a slum 

Writing skill- Advertisement, Posters 

The Tiger King 


Vistas (Suppl.


Prose-Deep Water

Poetry- Keeping Quiet

Writing skill- Reports

Journey to the End of the



Vistas (Suppl.


Prose-The Rattrap 

Poetry- A Thing of Beauty 

Grammar: Change the Narration

The Enemy


Vistas (Suppl.



Writing skill- Letter


Should Wizard Hit Mommy


Vistas (Suppl. Reader)

Prose-Poets and Pancakes

Writing skill- Paragraph

Grammar: Use of articles

On the Face of It


Vistas (Suppl. Reader)

Prose-The Interview (part I&II) 

Poetry- A Road Side Stand 

Grammar: Voice 

Evans Tries an O-Level


Vistas (Suppl. Reader)

Prose-Going Places 

Poetry- Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers 

Reading Skill : Unseen passage for Comprehension 

Memories of Childhood 

The Cutting of My Long Hair

We too are Human Beings


Reading skill: Note


Grammar : Modals

Problem solving

HBSE 12th Board Syllabus - Mathematics

Students can take a look at the syllabus for the HBSE Class 12 syllabus for Mathematics in the table given below.

Chapter Name


Relations and Functions

  • Introduction
  • Types of Relations
  • Types of Functions
  • Composition of Functions and
  • Invertible Functions
  • Binary operations


  • Introductions Matrix
  • Types of Matrices
  • Operations on Matrices. 
  • Transpose of a Matrix.
  • Symmetric and Skew Symmetric
  • Matrices
  • Elementary operation (Transformation) of a matrix
  • Invertible Matrix

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Introduction 
  • Basic Concepts 
  • Properties of Inverse 
  • Trigonometric Functions  


  • Introduction 
  • Determinant 
  • Properties of Determinants
  • Area of Triangles
  • Minors and cofactors
  • Adjoint and Inverse of a Matrix
  • Application of Determinants and Matrices


  • Introduction 
  • Integration as an Inverse 
  • Process of Differentiation 
  • Method of Integration
  • Integrals of Some Particular Functions 
  • Integration by partial fractions 
  • Integration by Parts

Application of Derivatives

  • Rate of Change of Quantities 
  • Increasing and Decreasing Functions
  • Tangents and Normals
  •  Approximations
  • Maxima and Minima

Continuity and Differentiability

  • Introduction 
  • Continuity Differentiability
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Logarithmic Differentiation 
  • Derivatives of Functions in Parametric Forms 
  • Second order Derivatives 
  • Mean Value Theorem


  • Introduction 
  • Conditional Probability 
  • Multiplication Theorem on Probability
  •  Independent Events 
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Random Variables and its Probability Distributions 
  • Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution  

Application of Integrals

  • Definite Integral
  • Fundamental theorem of Calculus
  • Evaluation Definite Integrals by
  • substitutions.
  • Some Properties of Definite
  • Integrals
  • Introduction
  • Area Under simple Curve,
  • Area between Two Curves

Three Dimensional Geometry

  • Introductions
  • Direction cosines and Direction

ratio of a line

  • Equation of a line in space
  • Angles between Two lines
  • Shortest Distance between Two
  • lines
  • Planes
  • Coplanarity of Two lines
  • Angle between Two Planes
  • Distance of a point from a plane
  • Angle between a line and a plane

Differential Equations

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts
  • General and Particular solutions of

a Differential

  • Formation of a Differential
  • Equation whose General Solutions
  • is given
  • Method of solving First order, First
  • degree
  • Differential Equation


  • Introduction
  • Some Basic Concepts
  • Types of Vectors
  • Addition of Vectors
  • Multiplication of vector by a scalar
  • Product of Two vectors

Linear Programming

  • Introduction 
  • Linear Programming 
  • Problems and its Mathematical Formulation
  • Different Types of a linear Programming Problems

HBSE 12th Board Syllabus - Physics

Candidates can take a look at the HBSE Class 12 syllabus for physics in the table provided below. 

Name of Unit

Unit-1 Electrostatics

Unit-2 Current electricity

Unit-3 Magnetic effect of current and Magnetism

Unit-4 Electromagnetic

Induction and alternating current

Unit-5 Electromagnetic waves

Unit-6 Optics

Unit-8 Atoms & nuclei

Unit-9 Electronic Devices

HBSE 12th Board Syllabus - Chemistry

The syllabus for HBSE Class 12 Chemistry examinations is given in the list below.

Unit Number

Name of Chapter

Unit 2


Unit 3 

Electro Chemistry

Unit 4

Chemical Kinetics

Unit 8

d & f Block


Unit 9

Coordination compounds 

Unit 10

HaloAlkanes And Halo Arenes

Unit 11


Unit 11

Phenols and Ethers

Unit 12

Aldehydes, Ketones

Unit 12

Carboxylic Acids

Unit 13

Amines and

Diazonium Salts

Unit 14


HBSE 12th Board Syllabus - Biology

Candidates of HBSE senior secondary examinations can take a look at the Biology syllabus given below.

Chapter Name

1 Reproduction of organisms

2 Sexual Reproduction in

flowering plants

3 Human Reproduction 

4 Reproductive Health 

5 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

6 Molecular Basis of Inheritance  

7  Evolution

8 Human Health and Disease

9 Strategies for Enhancement

in Food Production

10 Microbes in Human Welfare

11 Bio-Technology:

Principles and Processes

12 Bio-Technology And its


13 Organism and population

14 Ecosystem 

15 Biodiversity and Conservation

16 Environmental Issues 

HBSE 12th Board Syllabus - Business Studies

Unit 1 and Unit 2

Nature and significance of management,

Management –Concepts, objects,


Nature of Management,

Levels of management

Management functions co- ordinations

Principles of management: Fayol’s

Principles of management

Taylor’s scientific management

Unit 4

Planning-meaning, features, importance,


Planning process, type of plans

Unit 5

Organizing-meaning and importance steps

in the process of organizing, structure of


Delegation, Decentralization,

difference between delegation and


Unit 6

Staffing- meaning need and importance

Staffing process.

Recruitment –meaning and sources

selection , training and development

Unit 7 and Unit 8

Directing-meaning importance and


Elements of Directions

Supervision, Motivation, incentives

Financial and Non financial leadership,


leadership and communication

Controlling- meaning and importance ,

relationship between planning and

controlling, steps in the process of control

Unit 9 and Unit 10

Business finance-meaning, role, objective of financial management, financial planning, capital structure , fixed and working capital 

Financial markets- Concepts of financial market, capital market, & money market, stock exchange & SEBI

Unit 11 

Marketing-meaning , Function, role,

Distinction between Marketing and

Selling, Marketing Mix- Concepts and


Unit 12

Consumer Protection- Importance of

Consumer Protection , rights of

Consumer, Responsibility of

consumer, Ways & Means of

consumer Protection- Act, Role of

Consumer Organisation and NGOs

Unit 13

Entrepreneurship DevelopmentConcept need, function, Role of

Entrepreneur & competencies, Process

of Entrepreneurship Development,

Entrepreneurship Values, Attitudes,


HBSE 12th Board Syllabus - Accountancy

Accounting Not-for-Profit

Accounting for


Not for profit


meaning and examples

Receipts and payments

meaning and concepts

preparation of income

and expenditure A/C

and balance sheet

Nature of partnership


Preparation of capital

accounts and profit and

loss . Appropriation


Reconstitution of partnership

Change in profit

sharing Ratio

Accounting for

Revaluation GoodwillMeaning & Valuation

Admission of a partner

Retirement/ Death of a


Dissolution of partnership firm

Meaning ,Methods of


Preparation of

Realisation account &


Accounts (Excluding

piece meal distribution

and sale to a company

& insolvency of a


Accounting for

share capital

Issue of Share capital

(At Par and At


Accounting for share

Forfeiture of Share &

Re-issue of Share.

Presentation of share

& capital in

company’s balance


Accounting for

Debenture of


Issue & Redemption

of debentures, out

of proceeds of Fresh


Analysis of



Preparation of simple

Financial Statement of

a company.

Financial Analysis

Meaning significance,

purpose ,limits.



Accounting ratios –

Meaning and


Types of Ratios , liquidity Ratios ,

Solvency Ratios,

Activity Ratios,

profitability Ratios etc

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Meaning and

objectives preparation

of C.F.S. with

Adjustment related to

depreciation, dividend

and tax, sale and

purchase of Noncurrent Assets(as per

Revised standard

issued by ICAI)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who releases the HBSE 12th board syllabus ?

Board of School Education Haryana releases the HBSE 12th board syllabus on its official website. 

What does the HBSE senior secondary syllabus consist of ?

The HBSE senior secondary syllabus consists of all the chapters and topics that are a part of the different subjects in the HBSE Class 12 curriculum. 

How can students download the HBSE 12th syllabus 2024?

Students need to visit the official website of HBSE in order to download the HBSE 12th exam syllabus. On the official website, candidates are required to select ‘Sr. Secondary Class’ and go to ‘12th Class Syllabus For Session 2023-24’.

Which are the textbooks prescribed in HBSE Class 12 English syllabus ?

Flamingo and Vistas are the two textbooks prescribed in HBSE Class 12 English syllabus.

What does the HBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus include ?

The HBSE 12th board Physics syllabus consists of topics such as electrostatics, current electricity, electromagnetic waves, optics, and others.

What does the HBSE 12th board Chemistry syllabus consist of ?

The HBSE 12th board Chemistry syllabus includes topics such as chemical kinetics, solutions, electrochemistry, coordination compounds, carboxylixc acids, phenols and ethers, and biomolecules. 

What topics are covered in HBSE 12th Biology syllabus ?

The HBSE 12th Biology syllabus covers topics such as human health and disease, human reproduction, reproductive health, evolution, biotechnology, and environmental issues.

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