Test of English as a Foreign Language
Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL Slot Booking 2023: Step-wise Slot Booking Process for TOEFL

The TOEFL slot booking determines the date, time, and location of the exam slot. Read to check the factors that should be considered when a student books a TOEFL test slot. Know when to finalize the exam slot, and learn the ETS termination policy.
TOEFL Slot Booking 2023

TOEFL Slot Booking 2023

TOEFL Slot Booking 2023: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a product of Educational Testing Services. Recognized by top schools and organizations, TOEFL is used as an admission criterion that examines the language skills of interested applicants. It is specifically designed for applicants planning to settle or pursue higher education in countries where English is the dominant language. Hence, TOEFL tests candidates on their ability to write, read, speak, and understand the English language. In order to give the test, students must book a TOEFL slot through the official website of ETS. 

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TOEFL can be given throughout the year according to the applicant’s personal preference and available test dates. This means that the TOEFL exam does not have fixed or official exam dates. With this flexibility,  it is natural for students to be confused about when to book an exam slot, or even how to book one. Continue reading to understand the TOEFL slot booking process and learn the factors that should be considered before finalizing an exam slot. 

TOEFL Slot Booking 2023

Just like other language fluency tests, the TOEFL exam can be given at a test centre or at home. Moreover, students need to understand the different test types and options before booking a TOEFL slot. ETS offers TOEFL IBT and Essentials as two testing options that students are required to select from. 

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The TOEFL slot booking process for both test types will be similar. Once the students have decided on which test to give and whether to give the exam at a centre or home, online or in a paper-based format, they may proceed to book an exam slot. 

Steps to Book a TOEFL Slot

The steps listed below must be followed by applicants in order to successfully book a TOEFL slot:

  • Register for the TOEFL test by making an ETS account
  • Choose the preferred test type and mode
  • Select the appropriate TOEFL Test Center and Date 
  • Pay the Fee
  • Carefully read the confirmation mail
  • The slot would have been successfully booked

Difference Between TOEFL Slot Booking and Registration

As the TOEFL registration and slot booking process are similar and more or less serve the same purpose, students may question the main difference between them. The primary difference between TOEFL slot booking and registration is that, in order to register, a candidate must first register on the official website by entering personal information. While the candidate must decide on the time, date, and test location for the slot booking process.

Only after the candidate has enrolled for the test will it be possible to book a slot for TOEFL. Every time an applicant wants to take the exam, a slot must be booked. For instance, if the applicants intend to retake the exam, they will need to book the slot once more but won't be required to re-register.

TOEFL Slot Booking 2023: When to book a slot?

As discussed earlier, the TOEFL exam does not have any specified exam dates. As the exam can be given year-round, students may question when to book the exam slot.

When selecting a test date, it's crucial for students to take their complete schedule into account. In addition to ensuring that results are received before the universities' application deadline, they may want to allow time for retesting. Regular registration can be done 7 days prior to the test date but experts have advised booking a slot at least 3 to 4 months in advance.

A few factors must be greatly considered by students before finalizing the exam date. Below are some of these factors: 

  • Application deadlines of the targetted universities and institutions
  • Personal preparation level of candidates
  • The window for building one’s application (SOPs, LORs, etc)
  • Window for Re-test
  • The window for giving aptitude tests like GRE

TOEFL Exam 2023: Test Termination

The test centre administrator has the authority to terminate students from the exam centre and/or stop the test due to bad conduct. ETS reserves the right to hold and/or cancel test results and/or bar individuals from taking the TOEFL in the future if they violate any of the rules outlined on the TOEFL website or otherwise made known to the test takers on test day, including but not limited to-

  • Attempting the test for someone else
  • Attempting to remove any test content
  • Working even after the time limit has expired
  • Failing to provide valid identification and information
  • Obtaining access to test content in advance
  • Having found to be using electronic devices
  • Having contents like calculators, unauthorized papers, digital pens or watches, books, pamphlets, highlighter pens, rulers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the full form of TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language is the full form of the TOEFL exam. It is one of the most widely used language proficiency tests that is offered by Educational Testing Services.

When should one book a TOEFL slot?

Even though an exam slot can be booked a week before the test date, experts have advised candidates to book a TOEFL slot 3 to 4 months prior to the exam date. This will enable students to avoid any last-minute errors.

How often is the TOEFL exam offered?

The TOEFL exam is offered throughout the year and candidates can book an exam slot according to their preference and the availability of exam dates. 

Where can one book a TOEFL slot?

One can book an exam slot for the TOEFL exam on the official website of ETS.

Will a candidate need to book a slot even if he/she has already registered for the exam?

Yes, registration and slot booking are two different processes. After a student is done registering for the exam, the slot booking would be done once the student finalizes the exam date, time, and location. He may be asked to book a slot again when he applies for a reschedule, or a re-test but would not be asked to re-register.