Telangana State Public Service Commission Group 4
Telangana State Public Service Commission Group 4

TSPSC Group 4 Question Papers 2024: Check how to download previous years' question papers

TSPSC Group 4 previous year papers helps them lead a productive and efficient exam preparation. The TSPSC old question papers can be downloaded on the official website.
TSPSC Group 4 Question Papers 2024

TSPSC Group 4 Question Papers 2024

TSPSC Group 4 Question Papers 2024: The TSPSC (Telangana State Public Service Commission) Group 4 examination is a highly competitive test that attracts a large number of aspirants vying for government job opportunities in Telangana. It is essential to have a thorough preparation plan that involves reviewing the TSPSC Group 4 previous year exams if applicants wish to succeed in the exam. These papers give potential employees a helpful understanding of the difficulty level and valuable insights into the exam format and question types.

The previous year's papers for TSPSC Group 4 Exam can be downloaded directly from the official website - Applicants must read this article to find out the benefits of solving such papers, plus the steps on how to successfully download them. 

TSPSC Group 4 Previous Years' Papers 2024

Regularly attempting the TSPSC Group 4 Previous Years Question Papers will assist candidates in learning the precise test format. Additionally, students can learn more about the overall exam format and their degree of preparedness. This enables the group 4 candidates to study thoroughly and prevent errors when answering exam questions. 

TSPSC Group 4 Question Papers 2024: How to Download?

Knowing the steps on how to download specific exam-related past papers is crucial. The steps mentioned below must be followed in order to successfully download the TSPSC Group 4 previous year papers for different exams conducted in this category-

Step 1: Visit the official website of TSPSC, which is

Step 2: Candidates must then choose the "Candidate Service" option found on the web portal's home page.

Step 3: Candidates must choose the "Old Question Papers" option 

Step 4: A list of different past papers will be displayed on the screen

Step 5: Applicants may proceed to download the exam-specific Group 4 previous year papers 

TSPSC Group 4 Previous Year Papers 2024: Benefits

As already stated in the article, solving past papers can help applicants lead an efficient and effective exam preparation. Check the points below to know some of the major benefits that can be achieved by solving these papers-

  • Helps understand the exam pattern: Previous year papers serve as a window into the TSPSC Group 4 exam pattern. By studying these papers, candidates can familiarize themselves with the structure of the examination, the number of sections, and the distribution of marks. They can gain insights into the types of questions asked, the time allotted, and the marking scheme. This understanding allows candidates to formulate effective strategies to perform to their full potential on the exam 
  • Helps in identifying important topics: Candidates can identify significant topics and subject areas that are frequently covered in the TSPSC Group 4 exam by consistently reviewing the previous year papers. Candidates may discover reoccurring subjects or themes that are more likely to appear on the actual exam. Further, candidates may focus their time and efforts on learning such important topics, resulting in a more focused and effective preparation.
  • Enhances problem-solving skills: There are several questions in previous year's examinations that test applicants' capacity for problem-solving. Candidates may improve their analytical and critical thinking abilities by regularly practising these papers. It is important to note that students develop the needed skills by consistently solving TSOSC Group 4 previous papers. 
  • Improves time management: Candidates have the chance to practise time management skills, which are essential in any competitive test. Further, they can gauge their speed and accuracy by finishing the papers in the allotted time. It enables users to create strategies to improve their performance on real exam day and helps them understand which sections or question types demand more time.
  • Helps in identifying weaknesses: Solving TSPSC Group 4  previous year papers helps candidates assess their exam preparedness and identify areas that require further improvement. By comparing their answers with the provided solutions, candidates can evaluate their performance and gauge their strengths and weaknesses. It allows them to identify gaps in their knowledge, revisit specific topics, and further modify their preparation strategy. 
  • Creates exam-like environment: A mimicked test atmosphere is created by attempting the previous year's papers. This is because candidates go through the factors, time restraints, and pressure of the real TSPSC Group 4 exam when they solve past papers. This helps them adjust to the actual test more easily. Furthermore, tackling papers with discipline and focus helps applicants build a solid exam attitude that will help them perform at their best during the actual exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can applicants find the TSPSC Group 4 previous year papers?

The past papers for Group 4 TSPSC exam can be found on the official website of the exam conducting body.

Is there any specified number of past papers that should be solved?

It is advised to complete enough sample papers from prior years to cover a variety of subjects and question types. To obtain a thorough grasp of the exam, start by solving at least the last five years' worth of papers. 


Will applicants be charged to access the official past papers?

No, there is no fee for downloading the TSPSC Group 4 previous year papers.

Will the questions from previous papers be repeated on the actual exam?

It is unlikely that the exact same questions will appear on the actual exam of TSOSC group 4. 

Is solving previous year papers enough in order to successfully prepare for the exam?

No. Even if exam preparation using past years' papers is quite beneficial, it is not sufficient. Additionally, students should use the suggested list of books and other study materials to prepare for the exam. Some applicants may also consider coaching classes.