Punjab Public Service Commission Exam
Punjab Public Service Commission Exam

PPSC Preparation 2023: Check Preparation Strategy for Punjab State Civil Services Examination, Useful Books for Preparation for Each Subject

PPSC exam preparation requires thorough and consistent study and alignment of the preparation strategy with the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, syllabus of the examination, and useful resources such as newspapers, books, and informative videos.
PPSC Preparation 2023

PPSC Preparation 2023

PPSC Preparation 2023: The Punjab State Civil Services Examination is conducted by the Punjab Public Service Commission. The PPSC examination is held in two phases, which are, the preliminary examination and the main examination. The PPSC preliminary examination is a screening test that selects candidates for the main examination. Candidates need an effective preparation strategy to clear the Punjab Civil Services examination and are advised to begin their preparation well in advance. 

The PPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam consists of two subjects or sections: General Studies and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT). The PPSC Main examination includes General Studies, Punjabi, English, Essay, and Interview. Every section of the examination needs a different preparation strategy, study material, and resources. In this article, we will go through important preparation strategies for each subject as well as helpful resources to support the candidate’s exam preparation. 

For the General Studies section, candidates need to be well-versed in current affairs and recent events of National, State, and International importance. It is recommended that candidates thoroughly read reputed newspapers and make notes of the news-related information that is essential from an examination point of view. It is crucial that aspirants read the newspaper consistently on a daily basis to have a strong grip on current affairs.  

PPSC Preparation 2023

Candidates can also watch informative programs and videos that are based on the syllabus of the Punjab State Civil Services Examination. The Main Examination consists of topics and subjects such as History, Geography, Society, Indian Constitution and Polity, Governance and International Relations, Economy, Statistics, Security Issues, Science and Technology, Environment, and others. Furthermore, aspirants need to go through their NCERT textbooks to prepare for the PPSC examination. 

Candidates can take help from online resources such as E-books, mock test papers, and video lectures. For the Punjabi and English language papers, candidates are encouraged to strengthen their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. It is advisable to utilize resources such as online dictionaries, translation tools, and language learning videos that are available to enhance the preparation for the language papers. Candidates will also benefit from analysing their own strengths and weaknesses and tailoring their preparation plan in accordance with it. 

PPSC Preparation Strategy 2023

Candidates can check the important preparation tips for Punjab State Civil Services Examination given below : 

PPSC Preliminary Examination Preparation Tips

  • Know Exam Pattern and Syllabus: Candidates are required to be aware of the exam pattern of the Preliminary Examination in order to prepare for it accordingly. The PPSC Preliminary Examination consists of General Studies and Civil Services Aptitude Test(CSAT). These two sections comprise of objective type multiple-choice questions. The CSAT exam consists of reading comprehension, logical reasoning, analytical skills and mental ability, numerical skills, and data analysis. 
  • Focus on Concepts: CSAT exam preparation requires a focus on foundational concepts and sufficient practice of sample questions. It is important for candidates to ensure that their conceptual understanding is clear and that, they are able to apply those concepts to solve the sample questions. 
  • Read Newspaper and News Analysis: For the General Studies paper, candidates need to read the newspaper consistently and thoroughly and make note of all the important points. Aspirants will also benefit from going through news analysis in editorial articles, videos, and other resources. 
  • Practise Mock Test Papers: It is essential for aspirants to practise as much as possible from the mock test papers as they give the candidates a better understanding of their current preparation level, the exam pattern, question types, and topics that are important from the examination point of view. 

PPSC Main Examination Preparation Tips

  • Be Familiar with Exam Pattern and Syllabus: The Main Examination consists of 7 compulsory papers that are descriptive/subjective in nature. There are four papers in General Studies, an Essay paper, and language papers in Punjabi and English. Candidates need to be thoroughly aware of the syllabus and exam pattern in order to prepare accordingly. 
  • Practise Writing Descriptive Answers: It is essential for aspirants to get ample practice in writing answers to subjective questions. While preparing for the Main Exam, candidates can make mind maps and flowcharts that will help them to remember and recollect the content for descriptive answer writing easily. Further, students can take the help of mock test papers to practise answer writing to subjective questions. 
  • Prepare for Current Affairs: Current affairs are important for the General Studies Papers in the Mains Exam. The most effective way to prepare for current affairs is to read the newspapers daily and thoroughly. Candidates should have adequate knowledge of the current events of National, State, and International importance that are related to the subjects of polity and international relations, history, geography, society, economics, and others.