Telangana State Public Service Commission Group 1
Telangana State Public Service Commission Group 1

TSPSC Group 1 Books 2024: Check Preparation Tips and List of Expert-Recommended Books

Check the list of TSPSC Group 1 books for different subjects in the Prelims and Mains exams. Further, applicants may check how to prepare for the exam by developing a TSPSC Group 1 exam preparation strategy.
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TSPSC Group 1 Books 2024: The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) conducts the TSPSC Group 1 exam every year. The exam includes two written tests as a part of the selection process, which are: Prelims and Mains. The third round (Interview) has now been discontinued by the examination board. The Prelims exam comprises General Studies & Mental Ability paper whereas the Mains round includes a total of 6 papers. To perform well in these papers, students must prepare for the exam well by aligning their preparation with the TSPSC Group 1 books which have been recommended by the experts. 

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Selecting a suitable set of TSPSC books and study materials will ensure that the candidate’s preparation is effective and efficient. Before purchasing any books, students must conduct proper research to make sure the books include the updated TSPSC Group 1 syllabus and pattern. Further, the purchased books should include answer keys, mock tests, and explanations and be easy to understand. Continue reading to know the TSPSC Group 1 Book list for different exam subjects. Also, read about some suggested prep tips that can help interested students in developing their TSPSC Group 1 preparation strategy

TSPSC Group 1 Books 2024

As stated in the article above, the TSPSC Group 1 exam consists of the Prelims and Mains, two significant written tests. Candidates must buy separate books for each round during their preparation because the syllabus and pattern for these tests differ. Moreover, we will explore some recommended books across the prescribed subjects, which will enable aspirants to build a strong foundation for their TSPSC exam preparation.

TSPSC Group 1 Prelims Books 2024

As discussed, Prelims is the first round of the exam, also called the screening test. Applicants will be shortlisted for further rounds based on their performance in this particular phase. This round comprises a single written exam which is further divided into different sections. Check below to know the TSPSC Group 1 Prelims Books list-



General Studies Books

  • "Indian Polity" by M. Laxmikanth
  • Kiran’s Telangana General Studies written by Dr. T. Uma Joseph
  • 1400+ Objective Questions General Studies published by Arihant Publishers
  • Vijeta TSPSC General Studies 

Reasoning and Data Interpretation Books

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by R.S Aggarwal
  • A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Mental Ability Reasoning published by Vijeta Competitions

Current Affairs Books

  • R.P. Meena’s Telengana Current Affairs Yearbook published by New Era Publication
  • "Manorama Yearbook" by Mammen Mathew
  • Yearly Current Affairs for Competitive Exams by Disha Publication Inc.

TSPSC Group 1 Mains Books 2024

The next round is the Mains exam which is comparatively vaster and includes 6 papers in total. The table below comprises these 6 papers and the suggested books to prepare for them-



General Essay

  • Selected Contemporary Essays by Saumitra Mohan
  • Essays for Civil Services & Other Competitive Examinations by Pulkit Khare

History, Culture, and Geography of India and Telangana

  • History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra
  • India's Ancient Past by RS Sharma
  • History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra
  • India after Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha
  • Telangana History Culture by Telegu Akademi

Indian Society, Constitution, and Governance

  • Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth
  • Governance in India by M Laxmikanth
  • Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja

Economy and Development of India and Telangana 

  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
  • Telangana Economy by Teugu Akademi
  • Economic Survey by Government of India (Ministry o Finance)
  • Environment Studies by DR Khuller
  • Environmental Studies Crisis to Cure by Rajagopalan

Science and Technology & Interpretation of Data

  • Science and Technology in India by Ashok Singh
  • Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey
  • Non-verbal and Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal

Telangana Movement and State Formation

  • Telangana Movement & State Formation by Telugu Akademi
  • Telangana Culture and History by Fdaytalk

Note: In addition to studying from the above-listed books, applicants must also consistently read newspapers, and magazines and watch the news to stay updated with the latest developments and events.

TSPSC Group 1 Exam 2024: Preparation Strategy

As the TSPSC exam is competitive in nature, students must work on developing a preparation strategy which they should follow religiously. This will make preparation more effective and would help applicants focus their time on different subjects equally. Below are some tips that students can incorporate into their preparation strategy to lead an efficient preparation for the exam-

TSPSC Group 1 Preparation

  • Understand the TSPSC Group 1 Syllabus and Pattern: Begin by thoroughly understanding the TSPSC Group 1 syllabus and pattern. Divide it into smaller sections and create a study plan accordingly. Make sure to cover all the subjects and topics mentioned in the syllabus.
  • Use Recommended Study Material which is Reliable: Collect recommended books, comprehensive guides, and reference materials specific to the TSPSC Group 1 exam. 
  • Join Study Groups or Coaching: Consider joining study groups or getting admitted into coaching classes if candidates want extensive help with their preparation. Interacting with peers and experts can provide additional insights and help in clarifying doubts.
  • Solve TSPSC Group 1 Previous Year Papers & Mock Tests: Regularly practice previous year papers and solve mock exams to improve time management skills and accuracy. Analyze your performance, identify weak areas, and work on them.
  • Stay Updated and Consistently Revise: Applicants must stay updated with current affairs by following the news. Moreover, they must keep revising what they have already studied so they don’t forget it. 
  • Stay Confident: Being confident is the key to success in the exam. Applicants must believe in their preparation to minimize anxiety and worries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are the TSPSC group 1 books available?

The recommended books for TSPSC group 1 are available on various E-commerce websites and can be easily accessed on such platforms. 

Should students completely rely on the recommended books for exam preparation?

While the recommended books are essential for building a strong foundation, it is advisable to supplement your preparation with other study materials, online resources, and current affairs updates. Additionally, referring to previous year papers and practising with sample questions will provide a well-rounded preparation.

Where are the TSPSC Group 1 previous year papers available?

And) The previous papers for TSPSC Group 1 can easily be accessed on the official website. 


How should one approach studying from various books at the same time?

When studying from multiple books, it is essential to have a structured approach. Begin by understanding the TSPSC Group 1 syllabus and breaking it down into topics.

Will the books for Prelims and Mains round be different?

As the syllabus is different for Prelims and Mains, with different subjects and topics in both rounds, the books may be different for each subject and section. Although, candidates may look for books which are combined but they may not be very specific. 

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