BSSC Competitive Graduate Level
BSSC Competitive Graduate Level

BSSC Preparation Tips 2023: Check Essential Tips and Tricks To Excel in the Prelims, Mains and Interview

BSSC preparation can help the candidate to enhance their score. To begin with the preparation, candidates must check the BSSC syllabus, exam pattern, and marking scheme.
BSSC Preparation

BSSC Preparation

BSSC Preparation: Bihar Staff Selection Commission also known as BSSC is responsible for conducting the recruitment examination in order to recruit candidates for various posts offered under the administration of the Bihar government. The recruitment exam is conducted annually and has three stages including the prelims, mains and interview. In order to qualify for all three stages of the exam, candidates must have thorough preparation. 

Candidates must emphasise the BSSC preparation to qualify for the exam and to score their desired marks. Since there are three stages in the examination, the BSSC syllabus for all three stages is different. Needless to say, the syllabus is the first thing that a candidate should study when he or she begins the preparation for the examination. After having an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus, candidates should then move to understand BSSC exam pattern and marking scheme. 

Exam pattern and marking scheme are two aspects of the examination that helps the candidate to know about the duration of the exam, total marks in the exam, and which subject has the highest weightage. Further, candidates should refer to good books and study materials which will help them to understand what kind of questions will be asked in the examination. 

BSSC Preparation 

BSSC preparation should ideally be started by studying the syllabus for prelims and mains which has been prescribed by the education body. Candidates must devote a lot of effort to each topic because the prelims and mains exams have a broad syllabus. Further, candidates should refer to the  BSSC exam pattern and marking scheme. To make the preparation full-fledged, candidates should buy the best books for the BSSC examination. Apart from BSSC books, candidates can also refer to study materials which are usually offered by the coaching institutes. 

Apart from these three aspects, there are a bunch of tips which a candidate should add to his or her preparation strategy to score their desired marks. Such strategies can include points like making small notes of important information, making a study plan, doing thorough revision,  and many more. 

When and How to begin With BSSC Preparation

Candidates frequently wonder when and how to start preparing for the BSSC examination. Candidates must understand that there is no ideal time to start with BSSC  preparation. Since the BSSC is a recruitment exam, it has a thorough syllabus and demands a significant amount of preparation time. So, it is best if the candidate starts their preparation as soon as possible. Students will have plenty of time to completely revise their syllabus if they begin their preparation early. 

Additionally, understanding the syllabus is a good place to start when figuring out how to start your BSSC preparation. Candidates can move on to the exam pattern and marking scheme after having a good idea of the BSSC syllabus.  These 3 aspects are the full-fledged way to prepare for the BSSC examination.

Important BSSC Preparation Tips for Prelims and Mains 

Once the candidate has understood when and how to begin with their BSSC preparation, candidates should, then there are certain preparation tips that candidates must add to their preparation strategy to enhance their study plan. There is a chance that the applicant will get their desired exam scores by applying these suggestions when studying for the test.

  1. Make a Study Plan 

The first step towards preparing for the BSSC examination is to make a study plan. The study plan will help the candidate to devotee time to all the topics in a specific way. Once the candidate has made the study plan, then they should strictly follow them. However, candidates must set a goal while making the study plan as it will help the candidate keep going till the time they don’t achieve the goal. 

  1. Refer to Best BSSC Books

Candidates should refer to the best books recommended for the BSSC exam. However, while purchasing the books, candidates must know that the books should cover most of the syllabus and marking scheme. Further, the book should also be easy to understand. These books will help candidates to know what kind of questions will be asked in the examination

  1. Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern 

It is very important for candidates to study the syllabus and understand the exam pattern before beginning the preparation. The BSSC syllabus and marking scheme will shed light on the types of questions that will be asked during the exam and how many marks a specific subject contains. Understanding both aspects of the BSSC examination will help the aspirant to crack the exam easily. 

  1. Practise Previous Year Questions and Mock Test

When the candidate frequently practises previous year's questions, they get a better idea of how and what kind of questions will be asked in the examination. Apart from that, candidates will have an idea of how to manage time. 

  1. Make Small Notes

While studying for the exam, candidates should jot down any key points they come across in brief notes. Candidates can use these useful little notes as a resource while preparing.

  1. Do Thorough Revision 

Regular revision is necessary to help candidates retain the concepts they have learnt as well as the subjects they have already studied. Aspirants should often do a revision to ensure that they don't lose crucial facts.

KeyTips To Follow on Exam Day

The exam day is the D day for all the candidates who have been doing hard work to prepare for the examination. Often candidates tend to get nervous on the day of examination which can ruin their preparation. Hence, it is advisable for candidates to remain calm as much as they can and approach the examination with a positive attitude. If the candidate gets too flustered, then there are chances that he or she might forget whatever they have studied so far. It is always advisable to remain calm and appear for the exam in a happy mode. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who conducts the BSSC exam?

BSSC exam is conducted by the BSSC and the notification for the specific year is released on the official website.

What are the tips that candidates can incorporate to make their preparation strong?

Tips such as making a study plan, making small notes, practising previous year questions and others can be incorporated into a candidate's preparation to make it better.

What is the first step for candidates to start preparing for the exam?

The first step for candidates to prepare for the examination is to start studying the syllabus. Later, candidates can study exam patterns and marking schemes.

What is the mode of application form for the BSSC exam?

The BSSC application form will be made available online and candidates can check and fill the form online. 

What should candidates do on the exam day?

On exam day, candidates should remain calm and appear for the exam with positivity. 

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