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Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti - Post Graduate and Trained Graduate Teachers

NVS Preparation Tips 2023: Check Essential Tips and Tricks To Excel in the TGT, PGT Exams

Candidates should have a well-planned NVS TGT, PGT exam strategy to ace the teaching exam. From selecting the right study material to revising thoroughly, candidates must follow some simple tips and tricks to amp up their preparation level.
NVS TGT, PGT Preparation Tips

NVS TGT, PGT Preparation Tips

NVS Preparation 2023:  NVS known as Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti is known for conducting exams for TGT, PGT posts in the teaching field. Candidates who are appearing for the examination are advised to have thorough exam preparation since the syllabus of the examination is comprehensive in nature. Without a thorough NVS TGT PGT exam preparation, candidates might not be able to clear the examination or might not score their desired marks. Hence, it is very essential for aspirants to chalk out a study plan and study accordingly.

To begin with the exam preparation, candidates are advised to check the syllabus for the respective exam. If a candidate is appearing for the TGT exam, then he or she should check the syllabus prescribed for the TGT exam. On the other hand, If a candidate is appearing for the PGT exam, they should look for the prescribed PGT syllabus. Apart from the syllabus, another important aspect is the exam pattern as well as the marking scheme.

Exam pattern, as well as marking scheme, will help the candidate to understand the pattern of examination which means whether the exam will be in online mode, duration of the exam, total marks of the examination and other details. The marking scheme of NVS will help the candidate to understand which topic of which subject carries the maximum marks and which areas candidates are required to focus on more. 

NVS Preparation

A thorough preparation for NVS TGT, PGT exam is a complete game-changer for candidates preparing for the examination. There are several tips and tricks that a candidate can incorporate into their study plan which can enhance their preparation. From chalking out a study plan to revising the syllabus thoroughly, candidates can easily prepare for the examination. 

The NVS TGT, PGT exams have two stages and candidates are required to clear both stages in order to get recruited for the post they have applied for. While the first stage is a CBT written test, the other stage is an interview. In the written test, candidates have to prepare from the syllabus prescribed by the education body and the interview stage will be clear on the basis of the interview or the personality which the candidate gives. 

When and How to Begin with NVS TGT PGT Preparation 

One of the important questions that a candidate always faces is when and how to begin with the NVS TGT, PGT preparation. Hence, to answer the question of when to begin the preparation, then candidates must know that as early they start with the exam preparation, the better it is for the aspirants. With an early start to the preparation, candidates will have plenty of time on their hands to cover each topic and to revise everything as well. 

Further, to understand how to begin with the preparation, candidates must know that the first step towards preparing for any competitive exam is the thorough check of the syllabus. Once aspirants have studied the syllabus well, candidates should look for good study material and NVS TGT PGT books. With the right study material and NVS books, candidates can easily understand the type of questions asked in the examination and can then work on their preparation. 

Important NVS TGT, PGT Preparation Tips 

There are several tips that candidates can incorporate into their study plan which will help in levelling up their preparation. If the candidate follows these preparation tips thoroughly, then there are chances that the candidate will score their desired marks in the examination. From time management to making small notes, some of the preparation tips are given below: 

Make a Study Plan 

Making a study plan is extremely important for candidates as it will help them to divide their time among specific subjects accordingly. Further with a study plan, aspirants can set their goals and by following the plan made by them can also achieve those goals. However, aspirants should follow the study plan rigorously in order to achieve their goals.

Time Management 

It is no hidden fact that time management plays an essential role for all the candidates appearing for the examination. With the right time management, candidates can focus well on each topic. If the time management technique is accomplished in the right way by the candidate then he or she will have plenty of time in their hands to revise the topics which they have studied so far. 

Make Small Notes

While studying for each topic, candidates are advised to make small notes of the important points which they came across while studying. Writing those important points on a sticky note can prove beneficial for candidates as during revision, aspirants will have an idea about the important points of that topic. Also, these small notes come in handy and candidates can easily amp up their revision. 

Read the Syllabus and Understand the Exam Pattern

One of the important steps in NVS TGT, PGT preparation is to read the syllabus thoroughly and understand the exam pattern of the exam. The reading syllabus will help candidates to have an idea of the kind of questions asked in the examination. On the other hand, understanding the exam pattern will shed light on the important aspects of the exam such as the duration of the exam, the mode of the examination, the format of the question paper and other details. Once the candidate has a better idea of the syllabus, exam pattern and marking scheme, then they can begin with their preparation. 

Select the Right Study Material

Study material or NVS TGT, PGT books are essential for candidates in their preparation. With the right study material or books, candidates can amp up their preparation for the teacher examination. Further, candidates should know that the syllabus for both exams has different subjects, hence candidates have to purchase subject-specific books. 

Do Thorough Revision 

Another important aspect is to do thorough revision. With an in-depth revision, candidates can brush up the topics which they have studied so far. Further, in this process, candidates can also use the small sticky notes in which they have written the important points of the particular topics. Thorough revision can enhance the candidate’s preparation helping them to score their desired marks. 

Tips for Exam Day 

Exam day is the main day when the candidate’s preparation will be put to test. Hence, it is very important to stay calm on this day and avoid any mishap. Generally, candidates tend to get flustered on exam day which as a result can ruin their preparation as well as the exam. So, it is important to stay calm, eat well and remain positive on exam day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who conducts the NVS TGT, PGT exam ?

The NVS TGT, PGT exam is conducted by the NVS itself. The exam conducting body releases the official notification regarding the exam dates and other information.

What are the important exam tips that candidates can use while preparing for the exam ?

Some of the important tips that candidates can incorporate in their preparation to enhance it are: 

  • Making a study plan
  • Making small notes 
  • Selecting the right study material 
  • Doing thorough revision 

How much time should a candidate dedicate towards each topic?

While there is no specific answer to this question, it is always advisable that candidates must prepare the topic well and if it is a tough one, then aspirants can also dedicate more time than usual to the specific topic. 

What is the right time for candidates to start the NVS TGT, PGT exam preparation?

While there is no ideal time for candidates to begin with the NVS TGT, PGT preparation, candidates are always advised to begin preparation as early as they can so that they have plenty of time to do revision.

How many stages does the NVS TGT, PGT exam have?

The NVS TGT, PGT exam has 2 stages which is a CBT written test followed by an interview. Candidates have to clear all the stages in order to get recruited.