Jharkhand Public Service Commission Combined Civil Services Exam
Jharkhand Public Service Commission Combined Civil Services Exam

JPSC Preparation 2024: Check Preparation Tips & Best JPSC Preparation Books

JPSC combined civil services examination is a highly competitive exam. Thus, candidates are advised to approach the exam with the right preparation strategy. Candidates must also refer to the best JPSC preparation books while preparing for the exam.
JPSC Preparation 2024

JPSC Preparation 2024

JPSC Preparation 2024: Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) is responsible for conducting the JPSC combined civil services examination every year. Apart from the state civil services exam, JPSC also conducts recruitment exams for various other government posts. Every year, about 4 lakh people appear for the JPSC civil services examination. Since the exam is highly competitive, candidates need to put their best foot forward. 

JPSC 2024 exam is divided into three stages: prelims, mains, and interview. The JPSC exam pattern for each stage varies. Candidates are required to approach each stage differently. In this article, certain preparation tips have been given for each of these stages. Candidates are advised to go through these preparation tips and make the best use of them while preparing for the examination. 

Before developing a strong preparation strategy, candidates should refer to the JPSC syllabus for each examination. Candidates will be required to prepare from different sources for the JPSC prelims and mains (written) examination. Apart from static knowledge, candidates should also develop a strong hold on the current affairs segment. Candidates should also attempt as many JPSC mock tests and previous year papers as possible. 

JPSC Preparation Tips 2024

Each stage of the JPSC civil services examination has different requirements. Thus, civil service aspirants must read and incorporate the following tips and tricks in their exam preparation strategy.

JPSC Preparation Tips 2024: Preliminary Examination

  • Understand the syllabus and exam pattern well

Aspiring candidates must first focus on understanding the JPSC syllabus and exam pattern well and then move on to the actual preparation part. Since the JPSC syllabus for the preliminary examination is well-detailed, candidates must read it carefully and focus only on the important topics. 

  • Write multiple mock tests

The candidates need to attempt enough mock tests to feel confident about their exam preparation. By solving mock tests, candidates can know how much time they take to attempt the paper and tweak their strategy accordingly.

  • Analyse your mock tests

Simply writing mock tests is not enough. Candidates must also analyse their mock tests, look at their strong and weak points and make the required changes in their preparation plan.

  • Analyse previous year papers

Candidates must also analyse the previous year's question papers and figure out the topics or questions that are repeated over the years. This way, candidates can focus more on important topics and avoid wasting time elsewhere.

  • Make crisp notes

Nothing can be as effective as self-made notes. Candidates should make their own notes as this would help them with speedier revision and better content retention.

  • Repeated revision a few days before JPSC Prelims

Repeated revision a few days before the exam cannot be emphasised more. A few days before the exam, candidates should stop taking up new topics and they should just revise what they have learnt so far.

  • Practise filling up the OMR sheet

Candidates often make the silly mistake of incorrectly filling up the OMR sheet while writing the exam. Thus, candidates should also practise filling the OMR sheet properly before the exam.

 JPSC Preparation Tips 2024: Mains Examination

  • Go through the syllabus and exam pattern

Civil service aspirants must go through the JPSC mains syllabus and exam pattern well. The syllabus will guide the candidates about how to prepare for the examination.

  • Practise mock tests

Candidates should practise enough mock tests to be able to complete the paper on time on the day of examination.

  • Make notes in form of sample answers 

Candidates are advised to make notes in the form of sample or model answers for JPSC mains. This will help the candidates to save time on the day of actual examination.

  • Analyse trends from previous year papers

Candidates should also carefully go through the past year papers and prepare the important or repetitive topics on priority.

JPSC 2024 Preparation Tips: For Interview

  • Revise your notes

Candidates should revise their prelims and mains notes from the interview point of view. Questions from any topic can be asked in the JPSC interview.

  • Go for mock interviews

Candidates should sit in a couple of mock interviews, get feedback from the panel and work on their weak areas before the actual interview.

  • Ask questions to yourself

Candidates are also advised to do a self-analysis or self-interrogation about their opinions on various topics, issues etc.

  • Ask your friends and family to interview you

Candidates can even as their friends and family to pose questions to them and they can practise coming up with suitable answers for those questions.

  • Stay updated with current affairs

Current affairs are very important from the JPSC interview point of view. Candidates should regularly read newspapers and stay updated with the latest state, national and international news and events.

JPSC Books 2024

Candidates will have to refer to different books for JPSC preliminary and mains examinations. The best JPSC preparation books for all papers and subjects have been mentioned below.

JPSC Books 2024: For Preliminary Examination



Book and Author/Publication

Paper I: General Studies

History Of India

Ancient Indian History:- India’s Ancient Past by Rs Sharma

A History Of Medieval India by Satish Chandra

Modern Indian History: Struggle Of Independence by Bipin Chabbra

Economic And Sustainable Development Indian Polity And Governance

Indian Economy by Shanker Ganesh

Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth

Magbook Indian Polity And Governance by Arihant Publications

Geography Of India

Geography (Class 6-12) by NCERT

Geography Of India by Mahesh Kumar Barnawal

Paper II: General Studies Of Jharkhand

History Of Jharkhand

History Of Jharkhand by Dr A.K. Chaturvedi And Rinki Agrawal

Culture Of Jharkhand

Know Your State Jharkhand by Arihant Experts

JPSC Books 2024: For Mains Examination



Book and Author/Publication

Paper I: General English And Hindi

General English

Objective General English by Rs Aggarwal

Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi

General Hindi

Bharat Ki Rajvyavastha by M. Laxmikanth

Paper II: Language And Literature

Language chosen by the candidate out of the 15 languages

Any well-known books for the relevant language 

Paper III: Social Science

Social Science

Class 6-12 Books by NCERTs


Indian, Heritage, Art And Culture by Madhukar Kumar Bhagat


Geography Of India by Mahesh Kumar Barnwal

Paper IV: Indian Constitution And Politics

Indian Politics

Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth

Public Administration

Public Administration by M.Laxmikanth


Administrative Thinkers by D.Ravindra Prasad

Paper V: Indian Economy And Globalisation

Indian Economy

India Economy By Datt And Sundaram

Sustainable Development

Environment And Sustainable Development by M.H.Fulekar


Politics Of Globalisation by G.Kaur, Dr. Harpreet

Paper VI: General Science And Technology

General Science

General Science For Competitive Exams by B.K. Editorial


Developments In Science And Technology by Spectrum Books Private Limited

General Science And Technology by Satya Prakash


Environmental Studies by Dr. P K Pandey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find the latest JPSC syllabus pdf?

Candidates can download the latest syllabus pdf from the official website of JPSC. Click on the “syllabus” tab on the website’s homepage and download the required syllabus pdf.

How to check the latest JPSC exam pattern 2024?

Candidates can check the latest exam pattern from the official JPSC exam notification. The notification can be downloaded from the commission’s official website.

Can I prepare for the JPSC combined civil service examination without any private coaching?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for the JPSC exam without going to any private coaching. However, candidates must ensure that they receive the right guidance with regard to the exam preparation process from a trusted source.

How much time is required to prepare for the JPSC combined civil service examinations?

Candidates must start preparing for the JPSC CCS exam at least one year prior to the date of the examination. Since the exam syllabus is vast, candidates are required to put in enough time and effort while preparing for the examination.

How to download the JPSC previous year question papers?

JPSC previous year's question papers are available on the official website. Candidates can download the required previous year's papers completely free of cost from the official website.

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