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UPPSC Books 2024: Subject-wise Books for the UPPSC Exam

The market is flooded with study guides and UPPSC books, making it difficult for applicants to decide which ones to employ for their preparation. Check the best UPPSC general and subject-specific publications, as well as the publishers here.
UPPSC Books 2024

UPPSC Books 2024

UPPSC Books 2024: The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) administers various recruiting exams for different positions in the state government of Uttar Pradesh. When students prepare for these exams, they should review the expert-recommended books that cover the UPPSC syllabus and pattern. Preparing from such books can help applicants lead a productive and fruitful preparation that helps bring the desired results.

Check: UPPSC Syllabus

Various study materials and books are available in the market which may confuse applicants as to which sources they should prepare from. Candidates may find the best general and subject-specific books, as well as the author and publisher, in this article. These books can help applicants understand the UPPSC pattern along with the different question types. 

UPPSC Books 2024

Before discussing the expert-recommended books, let us know the exam pattern of UPPSC so that students have better clarity when selecting the books. The table below includes exam format highlights:


Exam Details

Exam Name


Total Stages




Exam Mode


Exam Level


Exam Type


Exam Duration

2 Hours

Maximum Marks

200 each

UPPSC Prelims Books 2024

The exam pattern clearly states that there will be two main stages in the selection process which are Prelims and Mains. Different papers and topics will be covered in these rounds and hence the study material for them may also differ. Following are some expert-recommended UPPSC prelims books that can help greatly with UPPSC preparation

UPPSC Prelims Books



Environment and Ecology

Majid Husain 

In-depth coverage of ecological concepts with environmental issues

Uttar Pradesh General Knowledge 

Dr. C. L. Khanna

Important events of Uttar Pradesh in the fields of History, Geography, Polity

India's Struggle for Independence

Bipan Chandra

Lessons on India’s struggle for independence (1857 to 1947)

General Science

Lucent Publication 

Basic lessons on Chemistry, Physics, and Biology

General Knowledge

Arihant Publications

Facts and current affairs

Indian Polity

M. Laxmikanth

Detailed lessons on Indian polity focusing on governance and constitution

Indian Economy 

Ramesh Singh 

Lessons on the concept of basic Economics focusing on India

History of Modern India

Bipan Chandra

This book will cover Indian history, especially focusing on the 19th century

UPPSC Mains Books 2024

The Mains exam is the next round which would include additional subjects and would require shortlisted applicants to prepare for them. The following UPPSC Mains books can help lead a productive preparation for this round. 

UPPSC Mains Book



The Wonder That Was India 

A.L. Basham

Lessons on Medieval India 

Social Problems in India 

Ram Ahuja 

This book will include lessons on social issues faced in the Indian society

General Studies Paper-2 Manual 


Governance, international relations, social justice, and other government initiatives are covered in this book.

Environment and Ecology

Majid Husain 

In-depth coverage of ecological concepts with environmental issues

Geography of India

Majid Husain

In-depth lessons on Indian Geography including topics on the physical and social geography of India

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude 

Subbarao and P.N. Roy Chaudhury

Coverage of topics related to Integrity and ethics

Indian Economy 

Ramesh Singh 

Lessons on the concept of basic Economics focusing on India

Indian Polity

M. Laxmikanth

Detailed lessons on Indian polity focusing on governance and constitution

UPPSC Books 2024: Other Sources

Apart from studying through publications and books, applicants may make use of the following resources while studying for the exam:

  • UPPSC previous years' question papers
  • Online Groups for UPPSC
  • Coaching and Institutes
  • Mock Tests
  • Online Content such as YouTube Videos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the UPPSC Prelims and Mains books different?

Yes, as the Prelims and Mains rounds have different patterns and syllabus. Applicants will require additional books to prepare for the mains exam. Although some books from the prelims prep can also be utilized while preparing for the mains round.

Is studying from UPPSC books enough to prepare for the exam?

Even though preparing from books is one of the most efficient ways to prepare for the test, applicants are encouraged to also check other sources out such as online content and forums.

What are some recommended UPPSC books?

Various books are recommended by experts to prepare for UPPSC, although candidates must conduct thorough research on what material would be most suitable for them before purchasing any books.

What are some other study materials apart from books?

Apart from books and publications, applicants have the option of studying from various sources such as online forums and groups, coaching and institutions, online content, and e-books.

Is coaching advisable for UPPSC preparation?

Whether one should register for a coaching institute for UPPSC prep wholly depends on the individual and their level of comprehension and preparation. Those who require help understanding the basics must apply for coaching classes.

Which are some of the best UPPSC history preparation books?

Students can check the following history books for UPPSC preparation below: 

  • History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra
  • India's struggle for independence by Bipan Chandra
  • Spectrum Modern History 

Which are the best books for UPPSC geography preparation?

Check some of the top selling geography books for UPPSC preparation below:

  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong
  • Geography - A Comprehensive Study by Mahesh Kumar Barnwal
  • Oxford School Atlas by Oxford India