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Indian School of Business - Hyderabad

ISB Hyderabad Cutoff 2023: GMAT Scores, GRE Scores, Selection Criteria

Hyderabad, Telangana

ISB Hyderabad Cutoff 2023: The Indian School of Business, Hyderabad accepts the GMAT/GRE scores for admission to its flagship PGP program. Since ISB Hyderabad is one of India's top business schools, the admissions requirements are stringent. In order to be called for the interview phase, individuals who took the GMAT in 2023 must have a score of at least 720. Similar to this, applicants who took the GRE exam must have a score of at least 310 in order to be contacted for the interview stage. After the interview phase is successful, the final merit list is created based on which admission is offered.

ISB Hyderabad admission to the PGP program not only requires a valid GMAT/GRE score but also a work experience for a minimum of 2 years. Candidates fulfilling all the eligibility requirements are called for the ISB Hyderabad PGP Interview.

Students must also note that ISB Hyderabad also accepts NMAT scores for admission. The NMAT cutoff for ISB Hyderabad remains at 140-145. 

ISB Hyderabad GMAT Cutoff 2023

Interested candidates can check the ISB Hyderabad GMAT Cutoff 2023 in the table below:

Entrance Exam

Cut off Score

GMAT Score

710 and above

ISB Hyderabad GRE Cutoff 2023

Candidates who are wishing to take admission at ISB Hyderabad and are preparing for the GRE exam must know the required cutoff for admission. The ISB Hyderabad GRE score is given in the table below:

Entrance Exam

Cut off Score

GRE Score

320 and above

ISB Hyderabad NMAT Cutoff 2023

Candidates who have a valid NMAT score are also eligible for admission to ISB Hyderabad. The minimum score that candidates must have in their NMAT exam to get a called for the interview round can be seen in the table below

Entrance Exam

Cut off Score

NMAT Score

140 and above

ISB Hyderabad Category-wise Cutoff 2023

ISB Hyderabad does not offer reservations or quotas to reserved categories to its PGP program. Hence, the ISB Hyderabad cutoff remains the same for all categories.


GMAT Score

GRE Score

NMAT Score


720 & Above

320 & above

140 & above







Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a cut-off score for the GMAT/GRE for PGP?

There is no cut-off score for the GMAT/GRE. GMAT scores in the current class range from 600 to 780, while GRE scores range from 311 to 335.

Does ISB Hyderabad accept CAT percentile scores?

No, CAT scores are not applicable for admission to ISB Hyderabad.

Is it mandatory to take the GMAT/GRE before applying to PGP?

Yes, before submitting the application, the applicant must take the GMAT or GRE and submit the results.

Can I apply with a Test Centre score report of the GMAT/GRE?

You can, indeed. You can submit the application and the test center's/unofficial score report together. Within three weeks after submitting an application, the Admissions Team should receive the official score report from Pearson VUE (GMAT) or ETS (GRE).

Does ISB require the IR score for evaluation?

The scores of the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section will not be taken into account while evaluating your application.

How long does it take for the Official GMAT/GRE scores to reach ISB?

The official scores take up to three weeks to reach us after you report them.

Can the GMAT / GRE requirement be waived under exceptional circumstances?

No, GMAT/GRE scores requirement cannot be waived under any circumstances.

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